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3 Brand-New GIFs from DriveClub; Video Coming Soon

3 brand-new GIF’s from the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive racing title, DriveClub, have been revealed. (Driveclub, PS4)

Lukas_Japonicus  +   716d ago
Very nice. The lighting looks beautiful. Ill download the PS plus free version and if i like it enough, ill upgrade to full version.
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Jamaicangmr  +   715d ago
Yup it's as simple as that.
Dee_91  +   715d ago
Same here
I hope this game isn't just super cars and muscle cars...
FATAL1TY  +   715d ago
Looks amazing. Dynamic Global illumination, day&night transition

DRIVECLUB > forza 5
GiggMan  +   715d ago
Good to have options. The reflection on the speedometer in the driver side window on the first GIF is awesome lol.

If you haven't seen the direct feed video yet be sure to download it. My hype level went from a 3 to 10, now I can't wait to get it for FREE! :-)
Jamaicangmr  +   715d ago
Yeah i saw that too i was like oh sh!t that's not even necessary lol!
FamilyGuy  +   715d ago
Ahhh the little things, hardly even noticeable yet adding to the immersive realism of the title big time.

So much detail, can't wait to play this on day 1.
pyramidshead  +   715d ago
Definitely the most ambitious next gen launch racing game and by the looks of it, the most immersive!
FullmetalAlchemist  +   715d ago
Video coming soon? The video's already out http://www.youtube.com/watc...
And it looks gorgeous might I add
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viveks86  +   715d ago
I know! Someone is late to the party! High quality version from here:

Also, people should read the 13 points on their blog:


Developer transparency at its finest!
Godoftheweek  +   715d ago
Indeed. I love they way they just talk about the game, and not the competition (I'm looking at you Dan Greenwalt)

Thank you for posting the links.


No, there is nothing wrong with it. However for me, it seems that whenever Dan opens his mouth, he has to beat his own chest in a very pompous manner while dissing the competition. Some humility is in order for him, and for MS in general.

There are so many things that they are avoiding to make it look like it does, whereas Evolution is not, they are attempting to truly make this game a next gen racing game, not just graphics, but the realism and subtle details.
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viveks86  +   715d ago

Haha! True. But nothing wrong with that either. A little competitive commentary is always entertaining. Also pushes everyone to make better games.
bjmartynhak  +   715d ago
Amazing quality! The framerate is not an issue to me, it is running great at 30 fps.

For every new video, more sure I get that I will upgrade the PS+ version after the first race!

And these 13 points... they highlighted glitches that I had not even seen! Loving these devs!
vigilante_man  +   715d ago
I want to give a BIG SHOUT to Gamersyde. That site gives some awesome videos at amazing quality. And they have always had fast servers as well.
Enemy  +   715d ago
These night time races are going to be so chill with my playlist.
Enemy  +   715d ago
Oh my. Download the 1080p vid here http://www.gamersyde.com/do...

And with all the pressure they've been getting regarding 60fps, we could assume their next game will be made with 60fps in mind. I only hope they don't dumb down the visuals to Forza level to make it happen.
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WickedLester  +   715d ago
Who's to say they won't achieve it with THIS game? They're still working on it. Never the less, this latest video looks like it's running smooth as silk to me!
Godoftheweek  +   715d ago
Notice how the reflectors of the guardrails light up individually as the light from the car comes into contact with them. There are so many little details that this game is showing it is ridiculous. And this is a launch game. I cannot even imagine what it will look like when they add weather after launch.

The sense of speed is very well done as well. And that cockpit view, the detail is astounding. Very impressed I am. The subtle changes in the view of the cockpit as the suspension moves along with road is beautiful. The layers of different light in the sky as the day to night transition happens is the best I have ever seen.

Hopefully, the next time we see this game, AA will have been turned on and the jaggies will vanish.

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memots  +   715d ago
And yet with all those crazy details some people somehow still talk 60fps.
Let it go people not all game need 60fps
skydragoonity  +   715d ago
This game is better than the latest forza
PraxxtorCruel  +   715d ago
If you mean by looking at the sky when racing...well yes, but for everything else, Forza does better.
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N4GBeVerySmart   715d ago | Spam
Elit3Nick  +   715d ago
There really was no point in bringing that up, they'll both be amazing games, forza be the racing fanatic (like myself)'s dream, and Driveclub being a fun and social racing game
MysticStrummer  +   715d ago
Bobby Kotex  +   715d ago
Who the hell does videos in gif format?
viveks86  +   715d ago
Erm... Nobody? GIFs are normally extracted from videos to give people a quick idea of how things look in motion. Moving screenshots, if you will.

GIFs have become the quickest way to share video highlights. All gaming communities are flooded with them
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glenn1979  +   715d ago
mmm better than forza in what??
Enemy  +   715d ago
Somebody called?

No static environment (like Forza), no baked lighting (like Forza) but rather, real time dynamic/global illumination, day/night transition (not like Forza which offers only baked daytime), etc. Forza 5 is a driving simulator pulling last gen tricks to achieve 60fps.

I'm trying to figure out what sets Forza 5 apart from previous Forzas and all I could come up with is "oh look, more shine and lens flare to further deceive the blind."
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theWB27  +   715d ago
You serious? Why would Turn10 have to deny anything if they've already explained the lighting?
"The image-based lighting from Forza 4?

No, no, this is new. This is the material system we’ve brought to the Xbox One, where no material has a color or texture, it has properties and interactions with light. We can literally go in and go ‘This surface is concrete, no, we’re going to make it asphalt, no, we’re going to make it gun metal’, and it just works in the environment. We don’t have to go in and tweak the lighting and the shading like we have in the past; everything works with light the way it’s supposed to.

That’s really key, because with the power of Xbox One we don’t want to go off and have to deal with eight times the complexity of an air environment. We had to invest in the technology to be able to build smarter. It goes all the way back to how we used laser-scanning, which doesn't just give us surfaces, it gives us color and texture as well. We can bring it back as reference for the artists and quickly bring it up to that quality we’re going for."

You can't do that with baked lighting. Forza 4 used IBL...

There is nothing there that you or anyone else can spin and say they went backwards from Forza 4 and used baked lighting in Forza 5.

Who's to say PS4 couldn't run Forza at 120fps? It can't run DC at 60 fps and nearly every preview puts Forza ahead in visuals.

What DC is doing, what Forza does are forms of Global Illumination.

Forza does more under the hood than DC also. Engine, tire(heat,grip etc), damage, engine swaps and tuning. Driveclub has NO tuning options and it leans towards arcade like Project Gotham.

You can't find ONE article or sentence that refutes what I just posted. But I know you'll spout something from the top of your head with no proof(like your post here) which wouldn't mean anything at all. Proof that it's baked or GTFO...

I asked someone else to prove it's baked. Now I give you that challenge.
Elit3Nick  +   715d ago
Wow will you stop with your BS. How are Driveclub's environments any different from forza's, it's not like there's terrain deformation or something. As for the lighting, forza has been using image based lighting since forza 4. You have a fair point with day/night, but it's not a necessity for a racing game, especially a sim racer, where people prefer having maximum visibility.

Really what do you expect new in a sequel of a sim racer, it's not like they'll add something new like powerups or something, but forza at least has been doing stuff like adding playground games and autovista, which is more than the transition between GT5 and GT6 (I have no hate for the series BTW)

Why do you need to even compare the two, they're both different types of racers on different consoles, so it's not like a Battlefield/Cod comparison. Be happy with your own game, even if the other game ends up looking better, remember that this is the start of the gen and devs (especially these guys, since this is their first game of this kind) are just getting used to the new tech.

I'm not expecting you to actually listen to me, considering that it's you, but this is my two cents on this whole stupid comparison battle.
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Pintheshadows  +   715d ago
EliteNick, actually, Drive Club does feature deformable scenery of sorts. Watch the E3 videos. They show people repeatedly crashing into crash barriers and they deform significantly and stay that way.

And I wish people would stop defending Forza so adamantly with the we don't need/want night/weather' angle. If it was in you'd be singing its praises.

It is ok to like something and criticise it as well for doing some things wrong. I do it with regards to Rome 2 everyday but still play it relentlessly.

Fact is, the visibilty argument is nonsense. If you are supposedly making a racing simulator and you don't include a vital aspect like night time or rain then you need to work harder before you can brag. Stating loads of meaningless mathematics means nothing.

I mean Le Mans 24 is one of the biggest racing events of all time. And one of its main draws is its night time driving. A real challenge.
Xsilver  +   715d ago
when did forza become this awesome game ur making it out to be damn my forza 3 disc is somewhere around my house catching dust, the game is not all that i got bored fast.
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FamilyGuy  +   715d ago
@ theWB27

You're copy pasting is so lazy that you have incomplete links in that reply, they go nowhere.

"..." lead off is actually in your copy. Ridiculous.

Forza is lazy too, their whole next gen upgrade is focused on cloud gaming copying the way your friend play to make "smarter" AI. So what if you're playing offline? Then it's the same game we have this gen with a spit shine on the textures.

Enjoy your game, I'll be enjoying mine more.
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Tito08  +   715d ago
Let's be clear, if my mind serves me right, Forza 1 had night racing, as well as Horizon, so how come 2/3/4/5 does not have it? One of the reasons why Forza is popular is because they don't say nothing more than to talk about how it's better than GT, and you fanboys eat everything Turn 10 says like puppets.

Also, the XBox One is more than capable of that night and weather effects should be a piece of cake by now. In my opinion, real competitors to Forza are the likes of NFS Shift & Grid, and Grid features night racing, and T10 does not do it so they could brag about how "Amazing" is the lighting and how "detailed" the cars are, and some of you bragging about it being 60fps when it have always being the case, as well as GT, so, please, enough of the ridiculousness.
thebudgetgamer  +   715d ago
Me likee.
mochachino  +   715d ago
Not impressed. But I'm getting my PS4 for other reasons.
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grassyknoll  +   715d ago
This game is really coming together. It's a Shame they showed it a bit to early. Can't believe a version of this is on PlayStation Plus!
Belking  +   715d ago
Forza > drive club....one is 1080p 60fps and one is not.....that tells you all you need to know. Those are the facts.
viveks86  +   715d ago
Any game can run at 1080p/60fps if the developer chooses to cut down on something else, such as lighting or visual effects. These are two different games with different priorities. I agree that they are competing for the racing fans' mindshare, but just quoting the fps means nothing!
Pintheshadows  +   715d ago
By your frankly backwards logic current gen 1080p 60fps games also look better than Drive Club because that is all that matters. Ignore the fact that Drive Club has superior detail on almost every level. I mean i'm looking for the lighting in Forza to reflect off more than just the cars but it seems like they forgot that happens.

It is like dangling keys in front of a dog whilst saying 'look at the shiny shiny'. They are in awe of it but they sadly don't look beyond it.
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Xsilver  +   715d ago
@belking by reading ur logic Call of duty is the Best Fps ever smh.
memots  +   715d ago
Not very many games coming are 60fps.

60fps does not equal next gen. People are taking this whole 1080p vs 720p and 60ps vs 30fps thing to stupid level.
level 360  +   715d ago
In gif format?.. cabin atmosphere at night time and background lighting looks tops.
AsimLeonheart  +   715d ago
That is exactly what I was thinking about but could not find the words! The cabin atmosphere was AWESOME! It reminded me of my childhood of this one time when I was on a interstate return trip with my parents at night. It felt a little spooky but also safe and comfy. The video gave me exactly that feeling. You know it that a game is really good when it can arouse memories and feelings. :-) It just looks beautiful compared to Forza and this is the first video for the game that I have watched. Previously I had only looked at a Forza trailer; it looked pretty but a little too colorful and shiny. Moreover, the lightning was nowhere near as impressive as this game! I am very impressed.
Xsilver  +   715d ago
LOve the environments that they race in.
get_real  +   715d ago
hope they get rid of the horrible aliasing
memots  +   715d ago
Troll account radar is off the chart
get_real  +   715d ago
even a blind man can see the aliasing going on in that video, don't get me wrong I am a huge PS fan and have already per-ordered mine but a fact is a fact and the devs need to fix it.
vigilante_man  +   715d ago
Game looks great. I have been a massive fan of Day/Night since Burnout Paradise introduced it as a patch. The best moments are the transitions from Day to Night and then again from Night to Morning.

Not sure why some are arguing about 30/60 1080p. I could not even tell you guys what Burnout runs at on PS3 or PC but it is the best driving game I have played ever! Its the free driving anywhere in the city or the mountains that clinched it for me.

I want to see more of what Driveclub is all about. We have 2 months...
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