Xbox 360 GTA V leaked onto torrent sites

TheDrum: Grand Theft Auto V developed by Rockstar for the Xbox 360 has leaked onto torrent sites four days before its release, despite the developer’s attempts to stamp out piracy

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Hellsvacancy1681d ago

And it will still sell a billion copies

vishmarx1681d ago

i hope evryone who's pirating this game buys a copy eventually aswell

Hellsvacancy1681d ago

Youll probably find most will, they'll want to play it online

Can't wait until Tuesday

vishmarx1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

ikr...most poeple i know that pirate games have this on preorder.
a guy in my building has even finished downloading the 360 version...but i know for a fact that hes getting the special edition and is planning for a midnight launch camp too.
most d/ling this game are doing this only for the sake of getting it early.

MestreRothN4G1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

On a forum I visit quite often, a lot of people are pirating it. Almost all of them are buying the game as well.

People respect Rockstar and are usually very glad that the company exists and treat consumers like they do.

So, basically, it comes and goes. =)

user74029311681d ago

wtf? thats like saying i hope those bank robbers return the money. makes no sense goddamn.

Deadpoolio1681d ago

Hopefully they aren't dumb enough to take it online with Microsoft perma banning consoles who play it early

WarThunder1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

So much for this crap:

Eat this you 7000 ignorants who signed the petition!

TotalHitman1681d ago

PS3 version has just been cracked. Any publicity is good publicity for R*. God knows that GTA V is getting massive publicity. It's currently trending on Twitter and even the newspapers are talking about it. I think I even seen an article on BBC news.

thechosenone1681d ago

If you haven't already go show your support for GTA 5 for PC! I'll be buying this on my PS3, PC and hopefully PS4 one day.

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r1sh121681d ago


Its already on DDL sites - theres no stopping it now.
DUplex are working on the ps3 version too

black0o1681d ago

moded ps3 are f#%* rare to find unlike x360 are everywhere and the DVD helps a lot

p-copy cost around 2-5 $ on x360

FlameHawk1681d ago

yeah lol xbox 360 is waaaaaay more easier to hack, I know tons of people that have hacked their Xbox 360 but never met anyone with a hacked PS3.

r1sh121681d ago

i do not disagree - there are more hacked xboxs about.
But there are many Ps3's - I keep up with bits like that, I have enough disposable income to spend of games so I do not really care about paying.
But Duplex have released the PS3 version and it does work on hacked PS3's

AngelicIceDiamond1681d ago

Everyone put your flash Drives away. And if you have a legit copy of the game DON'T PLAY IT.

MS weren't banning people when COD got released early. But then again it is COD. GTA's a different story.

ATi_Elite1681d ago

OMG Pirating and the PC is NOT involved!

SO where are ALL the "I hate Pirate" comments?

Oh it's on the consoles so I guess it's OK!

Double Standards!

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Avernus1681d ago

Was only a matter of time, sadly. I gladly give R* my money for this game. They deserve it.

THC CELL1681d ago

Just found it on et always the Xbox version.

Deadpoolio1681d ago

I don't think anyone has managed to get a PS3 version to work....So they go with what is convenient and will actually work

black0o1681d ago

they'll but the moded ps3 are rare to find and req some shit load of work around it

and cheap copies will hit the streets (Asia/ME) soon i mean on the x360 the DVDs are between 2-5$

CoLD FiRE1680d ago

Yeah, right!

The PS3 version was uploaded to torrents more than 18hrs ago.

wls10121681d ago

not true people ...not true

steve30x1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Its very true I know where there are four working torrents available to download. The game is 16.28GB in size.

@ Hellsvacancy : I have it preorderd and will be picking it up on monday night / tuesday morning midnight launch. I have stimulant drink so that I can stay awake to play the game.

Hellsvacancy1681d ago

It's on the private tracker I use, it actually even advises you to buy the game if you liked it

jjb19811681d ago

A rockstar for rockstar! *funny drum roll*

waltercross1680d ago

@ steve30x

Same here, I Saw at least 4 locations to d/l it from. 3 are 360 Version, 1 is PS3 Version. 360 versions are 15 and 16 GB while the PS3 Version is 17 GB. Got mines pre-ordered since Feb though, this game is worth buying!.

trywizardo1681d ago

ill gladly give R* 100$ not 60 cause they they deserve it ...

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