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Submitted by Barry_Burton_84 882d ago | news

PS4, Xbox One Assassin's Creed IV runs at 60fps, 'much higher resolution' than current-gen

PSU writes:

"Speaking during an interview with VG247, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s multiplayer team shed some light on the pirate-themed adventure’s performance on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One." (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PS4, Xbox One)

Tripe_Down  +   882d ago
great to hear
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teedogg80  +   882d ago
I know right? The frame rate was exactly what I was worried about. Really great news.
UltimateMaster  +   882d ago
1080p for PS4
ZBlacktt  +   882d ago
I've played it on the PS4. Another add on which I do not know if is on current gen is that there's weather cycles in the online now. So you'll be playing in the sun, rain and stormy weather. The graphics on the PS4 are very rich/deep and detailed. The environment is much more alive now as well. They also have a match making creation system that allows you to build your own game plays to whatever you'd like.
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The_Infected  +   882d ago
Yes! The game looks amazing so far.
3-4-5  +   882d ago
Makes me wish I hadn't played AC3. Maybe I'd still be hyped for this series then.

That game kind of ruined AC for me. It doesn't have that same appeal.

I'll play it, but not until it's like $20. Looks pretty good.
AceBlazer13  +   882d ago
Wow 3 sucked that hard? Makes me kinda glad I haven't played an assassin creed since 2
Campy da Camper  +   881d ago
Hey, do what I'm doing. AC3 was just a demo for naval battles. Thinking that, then re-stokedness should ensue.
B-radical  +   882d ago
So both 60fps on both consoles good to hear I guess. Dev's have said you will be able to tell difference from 3rd party exclusives so they perform the same but do they look the same time will tell. Tbh the difference won't shine out unless it's on 1st party games
GarrusVakarian  +   882d ago
Yeah, 3rd party titles will look good but 1st party titles will be where each console shines.
Shakengandulf  +   882d ago
Why would anyone disagree with these two comments?
1080p and 60fps on a multy platform game is exactly what everyone should be happy about, most titles on xbox and ps3 could barley hit 720p, 30 fps at times.
This is excellent news.
GamerXD  +   882d ago
I love that. I'll be playing it with remote play. Damn 60fps is so smooth while you slaughter random pirates. Anway, is it 1080p? If it is, My pre-order line up is hella of a goodness. 2 ds4 + camera and 6 games.
thrust  +   882d ago
Why do you care if it is 1080p and you are remote playing it?

the vita is not 1080p.
DigitalAnalog  +   882d ago
Answer: Downsampling. Look it up.
thrust  +   882d ago
Still not 1080p tho,haha
GamerXD  +   881d ago

I know, but I want 1080p on my tv. I'll just do the remote play when my brother is watching tv shows.
Adexus  +   882d ago
Only the multiplayer portion will be 60fps, SP will be 30fps which they've said before, makes sense since multiplayer won't have an open world or ship battles.
Your wrong about that. Where did you get such terrible info from?.
starchild  +   882d ago
Eurogamer already reported that the single player is running at 30fps and the multiplayer at 60fps.

Go ahead and believe that the single player will run at 60fps, but it will only result in you being disappointed when the game comes out and it's confirmed to be 30fps.

This is the multiplayer team being interviewed and they are talking about the multiplayer portion of the game.

It's the same thing as with Killzone Shadow Fall-- the single player is 30fps and multiplayer is 60fps.
papashango  +   882d ago
Been playing at over 100fps since AC2...
jimsas  +   881d ago
No , he's actually right about that.
It was at gamescom.
Adexus  +   882d ago
It even says it in the this article, only multiplayer is mentioned, not single player.

And as starchild stated, Eurogamer/Digital Foundry tested it and this is what's in their article:

"On a performance level, yet again it's a shame to see the opportunity for 60fps pass us by on next-gen, but at least we have what's shaping up to be a solid 30fps game on our hands. Gone is the tearing of Assassin's Creed 1 and 2, and similarly the sustained drops to the 20fps mark in the third game on console isn't a factor here."


It only being 30fps sucks but that's no reason to disagree with me whilst doing no research yourself.
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Kuse  +   882d ago
Yeah clearly the Xbox one is a the weaker console if it can run games at 60 fps...

Satire articles crack me up...
theWB27  +   882d ago
The best you can do at this point is ignore that nonsense.

In other news-my favorite franchise and this is just icing on that cake.
LordNikon  +   882d ago
Yeah, because FPS is the only thing that decides which console is more powerful. Not that i'm saying the X1 is less powerful, just that your logic isn't being applied correctly.
abusador  +   882d ago
Fact sheets and specs dont lie, stop spinning the bottle your goingnto get dizzy. Ps3 and xbox 360 run a few games at 60fps and are inferior so whats your point? Fact of the matter is ps4 is superior to xbone in almost every way and everyone is saying it minus fanatics and micro. Employees. Micro. Will try to get 3rd party to gimp multiplats but first party on ps4 like last gen will crysh competition visually.
CRAIG667   882d ago | Immature | show
jimsas  +   881d ago
What's a fact sheet ? I can only imagine something knocked up by fanboys trying to make a point, much like your comment here.
user7402931  +   882d ago
but it is, its a fact. look at the proof. facts don't lie.
dantesparda  +   882d ago
Sony fanboys have been trying to say this all along but the MS fanboys just wont listen. And you know Edge are no Sony fanboys. So if they are telling you this, then its pretty obvious.

So its good for everybody that MS upped its clocks (CPU/GPU) because it'll make better 3rd games for everyone. But as soon as i find out who's gimping games for the sake of parity, i will make sure to stop buying their games
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jimsas  +   881d ago
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boya3gob94  +   882d ago
Rofl ... wii u is being treated as a current gen hardware
No_Limit  +   882d ago
Good to hear...I was sweating for a minute that AC4 will only be 30fps on XB1 due to it being 50% less powerful in CU computing and a statement from Jonathan Blow. "Some Games Could be 60fps on PS4 and 30fps on Xbox One"

RiPPn  +   882d ago
Or it could be that the Bone is 720p upscaled to 1080p while the PS4 is native 1080p which is why the article didn't go into resolution specifics? But you Bone fanboys love to spin things in your favor, this much is true.
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nukeitall  +   882d ago
Or it could be the Xbox One version is 1080p ay 60fps like Forza 5 and PS4 version is 30fps like Driveclub is 1080p at 30fps.
christrules0041  +   882d ago
Current gen usually runs sub HD resolutions so it's pretty natural to assume the next gen version will run a higher resolution. I think your onto a point though. Why would they not say what resolutions they are going to run at? The PS4 version has been shown off a lot and all the sources say it looks amazing so it sounds like 1080p. Kinda makes me think they are unsure how the Xbox One version will turn out.
christrules0041  +   882d ago
Drive Club is doing a lot of stuff that Forza 5 isn't though. Drive Club has the stars in the sky with the constellations so at night time you can look at them. You can drive any time night or day and set how fast time goes so the scenery can change a lot during 1 race. Then they got all the challenges that come up during the races as well.

Forza 5 has Drivatar and that replaces the AI but it doesn't really take a toll on the hardware. Replacing 1 AI with another AI won't do that. Microsoft hasn't detailed much else about Forza 5 besides Drivatar as well.

Developers make the trade off between features in there games, the graphics and the frame rate. Yet up to launch Evolution is still optimizing Drive Club and said they are aiming for 60fps. At this point we really don't know what frame rate it'll come out at. It sounds like even if it doesn't hit 60 it's going to be higher then 30fps though.
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dantesparda  +   882d ago

In case you missed it or didnt read it,

And you know Edge aint no Sony fanboys
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christrules0041  +   882d ago
“There are very specific next-gen features which we’re catering for as well, which you won’t have on current gen. Not just graphical improvements, but certain other things as well,” commented Kieken.

Very interesting. Definately goes to show that the bandwidth limitations hold back the current generation of games. It's nice to see a developer add new things for the next gen version and makes me excited I'm going for the PS4 day 1.

I'm just curious what they are. I know I believe it was IGN but to bring up the map on the PS4 all you do is put your finger on the touch pad then scroll around or zoom in or out using the touch pad as well. Hoping for more details to come soon.
jimsas  +   881d ago
... Ref Your previous comment ... Who gives a sh*t about being able to drive around looking at Star Constalations in a driving game.... Maybe drive club should use some of that power everybody keeps chosping off about to make the game 60fps...
Toman85  +   882d ago
This is why I save alot of current games from X360/PS3 to PS4/X1 because of much better details and framerates :)

But sadly X1 not coming out in Norway in 2013, so my PS4 gonna get 10 games 29th november!
Bathyj  +   882d ago
It's hard for me to be excited about this game, I'm just so burnt out on assassin's creed. I meant what other second installment of a series had its own trilogy, and ass creed 3 just bored the hell out of me. Traded it back while I could still get something for it.

Unless this turns out to be fantastic in which case I'll have to give it more attention I'll be passing on an AC game for the first time. Watchdogs and Killzone are my launch games. I'll get this when it's a free PSPlus game.

I will say however I like the naval side of it. That was the best thing about part three
Campy da Camper  +   881d ago
Me too. All I have to say about black flag is more ship battles and fricking whales.
jairusmonillas  +   882d ago
Assasins Creed is boring in my opinion.
buynit  +   882d ago
Sounds good to me but imo their is no more excuse for any game to not run 60fps at 1080p im sure these machines are fully capable..
starchild  +   882d ago
Sheesh, for the last time, of course they are capable enough. As were the PS3 and 360, and the Xbox and PS2 before them.

It's a question of a trade off. Going from 30fps to 60fps uses twice as much hardware performance.

It's like having half the graphics card if you are running at 60fps vs 30fps. Half as much power for the visuals.

I don't think it is a very good trade off on consoles. I would rather have a solid 30fps with amazingly detailed visuals than 60fps and much lower quality visuals.
buynit  +   882d ago
I get that the way I see it is its a big step from 360 ps3 and huge from ps2 xbox. If it was able to do it then but the trade off wasnt worth It how the hell can the trade off not be worth it now with so much more power..

Again I want both and like you said it can be done, next gen consoles have more then enough power to not have to trade anything off anymore.

Give me 60fps and 1080p.
Kennytaur  +   882d ago
"Much higher resolution" will probably mean 900p, not good enough.
Evil_Ryu  +   882d ago
anybody know what framerate ac3 was running?
DivineAssault  +   881d ago
Fantastic news.. I was begining to get a little worried about reports saying the demos were running 30fps.. Oh man its going to be great to play in 60fps/1080p.. Hopefully they can eventually get the games native 1080p instead of upscaling.. Im sure they will soon enough but as games look more & more better with more textures & so forth, i hope they can maintain that resolution.. as well as framerates..
ibrake4naps  +   879d ago
Playstation 5 will be awesome! When the standard for singleplayer campaigns will be 1080p 60 fps! :-D

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