Last of Us Re-imagined as a Dinosaur Survival Game

GR - "Redditor goes HAM on that Jurassic world."

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xHeavYx1648d ago

I'd totally play this. That T-rex pic looks scarier than any clicker

Winter47th1648d ago

There aren't enough Dinosaur games in the market and it doesn't make any sense, we got a LOT of zombie/vampire games but not this.

Grave1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Agree. And dinosaurs were real so I think it makes them even scarier.

Heres my pitch: 1. Some sort of Jurassic Park type of experiment which recreates dinosaurs 2. They get the flu from a lab worker. 3. It mutates into a super bug inside the dino 4. It attacks the human population who are very susceptible to it 5. This super flu kills >95% of the world's population.

Apocalypse with dinosaurs.

*I mean if you can make a movie about sharks in a tornado, why couldn't you make a game like this, lol!

Lboogieskells1648d ago

This is an awesome idea, Naughty dog should capitalize and make some dlc!

Convas1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I'd buy the game remade as a dino-survival for full retail price all over again.

kayoss1648d ago

This could be an Awesome DLC. Replace the zombies with raptors and other dinosaurs.

mt1648d ago

they are not zombies -.-

aLucidMind1647d ago

Their only difference is theyre alive. Everything else is the same as their undead counterparts, unless you compare them to the shuffler variant.

user74029311648d ago

i loved turok, dino crysis jurassic park and i would haved loved this

JakemanPS319941648d ago

This would have been awesome!!! :D Do it nowwww

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