3 Brand-New GIFs from DriveClub; Video Coming Soon

3 brand-new GIF’s from the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive racing title, DriveClub, have been revealed.

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GarrusVakarian1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Very nice. The lighting looks beautiful. Ill download the PS plus free version and if i like it enough, ill upgrade to full version.

Jamaicangmr1498d ago

Yup it's as simple as that.

Dee_911498d ago

Same here
I hope this game isn't just super cars and muscle cars...

FATAL1TY1497d ago

Looks amazing. Dynamic Global illumination, day&night transition

DRIVECLUB > forza 5

GiggMan1498d ago

Good to have options. The reflection on the speedometer in the driver side window on the first GIF is awesome lol.

If you haven't seen the direct feed video yet be sure to download it. My hype level went from a 3 to 10, now I can't wait to get it for FREE! :-)

Jamaicangmr1498d ago

Yeah i saw that too i was like oh sh!t that's not even necessary lol!

FamilyGuy1498d ago

Ahhh the little things, hardly even noticeable yet adding to the immersive realism of the title big time.

So much detail, can't wait to play this on day 1.

pyramidshead1498d ago

Definitely the most ambitious next gen launch racing game and by the looks of it, the most immersive!

FullmetalAlchemist1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Video coming soon? The video's already out
And it looks gorgeous might I add

viveks861498d ago

I know! Someone is late to the party! High quality version from here:

Also, people should read the 13 points on their blog:

Developer transparency at its finest!

Godoftheweek1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Indeed. I love they way they just talk about the game, and not the competition (I'm looking at you Dan Greenwalt)

Thank you for posting the links.


No, there is nothing wrong with it. However for me, it seems that whenever Dan opens his mouth, he has to beat his own chest in a very pompous manner while dissing the competition. Some humility is in order for him, and for MS in general.

There are so many things that they are avoiding to make it look like it does, whereas Evolution is not, they are attempting to truly make this game a next gen racing game, not just graphics, but the realism and subtle details.

viveks861498d ago


Haha! True. But nothing wrong with that either. A little competitive commentary is always entertaining. Also pushes everyone to make better games.

bjmartynhak1498d ago

Amazing quality! The framerate is not an issue to me, it is running great at 30 fps.

For every new video, more sure I get that I will upgrade the PS+ version after the first race!

And these 13 points... they highlighted glitches that I had not even seen! Loving these devs!

vigilante_man1497d ago

I want to give a BIG SHOUT to Gamersyde. That site gives some awesome videos at amazing quality. And they have always had fast servers as well.

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Enemy1498d ago

These night time races are going to be so chill with my playlist.

Enemy1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Oh my. Download the 1080p vid here

And with all the pressure they've been getting regarding 60fps, we could assume their next game will be made with 60fps in mind. I only hope they don't dumb down the visuals to Forza level to make it happen.

WickedLester1498d ago

Who's to say they won't achieve it with THIS game? They're still working on it. Never the less, this latest video looks like it's running smooth as silk to me!

Godoftheweek1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Notice how the reflectors of the guardrails light up individually as the light from the car comes into contact with them. There are so many little details that this game is showing it is ridiculous. And this is a launch game. I cannot even imagine what it will look like when they add weather after launch.

The sense of speed is very well done as well. And that cockpit view, the detail is astounding. Very impressed I am. The subtle changes in the view of the cockpit as the suspension moves along with road is beautiful. The layers of different light in the sky as the day to night transition happens is the best I have ever seen.

Hopefully, the next time we see this game, AA will have been turned on and the jaggies will vanish.

memots1497d ago

And yet with all those crazy details some people somehow still talk 60fps.
Let it go people not all game need 60fps

skydragoonity1498d ago

This game is better than the latest forza

PraxxtorCruel1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

If you mean by looking at the sky when racing...well yes, but for everything else, Forza does better.

1498d ago
Elit3Nick1498d ago

There really was no point in bringing that up, they'll both be amazing games, forza be the racing fanatic (like myself)'s dream, and Driveclub being a fun and social racing game

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