IGN: TNA iMPACT! Hands-on - No limits and no ladders: The debut of Ultimate X

IGN writes: "To the outside world, there probably isn't much of a difference between TNA and WWE. Both are filled with hulking athletes, beautiful women, and unbelievable storylines. However, if you were to try and convince a TNA fan that their favorite federation was the exact same song and dance as Vince McMahon's show, they'd have three words for you.

Ultimate X Match.

A standard of the X Division, the Ultimate X Match suspends a red X or TNA title belt 15 feet above the center of the hexagonal ring. Four posts have cables draped between them to allow combatants to shimmy out to the center of the ring, grab the prize and win the match."

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CallOfWar223691d ago

Wow that looks awesome. I used to be a huge wrestling fanatic but have hated the last few smackdown vs raw games. This match is a refreshing way to play instead of those tired boring old matches in the WWE for the last decade or so. I'll keep an eye out for this one. Atleast a rental thats for sure.

Jamegohanssj53691d ago

We'll see how it turns out when it's finally released. It looks like sh*t by the way.

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