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Sony & The Last Word Complex

Tom Buxton, Thunderbolt writes:
“This is how you share games on PS4.”

With these seven words, at E3 2013 Sony prompted a grand response of applause, laughs and cheers during their annual press conference. At the time, it seemed as if this was a publisher which could reduce its competitor’s policies to a near-farcical representation, a publisher which to some critics seemed the natural candidate to rally behind. Sure enough, across a range of publications headlines such as “Why The Only Option Right Now Is PS4” and “Round One- Sony Wins” began to emerge in the successive days after the conference, and to many this seemed like the natural viewpoint to take in the impending next-generation console war. (E3, Sony)

black0o  +   721d ago
PS4+FIFA < Xbone with free FIFA #fullstop
LostDjinn  +   721d ago
If you say so.

Edit: I'm just going by your history.

OT: What's changed? Xbone is still massively less popular than the PS4.

Can the author show evidence of this increased popularity that Xbone is currently enjoying? It's funny that I read the entire piece and nowhere in it is any form of supporting evidence. I mean there is nothing to corroborate any point made.

Oh, not to worry. I see it's an "opinion". I forgot that means the author is no longer responsible for making sense.

I'll try to remember that for next time.
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mewhy32  +   721d ago
IMO this gen was lost for micro$oft when Don Mattrick stepped onto the E3 stage and basically said screw you we're micro$oft and we'll do what ever we want and if you don't like it then by a 360.
xHeavYx  +   721d ago
Buying FIFA on the PS4 leaves you some change for Indie games or PS+.
The PS4 is still cheaper and more powerful than the One.
The way I see it, it still is "Advantage Sony"
The funny thing is that, if MS hadn't screwed up so much trying to get every single penny from their customers, maybe the story would be different now. And yes, Sony wants money from their customers too, but there are different ways to make money.
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AsimLeonheart  +   721d ago
I think that sign is the opposite of what you want to say... < is used for "lesser". If you are wanting to say that PS4+FIFA is greater then it should be written as

PS4+FIFA > Xbone with free FIFA.

Anyway, I get the point.
black0o  +   721d ago
i meant it cost less then x1
450 < 500
AsimLeonheart  +   721d ago

Oh! Then it is fine. :-)
LordMaim  +   721d ago
I'm assuming you meant less money for a PS4 & FIFA.
sic_chops  +   721d ago
Ps4 + fifa is still cheaper than xbone and no fifa.
DragonKnight  +   721d ago
This is a padded out "The PS4 has no games" or at the very least a "I think the Xbox One has better launch games and here's why you should look at Sony's offerings and agree with me" article. Nothing to see here folks.
Hicken  +   721d ago
No surprise at this point. It's the only thing they've got to cling to, and they're grasping with all their fanboy might.
pyramidshead  +   721d ago
cheers for the heads up.
ruefrak  +   721d ago
I hate the "it's all about the games" mantra. No it isn't. It's also about a company that respects its customers. The fact that Microsoft had a vision for the Xbox One that was against what so many core gamers believe is unreal. The fact that they reversed all their policies doesn't make them any better. They revealed they are motivated solely on money and will change their stance on anything at the drop of a hat for more of it.
Meanwhile over at Sony, Shuhei Yoshida apparently has some master plan (according to Mark Cerny) and from everything I've seen, I like that plan. PlayStation is where I want to be.
And as far as the games are concerned, I'll be able to kill zombies, kill Roman soldiers, kill modern day soldiers, kill robots, kill other fighters, and race cars just as good on a PS4.
MysticStrummer  +   721d ago
"I'll be able to kill zombies, kill Roman soldiers, kill modern day soldiers, kill robots, kill other fighters, and race cars just as good on a PS4."

What about aliens? Does MS have an exclusive deal where you can only kill aliens on the XB1??? Also... scientists gone bad. I hope I can shoot evil scientists on PS4.

: /


You forgot piloting/dogfighting aircraft/spacecraft, puzzle solving, platforming, role playing, strategizing... and possibly other genres I'm forgetting right now because I just woke up.
ruefrak  +   721d ago
Well, the article mentions specifically

"Like it or not, at this stage the prospect of playing Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome and versions of both Call of Duty: Ghostsand Battlefield 4 with exclusive content may prove to be a far more enticing one for most players"

And I look at that list and think, "Driving, killing zombies, killing ancient soldiers, killing future soldiers, and killing modern day soldiers." I know there are other games coming out, but I look at how all these games are about killing things. Is that what we're reduced to? I like a good killing game, but it seems like every title is either driving, sports, or killing things.

And THAT is why Octodad is going to win the next-gen battle.
extermin8or  +   721d ago
The COD ghosts and BF4 content is timed exclusive... PS4 has actualy perma exclusive AC4 and watch_Dogs stuff.... and timed destiny dlc. Now neither really influence my console purchase but if they did I'd go for the one witht he perma exclusive dlc one... Also seeing as last gen everyone was like "ps3 has not games"- then looked what happened this gen... need I say more.
Belking  +   721d ago
MS has no reason to be worried about sony. All that smiling sony PR is covering up what's really going on. The truth is that they have lost considerable market share to ms and nintendo and it's gonna be rough for them to gain it back. Just because they corrected their screw ups from last gen doesn't automatically put them on top.....but i forgot this is n4g so.....

They can't claim any victories just like the article said.
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