GTA V on sale in Spain

GR-UK writes: "Yes, it's for sale, you can come and buy your copy," that wa the reply given to Gamereactor Spain when they called a shop that allegedly had begun selling Grand Theft Auto V early to consumers."

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koh1472d ago

Is it bad that I just checked the ticket prices for a flight to Spain? Region lock ruined my plan.

Khajiit861472d ago

Dloading it right now. Love my xbox 360

Khajiit861472d ago

Why the disagrees? I have the game preordered for my ps3 and will eventually buy it for ps4.

Hellsvacancy1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Arrrgh ye scurvy dog

DARK WITNESS1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Not that you will care one bit, but my suggestion would be to go buy a copy on release day and buy a copy for a friend or family member as a show of penance for your crimes against the gaming gods.

If there is one game this gen that deserves our money after the 5 years, 200 million budget and countless man hours put into create such a game, it's GTA5.

Just saying...


ok I just seen where you said you pre-ordered for ps3.. ok, but still buy a copy for a friend or something !!! lol.

minimur121472d ago

Don't forget to turn your internet off to avoid being banned! :D lol

koh1472d ago

Booooo! Boo this man!

Khajiit861471d ago

Lol I smell jealousy. Im selling my jtagged 360 asap pm me for info.

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Odrahlag1472d ago

we are almost there... 3 to four days man, be strong... I sure am trying :/

davidj881472d ago

Site wasn't working for me so here's another link

SuicideKing1472d ago

Thanks couldn't get the link to work either.

MasterCornholio1472d ago

Even though I live in Spain, I'll wait for the reviews to make sure that there is no severe issue with the PS3 version.

Motorola RAZR i

Hellsvacancy1472d ago

Your nuts "severe issues" this is R* not Bethesda, get off your arse and go buy a copy "wait for the reviews"

Think for yourself man

IH8YH1472d ago

3d 16h 34m till i hold my copy in my hands and wait for the bus back home.

3d 16h 50m till i am home from the store and pop in the disc

approx 3d 17h till i start playing..... cannot wait... damn i preordered this in december2011 and these last 3 1/2 days are killing me right now!

zeksta1472d ago

Thats so accurate it's kinda scary!

davidj881472d ago

What you really meant to say was....

3d 16h 34m till you hold your copy in your hands and wait for the bus back home.

3d 16h 35m till you're starting to suspect people might know what you've got in your hands.

3d 16h 40m till paranoia sets in and you start wondering if you're going to be mugged.

3d 16h 45m by now you're on the bus but you're still suspicious so you're deliberately not looking at the game to not let anyone catch on to you having GTA V.

3d 16h 48m you're off the bus and making a final dash for home as you sweat from the nervous tension.

3d 16h 50m till you're home from the store and pop in the disc.

I'm just playing with you haha, mine will be delivered so i'll be hoping it drops through nice and early.

IH8YH1472d ago

this is actually a VERY accurate account of what it will be haha :D good one mate!

Chrono1471d ago

"you can come and buy your copy"

Yeah let's travel to there.