Battlefield 4 New Leaning and Cover System in Action

GR - "Small new addition could change the game."

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TekoIie1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Awesome news! I really hope this becomes a standard mechanic for FPS's.

Muerte24941549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

not disagreeing or anything. I prefer Battlefield over COD any day of the week. But isn't this the "Lean and Peek" system that was in Killzone 2-3 and Shadowfall?

JsonHenry1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Or the same lean system used in (mostly) PC games since late 90s made most popular by Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (Raven Shield!!) games?

The lean system is awesome if you like slower paced gameplay. Which I do. It makes playing more tactically a must instead of having people bunny hopping and running around a warzone like idiots.

boing11549d ago

More like Far Cry 3 I think. It looks like it works automatically when you're behind cover and aiming through iron sight.

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Gster1549d ago

Anything that makes it more realistic is a winner. Nice addition, when you think of it, who wouldn't peek in real war situ's. You would be a bit crazy to just stick your head in the centre of the window when you know there's about 10 guys outside ready to shoot anything that moves!

TekoIie1549d ago

Killzone did not invent lean and peak and did not include it in MP until Shadow Fall.

solid_snake36561549d ago

@pekolie. The cover peak and lean was first implemented in killzone 2.

TekoIie1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


Please read my comment correctly -_-

"Killzone did not INVENT lean and peak and did not INCLUDE IT IN MP UNTIL SHADOW FALL"

I never said it wasnt in KZ2. I said it has not been in the mulitplayer portion of the franchise until Shadow Fall and that KZ did not invent the gameplay mechanic. This clip clearly showed lean and peak in BF4 MP which is why I like what DICE is doing.

It's easy to put the mechanic in SP but the MP of a game with destructible environments? Not so easy.

"The cover peak and lean was first implemented in killzone 2"

In the killzone franchise yes. But FEAR also has this mechanic meaning Killzone/Guerrilla Games did not invent the gameplay mechanic. Im not even sure when the mechanic was first included in a game.

Skate-AK1549d ago

Lean and peak was also in Medal of Honor Warfighter.

UnholyLight1548d ago


Hard to call copying in this sense a bad thing.

I mean, in real life what would you do if you were behind cover? Naturally you would either blind fire or pop up while still in cover and return fire. It's something that's natural and should be a standard in all FPS games in my opinion.

Kinda silly making you stand right up to fire from behind cover or try and figure out whether you're tall enough when crouched to shoot over cover haha

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Hufandpuf1549d ago

Not every game. Some games benefit from not being stuck on walls like Quake, and Counter Strike.

TekoIie1549d ago

Those games are more arcade like. I probably should've been more specific in what sort of shooter I would like this to become a standard shooter mechanic for :)

abusador1549d ago

Fps games have been there and done tht, this is no innovation, its dice plying catchup.

KwietStorm1549d ago

It's not playing catchup at all. They could have added it at any time in any Battlefield. Among ALL the other things Battlefield does, lean and peek is not what stands out.

3-4-51549d ago

Adds even more strategy to a potentially already great game.

GuyThatPlaysGames1549d ago

Why is everyone praising this but CoD got bashed for showing it? Fuckin fanboys I swear!

Detoxx1549d ago

Because COD act's like they invented it

GuyThatPlaysGames1549d ago

Nobody ever said that CoD invented it. We are all saying it's a nice introduction to the series along with the slide move and hurdle move.

Kleptic1549d ago

CoD got hammered for it because they said 'next gen features like....lean and peak...and dogs' was funny more than anything...

DICE on the other hand didn't even talk about it...they're not touting it as some must have feature...if anything, its just the next step up in BF's mp going off of what bi-pods already bf3 a bi-pod would automatically be deployed in certain types of conditions just by bumping the aim key/ bf4, if you're not using a bi-pod, you'll instead lean around cover...

this isn't a big deal...and dice isn't making it a big deal...

ATi_Elite1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

OMG I love cover and lean!

games like Arma, STALKER, Red Orchestra have Lean and makes the combat way more realistic especially when you can shoot through or degrade objects like cardboard stone and wood fences. Makes you think more about your choice of cover.

BF4 seems to have the perfect blend of Core and Arcade features.

awi59511548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


Leaning was a standard in PC FPS it was removed for some reason maybe it was the Halo influence in FPS games lol. But all games long ago you could lean. The only games that you couldnt lean was unreal and quake games. But there use to be a lean button in alot of games.

TekoIie1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I dont think I was alive back then ;)

Still I really like the mechanic. When the mechanic's in a game though I find that I enjoy it a little more :)

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saber000051549d ago

OMG! It's like Arma:3 XD

Neixus1549d ago


Stop it please..

saber000051549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


What.. I play Arma 3, and I like BF so why the Disagree. Must be a bunch of COD loyalists.

awi59511548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

LEANING isnt new its really old its just come back . Alot of tactical pc shooters had the lean function. Its just spray and pray games became all the rage like HALO and COD so its not as common these days.

liquidsnake1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

There are two types of this lean and peek thing. I remember you could use the Q and E buttons in Medal of Honor I think and other late 90's early 2000 games. But this automatic lean and peek I think was first used in Vietcong wich came around mid 2000.

DKSP1611549d ago

This is what Battlefield has been missing all along! This will speed up the gameplay so I'm deffo buying this now.

KwietStorm1549d ago

Haha for real? This was your deciding factor? How does it speed up gameplay though?

awi59511548d ago

There was lean mods in BF2

BALLARD321549d ago

Very cool. Hopefully this will work to counteract head glitching. Nothing worse than getting killed by someone behind cover that you can't even see.

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