Battlefield 4 PS3 to PS4 upgrade detailed, DLC and Stats can only be transferred once

Here are the details on how to upgrade your PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 4 to the PlayStation 4 version


EA UK Marketing man Dan Sheridan clarified the original tweet stating BF4 Premium might be needed to transfer stats. In short, it’s not, but you can, of course transfer your BF4 Premium membership to next-gen and that is a one time thing. Once you transfer stats, DLCs, it’s final.

We’ve updated the headline to reflect this clarification.

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decrypt1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

So basically console gamers have to pay again to upgrade graphics on their game. Great to be a PC gamer no need to pay for graphics upgrades when upgrading hardware. Dam would be costly paying 10usd on every game.


Cheaper cost of games, free online already more than offsets PC hardware prices. Remember PC versions are already 10-20usd cheaper, Sad when console gamers must dish out additional money for games just to see a graphical upgrade.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Must be costly upgrading your pc every couple of years just be able to run games properly.

[email protected]: If your pc was as old as a current gen console then you would have to spend more than ten measly dollars to upgrade to a pc that can run Battlefield 4 like the PS4 can so no it doesn not balance out at all. You be spending about $1500.00 or so.

lfisher921648d ago

Lol so uninformed

I spent £600 on a pc which got me an amd 6350 and an ati 7950. easily capable of running games on high for the next few years. and also be able to play all games for the foreseeable console generation

abusador1648d ago

Add to tht having to constantly download drivers, patches, etccc for most games just so thy can run properly, if they even are available at tht point.......ahhhh yes the pc master race

decrypt1648d ago


A PC back from 2008 with a I5 and a good graphics will maul any current console. Such a PC back then would have cost at most 700-800usd.

Account console gamer pay 10-20usd more on every game bought. even if you were to buy 20 games a year, in 5 years time PC pretty much paid for itself with cheaper games.

The same 2008 PC still has a CPU that runs circles around next gen consoles and will only need a GPU upgrade to wipe the floor with next consoles (which will be cheaper than getting a next console).

Now account the same PC can be used to play whatever games bought in the last 25 years. Id say consoles are way more expensive in every way.

0ut1awed1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

$1500??? I can build you a pc right now that will smoke BF4 and anything else put out on next gen consoles for ~$600, watercooled and all.

Disagree with me all you want but this isn't my opinion, it's a fact. I just did it for my buddy and now he's running BF3 64 player @ 1080p with ~70fps with completely maxed settings.

People like to claim pc gaming is for rich people when in reality it isn't much more than what console gamers are paying. People just like to make it expensive.

0ut1awed1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Here you go for those disagreeing with me, proof...

It's right over $700 but that was me just browsing on newegg. I can find most of the parts a lot cheaper via certified overstock/used vendors and that is exactly what I did with my buddy. Like I said his rig ending up costing right around $600.

A pc like that would defiantly last you a sold 4+ years.

Funky Town_TX1648d ago


Did you include an OS in that price?

one2thr1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )


Good list, but you forgot to add a disc drive, mouse & keyboard, OS and that the Motherboard you provided doesnt seem to support PCI Express 3.0 "Natively" thus going to give the user some funky functionalities at some point in time...

And also, you didnt factor in that some of those parts aren't guaranteed to work on arrival, and that Batman game will probably require that bs, "Games for Windows" program that Arkham City made mandatory and thats a hassle seeng that it requires even more bull, like a "Live" acount...

**For anyone considering a pc, heres something to go by:
With a pc, you pay for your(its) performance. If you want a pc that runs like a $500 pc, then build one with that budget in mind, if you want your pc to run like a $1000 pc, then build one with that budget in mind, if you dont know what your doing then ask someone for help(thats what I did) and I've never regretted making/building it/one**

(Note: Im strictly comparing Pc performance, with PC performance and NOT consoles)

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LackTrue4K1648d ago

Lol....your pc is so powerful!!!

But it will never fix your bad grammar!!! Lol

MWong1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

@ decrypt
I'm not sure if you're reading this correctly or just don't understand. Maybe you're even trying to be funny.

I thought you were upgrading your console version from 1 platform to another platform. Going from 12v12 to 32v32, 30fps to 60fps and yes improved graphics. You pay $59.99 for the original game on the PS3/XB360 pay an additional $10 for the digital copy on PS4/XBone and trade-in your PS3/XB360 version and get back at least $40-$45. So you're probably only paying $30-$35 for the game.

Have no clue why this turned into a PC versus console pissing contest.

0ut1awed1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

You're logic is true but what you're saying is not. It would be nice but the companies simply aren't that stupid.

There is no way you can get the game cheaper by adding the Xbox1/PS4 version to your order. When you go to gamestop to trade your 360/PS3 version, you pay THEM $10 to get your ps4/Xbox1 copy. You don't profit off of that transaction at all other than saving yourself the extra $50 it would cost to buy the game a second time.

Sony is also doing a similar deal with publishers but again it won't get you the game cheaper. You have to buy the DIGITAL version on the PS3 for the option to upgrade to the PS4 version.

strigoi8141648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Because someone is stupid enough to pull out the " great to be a PC gamer" line...sigh so ashamed to be a pc gamer when i see people like those post just for bragging rights..

MWong1648d ago

@ 0ut1awed
How would a company be able to determine that information? In order to transfer over you need the PS3/XB360 version + BF Premium and Battlelog. Press 1 button to transfer over your stats. Boot up your PS4/XBone, go into PSN/M$ Store and select BF4 and purchase it log into your Origins account.

listenkids1648d ago

To PC elitists: Can an 8 year old £1000 PC run God of War 3, Halo 4, Last of Us, Mass Effect 3 and so on, on maximum settings? Serious question. My £2000 Alienware from 10 years back can hardly run WoW.

As for PC games being cheaper argument, it's invalid due to the fact you cannot trade or sell.

Hufandpuf1648d ago

One word...Alienware.

Custom PCs are cheaper and more powerful.

listenkids1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Doesn't change my question, which you chose to ignore, which probably answers it.


0ut1awed1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

"As for PC games being cheaper argument, it's invalid due to the fact you cannot trade or sell."

It sucks but the majority of what you speak of in the console environment is just revenue flowing away from game developers and into Gamestop. So it's really not a plus overall and has ill effects for all gamers in the long run.

Also I think the only jackass eiltist here is the OP. I think it's nice to have consoles as well, I am a gamer after all.

And a 10 year old PC that's an Alienware? Yea, of course it sucks :P. It's almost older than WOW and with each expansion the game has been patched to optimize performance in current gen tech so it's really not a fair comparison anymore.

I want to reiterate that I can build a badass gaming pc for ~$600 that will last you the next 4-5 years. We need to break the association on n4g that a gaming PC equals $2000 like everyone seems to assume.

listenkids1648d ago

I have a gaming PC, and it cost me £600. My real point comes down to where games will be in 4-5 years, I seriously doubt my PC would run anything, even though I can max out anything now and anything "next gen" at least for the early stages.

LiQuiZoN1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

My PC is a mini (although actually quite large) rocket ship.

I'm still excited for the PS4, because all the modern CPU/GPU features PCs can handle will now be possible on a home console.

Which means... No more laggy interface, good multi-tasking and EXCLUSIVE games, created by the very best developers in the world (Sony Worldwide Studios) of whom do not exist on the PC.

No amount of BF4 (cough)un-optimized(cough) hype will shake the fact that Killzone:SH for PS4 looks absolutely fantastic! Better than anything the PC has to date!

Yes I have a Hexa-core CPU, YES I have a GTX680, YES I have a GTX560 (PhyXs), YES I have a 30in 2560x1600 Monitor, YES I have a Kilowatt power supply and YES I have a ton of steam games! If your interested in some screenshots I've taken my steam profile is LiQuiZon. Same with PSN.

....and still PS4 looks very promising. I won't, however, support cross-generation games or developers who aren't pushing the next-gen consoles like they should be, because in the end a developer who isn't pushing hard means the PC version will be better simply by brute force power to Up the resolution or framerate (cough) BF4 (cough).

*I refuse to support ORIGIN or UPLAY as they are completely need less cash grabs at data that they shouldn't be privy to in the first place. I got burned getting free games (when buying PC hardware) which required UPLAY. After registering for uplay to play Farcry 3, I'm done with it! Just another idiot who can be hacked and data can be stolen from!

0ut1awed1648d ago

To each his own I guess.

I loved Killzone 2 and I'm really looking forward to Shadow Fall. I'm currently loving the PS Vita version which does excellent justice it's console counterpart.

I also agree with you on the third party software. It's so lame that companies do that. Even so I believe EA is slowly backing down with Origin and release control to Steam. Hopefully Ubisoft will do the same.

I will always prefer games on my PC over consoles if multiplat though, especially fps ones. I'm not really a fan of giving up my mouse/keyboard to use the controller analog sticks that make me feel like I'm moving through molasses.

I'm excited about bf4 for sure but it honestly just looks like bf3.5 to me. I think they are just using it to give the console players what PC players had with BF3, at least for the most part.

What I'm really excited for is the next few weeks as the mods/game modes start flowing out for Arma 3. Jesus it's going to be epic.

Oh and my pc is still better. :P

LiQuiZoN1648d ago

And what PC do you have?
A Rocket ship AND Star destroyer? lol

Sevir1648d ago

Meh, Since I'm only getting the PS4 version ... Sometime well after launch, I could care less about the PS3 version.

Grimhammer001648d ago

I'm in this weird limbo too. I don't care about PC version....not interested. But, I have ps4, bf4, KZ:SF, asscreed paid.

Playing diablo 3 now on ps3.

Gta5 (already paid) is Tuesday.

Wtf am I to do? Lol

I know once I have my ps4 and those new games I will immediately trade my ps3 and games. I know I won't look back. It's just how I am.

So, play gta5 for a month and few weeks or skip? Hoping that its released ps4 eventually?! Or at that point why bother and just get infamous second son which will be way more pretty and for me more fun.

1st world problems here! Lol

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