GTA V: 40 Min Leaked Gameplay from Live Stream, Show Nude Stripper, Jet Ski and More

Take a look at this 40 minutes of leaked GTA V gameplay showcasing nude stripper with Franklin, Jek Ski and many more things.

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snipab8t1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

I actually can't believe how great this game looks!
The physics look awesome too! I wish there was a bit more combat footage.

CaptainFaisal1685d ago

Im buying it today! in 2 hours! it cost 100$ -.- still 4-5 days before release worth it!

CaptainFaisal1685d ago


Wish i could but im in Saudi Arabia " Middle East" lol :P

Chrono1685d ago

Too late now, the full game is already on torrent sites.

thejigisup1685d ago

This game is really pushing this gen over the top, did you see those waves?? Can't wait to get my hands on this game

CaptainFaisal1685d ago

Now other devs dont have excuses about why their games look bad on current gen, their just not as talented as Rockstar Games :)

N4Gguy11685d ago

Are there any spoilers cuz I don't want to get spoiled only 3-4 days left

N4Gguy11685d ago

Too late it's already taken out of yt lol