Top Five Video Gaming Duos

The gaming world is rife with partnerships. Recently Joel and Ellie from 'The Last of Us' and Booker and Elizabeth from 'Bioshock Infinite' burst onto the scene winning the hearts of gamers everywhere. But which partnerships have made to top five list...?

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Reverent1715d ago

I disagree about Red and Pikachu, but seeing as the author admitted to being a big Pokemon fan, I can easily respect his opinion. I completely agree with the rest of this list though.

Concertoine1715d ago

yeah should have had banjo and kazooie

BeerWoolf1715d ago

Banjo and Kazooie definitely made the shortlist!

ironfist921715d ago

Garcia Hotspur and Johnson.

clearly thwe author has missed out on Shadows of the Damned.