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New Pokemon X/Y screenshots - starter evolutions, Mega Mewtwo X, more

Check out the first screenshots of starter evolutions, Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Garchomp, and characters in Pokemon X/Y. (3DS, Pokemon X and Y)

TekoIie  +   657d ago
Holy Scheiße!!! There's also a trailer if your interested: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

I actually quite like the starter evolutions now! Seeing them in-game seems to do them more justice than the artwork did.

Definitely going to catch a Meowstic! Looks awesome :)
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rageus  +   657d ago
Thanks for that link! :)
mcstorm  +   657d ago
Cant wait for this game not played Pokémon for a long time but hyped for this game.
3-4-5  +   657d ago
Just started W2 after not playing Since RED.

Seeing these games announced made me want to play one again and I'm glad I did. White 2 is awesome so far.

Thing is, I don't want to rush just to finish it in time for X, so I'm going to cancel my pre-order and wait a month or so.

I"ll be too busy with GTA5 for the next couple weeks.
Blastoise  +   657d ago
The new fire pokemon starter is awesome. So much better than tepig

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