10 Next-Gen Games That Will Never Release On The Wii U

Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes:
Way back on November 18th of 2012, Nintendo released what they envisioned as their answer to next-gen consoles with the retail launch of the Wii U. As a result of this move, anxious consumers everywhere flocked to the stores to pickup their first piece of next-gen hardware. Fast-forward to almost one year later and both the Wii U hardware and software sales are absolutely dismal. Most of this is attributed to the fact that many third-party developers and publishers lack confidence in the platform and therefore see no reason to use it within their everyday business practices.

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rbailey1739d ago

The Wii U is a decent console but the lack of third-party games is simply annoying. It's also hard to call this a next-gen piece of hardware when clearly the PS4 and Xbox One blows it out of the water.

Neonridr1739d ago

Next Gen is an inaccurately used word nowadays. Next Generation simply means the next iteration compared to the previous one. It is the media and the masses who suddenly decided that the word meant revolutionary or better than the competition.

It's kind of like the word gimmick. The word actually means something new or novel to attract attention. But somehow to like 90% of the people out there gimmick is used in a derogatory sense.

Anyways, power doesn't mean everything. The Wii U can still pump out some pretty amazing visuals, and most developers have only begun to scratch the surface of it. Sure the PS4 and XB1 will have vastly superior graphics, but my PC has vastly superior graphics to what the XB1 and PS4 will put out, but doesn't that really matter in the end?

darthv721739d ago

while the rational will understand that power doeasnt mean everything....not everyone is as rational to think that. therefore (to them) it does mean everything.

If more gamers would put down the ds3 or 360 controller and pick up a 2600 stick, maybe there would be a little more appreciation with gaming and where it came from.

mewhy321739d ago

i fear that the wii u may not last long when the PS4 and bone actually come to market.

ABizzel11739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )


I agree with your comment, but there's just one thing off. Yes PC is superior to XB1 and PS4. But the specs. (in the PS4 at least) are now becoming the recommended specs. for gaming PC's, while the Wii U is just at the bare minimal.

Look at the specs. for Battlefield 4.

The PS4 is right in line with the Recommended specs.
The Wii U is right in line with the Minimum. That's going to be a cause for many games not to release for the platform. It also means that the PS360 versions are going to be vastly inferior to the PS4 / XB1 / and PC versions (possibly sub 720p @ 30fps, vs. 1600x1200 @ 60fps on next-gen-tech console).

Specs. don't mean everything, but they are important to the evolution of gaming, otherwise we would all still be gaming on our NES.

Neonridr1739d ago

@ABizzel1 - can't argue with you at all.

All I am trying to say is I am still wowed by what I see sometimes from the PS3 and 360. And we all know that the Wii U will be definitely superior to them once the devs fully understand how to utilize it. No doubt it will be at the lower end of the spectrum when compared to the XB1 and PS4, but we may still see several 3rd party games running on the system, since the new engines claim to be very scalable.

I don't really worry that much because I have my Wii U for 1st party and some 3rd party games, and will purchase a PS4 or XB1 next summer to fill the gap with other exclusives or 3rd party games that skip the Wii U. Best of both worlds.

1739d ago
ABizzel11739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )


No problem I agree with you, just saying specs. do matter a bit.


If you've been gaming that long I would expect you to have some intelligence on hardware, but old fools do exist in this world. Wii U is no where near the recommended specs., and it's just like a blind fan to give an opinion and not give facts to back it up.

None of the consoles have CPU's to brag about, but the Wii U's 1999 Power PC based CPU isn't pushing anything. But CPU's aren't the most important thing when it comes to gaming. The CPU can be a bottle-neck, but the GPU's are more than capable of handling many of the CPU's normal processing tasks.

4GB DDR3 today's standard (Vista needs almost 2GB) > 2GB of DDR3 2008 RAM speed standards (Wii U)

HD 3870 > Wii U's HD 4670
These 2 GPU trade blows with one another, but in RAW performance and most gaming benchmarks the HD 3870 is the better card.

The HD 3870 has 512MB of GDDR4 (HD 3870) > Wii U's 512MB DDR3 2008 RAM speeds standards

Where on earth are you getting the Wii U being on par with the Recommended specs.? The only reason I gave it on par with the min. specs. was because they can code directly to the hardware, and optimize the game for the Wii U.

If anything I'm one of the few people on n4g who actually understand specs., because I have a minor in Computer Science, I build gaming PC's, and I actually work with computers and research to stay up to date on technology. Don't be on old fool, it's not cute.

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AJBACK2FRAG1739d ago

Graphically sure but gameplay? I thik that remains to be seen. I'm a Wii U owner and a Nintendo fan and I believe this is a very visual medium but if there is no innovative gameplay, like I've already seen on the U, you've got nothing. A guy named Gumpei Yokoi believed that cutting edge technology could actually hinder game development! He believed using older technolgy with different new ideas could create radical new gameplay! He called these ideas lateral thinking with withered technology. I believe these ideas are being played out in the video game industry this very second!

zeal0us1739d ago

I really wouldn't consider ESO next gen anyway. Heck not even most console gamers are excited about that MMO. So overall WiiU owners really aren't missing anything when it comes to ESO.

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pr0t0typeknuckles1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

the definitive version of all your favorite games,will not be on the wii u.
but its nintendos fault,they need to secure better exclusive third party content, they had a year advantage and let it go to waste,they really just need a new strategy.

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