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Xbox 360 GTA V leaked onto torrent sites

TheDrum: Grand Theft Auto V developed by Rockstar for the Xbox 360 has leaked onto torrent sites four days before its release, despite the developer’s attempts to stamp out piracy (Grand Theft Auto V, Xbox 360)

Hellsvacancy  +   562d ago
And it will still sell a billion copies
vishmarx  +   562d ago
i hope evryone who's pirating this game buys a copy eventually aswell
Hellsvacancy  +   562d ago
Youll probably find most will, they'll want to play it online

Can't wait until Tuesday
vishmarx  +   562d ago
ikr...most poeple i know that pirate games have this on preorder.
a guy in my building has even finished downloading the 360 version...but i know for a fact that hes getting the special edition and is planning for a midnight launch camp too.
most d/ling this game are doing this only for the sake of getting it early.
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MestreRothN4G  +   562d ago
On a forum I visit quite often, a lot of people are pirating it. Almost all of them are buying the game as well.

People respect Rockstar and are usually very glad that the company exists and treat consumers like they do.

So, basically, it comes and goes. =)
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DirtyPimp  +   562d ago
wtf? thats like saying i hope those bank robbers return the money. makes no sense goddamn.
Deadpoolio  +   562d ago
Hopefully they aren't dumb enough to take it online with Microsoft perma banning consoles who play it early
WarThunder  +   562d ago
So much for this crap:

Eat this you 7000 ignorants who signed the petition!
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TotalHitman  +   562d ago
PS3 version has just been cracked. Any publicity is good publicity for R*. God knows that GTA V is getting massive publicity. It's currently trending on Twitter and even the newspapers are talking about it. I think I even seen an article on BBC news.
thechosenone  +   561d ago
If you haven't already go show your support for GTA 5 for PC! I'll be buying this on my PS3, PC and hopefully PS4 one day.

r1sh12  +   562d ago

Its already on DDL sites - theres no stopping it now.
DUplex are working on the ps3 version too
black0o  +   562d ago
moded ps3 are f#%* rare to find unlike x360 are everywhere and the DVD helps a lot

p-copy cost around 2-5 $ on x360
FlameHawk  +   562d ago
yeah lol xbox 360 is waaaaaay more easier to hack, I know tons of people that have hacked their Xbox 360 but never met anyone with a hacked PS3.
r1sh12  +   561d ago
i do not disagree - there are more hacked xboxs about.
But there are many Ps3's - I keep up with bits like that, I have enough disposable income to spend of games so I do not really care about paying.
But Duplex have released the PS3 version and it does work on hacked PS3's
AngelicIceDiamond  +   562d ago
Everyone put your flash Drives away. And if you have a legit copy of the game DON'T PLAY IT.

MS weren't banning people when COD got released early. But then again it is COD. GTA's a different story.
ATi_Elite  +   562d ago
OMG Pirating and the PC is NOT involved!

SO where are ALL the "I hate Pirate" comments?

Oh it's on the consoles so I guess it's OK!

Double Standards!
Avernus  +   562d ago
Was only a matter of time, sadly. I gladly give R* my money for this game. They deserve it.
THC CELL  +   562d ago
Just found it on et always the Xbox version.
Deadpoolio  +   562d ago
I don't think anyone has managed to get a PS3 version to work....So they go with what is convenient and will actually work
black0o  +   562d ago
they'll but the moded ps3 are rare to find and req some shit load of work around it

and cheap copies will hit the streets (Asia/ME) soon i mean on the x360 the DVDs are between 2-5$
CoLD FiRE  +   561d ago
Yeah, right!

The PS3 version was uploaded to torrents more than 18hrs ago.

wls1012  +   562d ago
not true people ...not true
steve30x  +   562d ago
Its very true I know where there are four working torrents available to download. The game is 16.28GB in size.

@ Hellsvacancy : I have it preorderd and will be picking it up on monday night / tuesday morning midnight launch. I have stimulant drink so that I can stay awake to play the game.
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Hellsvacancy  +   562d ago
It's on the private tracker I use, it actually even advises you to buy the game if you liked it
jjb1981  +   562d ago
A rockstar for rockstar! *funny drum roll*
waltercross  +   561d ago
@ steve30x

Same here, I Saw at least 4 locations to d/l it from. 3 are 360 Version, 1 is PS3 Version. 360 versions are 15 and 16 GB while the PS3 Version is 17 GB. Got mines pre-ordered since Feb though, this game is worth buying!.
trywizardo  +   562d ago
ill gladly give R* 100$ not 60 cause they they deserve it ...
steve30x  +   562d ago
So much for this dumb shits petition to rockstar to not bring the game to PC because of piracy LMAO


I know where to get the torrent but my Xbox 360 isnt hacked so its no good to me
Grave  +   562d ago
hahaha my thoughts exactly.

I was was like "Damn those PC gamers and all their piracy ... oh wait ... what about that dumb petition?"
- bet that guy feels like the world's biggest douche

Either ways Im picking it up on PS3 and PC cuz I have friends on both platforms.
swishersweets20031  +   562d ago
pirating is for scum. pay for it you lazy bums.
MestreRothN4G  +   562d ago
Pirating is also for companies that beg for it.
Count  +   562d ago
Said the guy that likely pirates video games, movies, and mp3s.
swishersweets20031  +   562d ago
@Count i don't pirate. Im from the old school. if you want something you work hard for it, get the money.. then go buy it. its the same as going to the store, walking in stuffing your jacket with DVDs, Games, and music and walking out. its stealing period.
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Deadpoolio  +   562d ago
It's almost as dumb as the people I have heard defend it with excuses like that company and or artist has already made more than enough money on that movie, game or music I want so It's OK.....

As IF the decision is theirs to decide when someone has made enough money off of something they actually created, while the person pirating works at McDonalds lives in their mom's basement and barely has the talent to color in a coloring book let alone the creativity to actually make something, which then of course it would be different IF they created it
ShaunCameron  +   561d ago
@ Deadpoolio

And also probably votes Liberal/Democrat since he thinks society is obligated to hold his hand through life. Right on!

<while the person pirating works at McDonalds lives in their mom's basement and barely has the talent to color in a coloring book let alone the creativity to actually make something, which then of course it would be different IF they created it>
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DirtyPimp  +   562d ago
food or meds? im not saying piracy is cool but god forbid a person wants to play a game and have food to eat.
Count  +   562d ago
Don't feel guilty. I'm sure every one in here has pirated something before in their life and likely still does behind our backs.
swishersweets20031  +   562d ago
@dirtypimp.. if your in a situation where its the choice of food or gaming.. your priorities are screwed up.

If all you can afford is food, then do what other people do. Rent, barrow, or save up.
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Angerfist  +   562d ago
I wouldnt go through all the trouble just to play it earlier and maybe get catched by MS, instead of waiting for 2 days and get the full package. Torrents arent worth it.
SirBradders  +   562d ago
Just stay offline like me.
Eamon  +   562d ago
SirBradders  +   562d ago
Thats not to say im not waiting up at midnight to get the ps3 version and ill 100% get it for pc.
Linwelin  +   562d ago
Not seeing much hate on this, but if this was the PC version it would be a flame fest in here right now.
Coach_McGuirk  +   562d ago
hypocrisy runs rampant on this site
N8  +   562d ago
A friend of mine said he was downloading it. I'm not against this kind of stuff but not GTA. they put so much into the game. I would feel wrong .
ExitToExisT  +   562d ago
And ignorant people say piracy is a PC only problem.
KontryBoy706  +   562d ago
gatormatt80  +   561d ago
True. But piracy on PC is a much bigger problem than it is with consoles. For instance, visit the piratebay and click on the top 100 games. There are only 4 games on there that are console games, 3 of them are GTA V and the other is PES 14. Yesterday they were all PC games.
KontryBoy706  +   561d ago
Gatormatt it still proves that the pot was calling the kettle black on here. Don't forget the amount of PC games in general dwarfs that of consoles. I just think it's funny as hell that dumb petition was out to try and prevent GTA V on PC and then this happens. It's freaking GOLDEN. Oh the Irony!
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gatormatt80  +   561d ago
I agree kuntryboy the petition was ridiculous, but this was inevitable. Every retail release gets pirated on the consoles, especially on the 360. I can only imagine how much GTA V would have been pirated if it came to PC same date as consoles. Probably enough to make it the most pirated game ever.
AutoCad  +   562d ago
1 hr left...
hankmoody  +   562d ago
I just think that downloading this game is a complete disrespect to the team that put this thing together. Here they are trying to provide us, the gamers with a phenomenal experience culminating in years of work and then you've got people who feel so inexplicably entitled that they resort to stealing the game.
rowdyBOY  +   562d ago
I have been playing it on 360 and its very glitchy , if you got a choice maybe get the ps3 version .
Texture pop ins to slow down frame rate to 1 second freezes .
Rockstar have to release PC version .
It's very annoying playing it like this .

I'm buying it , just don't know if its ps3 or PC

And there are tonnes of stuff to do but , it isn't very different from gta 4 .
AutoCad  +   562d ago
maybe its because you have a pirated copy lol.. the data probably wasnt fully burned to it right.
KontryBoy706  +   562d ago
and just to think... that dumb petition to stop PC from getting the game "because PC gamers pirate and hack". Oh the IRONY!
mark134uk  +   562d ago
ps3 version is also now on torrent sites
steve30x  +   561d ago
HAHAHA This makes that guys petition to not put it on PC because of piracy even more idiotic now. I just saw it on a well known torrent site for PS3 too. Maybe Rockstar shouldn't release GTA VI on consoles to teach those pirates a lesson too (That was a joke and jab at the petition by the way before some of you get your panties in a knot)
Plagasx  +   561d ago
What's this?? The XBOX 360 version of the game available on torrent sites????

The hypocrisy is disturbing here.
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TheArkatek  +   561d ago
Yeah I downloaded mines yesterday. I have been playing the hell out it on my RGH. I CANNOT wait for the PC version
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denero1  +   561d ago
I pirate some stuff be pointless to lie but i also buy some stuff too >.< balance it out >.>

funny thing though I didn't pirate the new DmC or buy it lol
some stuff doesn't deserve the time of the day free or not
63R01d  +   561d ago
Downloading games is great if you want to try something new or arent sure about a game. But if its something your really going to like, just buy it and support the devs and their hard work. I find I enjoy the game more if i paid for it anyways. Makes me want to beat the game to completion.

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