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Submitted by TheArabGamer 881d ago | image

Leaked hi-res GTA V photos look spectacular

The recent Grand Theft Auto V leaks have showed us a lot of new things that we didn't expect. Unfortunately their quality has been extremely poor giving us nothing more than blurry poor quality material. Thankfully someone who has GTA V also happened to have a game capture software. This means we can finally look at some leaks in clear hi-res quality. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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GarrusVakarian  +   881d ago
Wow, the 3rd picture looks amazing!

My Amazon order says "dispatching now". STOP TEASING ME.
slimeybrainboy  +   881d ago
Fuck Yeah! Snow bitches.

Snow made Mafia 2 look so good and feel so different, this game is going to be game of the generation, I can feel it.
paul-p1988  +   880d ago
My Amazon order says 'not yet dispatched'.... makes me so tense, i need it on Tuesday dammit!!!!
Razmossis  +   880d ago
Great photos, but I hate when they say 'hi-rez' and they end up only being a quarter of my screen sized
HeyImBen11  +   880d ago
TLOU had snow, that's why its the GOTG too.:).
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KAEM7  +   880d ago
LOL yeah for some reason snowy maps/levels/areas often turn out to be my favorite in a game (all the way back to the original rainbow six!) might be because I love to snowboard...
Maddens Raiders  +   880d ago
Clicked on this story and then that's when it happened....
t0mmyb0y  +   880d ago
Funny you should talk about Mafia 2. I've been playing it for a week again just to hold me over until GTA V lol.
Autodidactdystopia  +   880d ago
@ razzmossis

hold down CTRL and scroll the wheel on your mouse.

I have a super high res screen and most photos are too big to see because my zoom level is set to fit most page margins.

;) then it will fill your whole screen
LocutusEstBorg  +   880d ago
It's just a low resolution 728x410 pixel image. It's not even 720p, just like GTA IV.

This is what it will look like on your 1080p TV:
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GarrusVakarian  +   880d ago
Lol yeah right, i can't even read the writing properly.

Gta 4 and Red Dead look much better than that. Nice try though.
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RyuCloudStrife  +   880d ago
pass the bong dude!!
FragMnTagM  +   880d ago
I love how everyone said the XBOX 360 version didn't look that good. That looks really good to me.
TrollCraftTales  +   880d ago
Well no one really said 360 looked bad, they just said PS3 looked better, that is now proven to be false but it wasn't so hard to believe, it's the end of the PS3 so they could use all the power it had, GTA was originally going to be a PS exclusive, Rockstar and Sony have been very very close, and they showed all the original gameplay stuff on a PS3, but I am glad that the game is even across the two consoles, now people won't argue about which looks better and they will just play this amazing game...
XB1_PS4  +   880d ago
OMG DOES IT? I'm checking mine now.
Syntax-Error  +   880d ago
Any site that publishes this should be ashamed of themselves.
RamsesNum1  +   881d ago
Ah, I cant wait.
gaelic_laoch  +   881d ago
Web Traffic on N4G is going to plummet next week once GTAV is released! At least it will give the WiiU and PC Bro's a chance to pop their heads up over the trenches!
limewax  +   880d ago
Cause my Wii-U and PC ownership clearly indicates that I don't have a 360 or PS3, let alone both, and I clearly also have no interest of playing GTAV and do not have the limited edition pre-ordered or anything./S
zyphee  +   880d ago
Then why are you on a gtav article, preorder or gtfo
limewax  +   880d ago
So even tagging it with sarcasm isnt even enough at N4G anymore? How the hell did that just go over everyones head there? Ps I have had this pre ordered since the first day it was available
BattleTorn  +   880d ago
I read the sarcasm loud and clear
gaelic_laoch  +   880d ago
You really should reconsider you will be missing out on a cracker, you can pick up a PS3 dirt cheap and a few bundles with Last of US are available too, even borrow one of a mate!
TrollCraftTales  +   880d ago
He is more talking about the people who exclusively game on Wii-U and PC...
KiLLeRCLaM  +   880d ago
The PC version will be the same as the xboxone and PS4 that's why they aren't releasing a PC version on Tuesday.. Love my PC
wls1012  +   881d ago
this is an amazing time for all of us
SolidStoner  +   880d ago
who will be "the last of us" who gets it? :)

This game deserves to be pre ordered in multiple stores, and then while waiting for delivery, running around in all gaming shops looking for it.. :) I really can see some people do that.. damn if I would have free time , I would do that...

I just want to understand where the hell is snow coming from.. maybe its all across the map... that would be sick...
Alves35  +   880d ago
Heavy spoilers:
BattleReach  +   880d ago
I'm superman I clicked on it and watched every pic.
PinkFunk  +   880d ago
thezeldadoth  +   880d ago
wonderful texture work
uncharted56  +   880d ago
Well it is a open world game so give them a break.
Audiggity   880d ago | Personal attack | show
thezeldadoth  +   880d ago
i love how you guys are overreacting. Calm down a bit. I'm excited for GTAV, doesn't mean i have to worship it. Was pointing out that texture is particularly terrible. This open world excuse is terrible too, considering how amazing the texture work is for games like Just cause 2 which is way larger than GTAV. Don't get so butthurt about a comment on a screenshot. Also i love that you assume i need amazing graphics. Its funny because i mainly play nintendo console games and older PC games.

A quick look at your profile shows that you're just a rabid GTA fanboy, they're the only article you comment on.
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plaZeHD  +   880d ago
It's a huge game. But to be honest though the game only got good lighting and car models when it comes down to graphics.
TrollCraftTales  +   880d ago
DAMN IT IT'S TAKEN DOWN AGAGAGAGH... I am getting impatient, I have been waiting for this amazing piece of awe inspiring greatness for nearly 2 years and I am soaking up every gameplay I can find, Tuesday will be a day to remember...
AmkOwns  +   880d ago
BattleTorn  +   880d ago
Only in a GTA article would I open random links.

I regret nothing.
kcuthbertson  +   880d ago
I'm honestly incredibly surprised how far Rockstar has pushed these consoles. Kudos R*, Kudos.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   880d ago
Game of the Year, Game of the Generation, I'm calling it.

It's crazy that the graphics are this good. The amount of detail and content in GTAV is unreal. Who knew current gen systems were capable of this. This game is truly worth $60.
RE_L_MAYER  +   880d ago
Oh my god...just look at that snow-I love snow and I will finally have a game that has snow and I can drive and walk around in it.....A..M..A..Z..I..N..G
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porkChop  +   880d ago
Well, Mafia II had snow and that was a pretty great game. Though I get what you mean, I always get very excited/impressed by snow in games. Only 4 days man, 4 days!
RE_L_MAYER  +   880d ago
Almost like only 2 days)))
EazyC  +   880d ago
The guy who leaked footage to youtube replied to a comment I made,:-

1) that snow is only in the opening mission unfortunately
2) you can't fly commercial-sized jets (or,at least at his stage of the game, after 5 or so hours in)
RE_L_MAYER  +   880d ago
nah-there is snow I promise you
EazyC  +   879d ago
Sorry guys, that guy on YT was clearly talking out his's the 747 in flight, absolutely amazing.
Valenka  +   880d ago
Wow. That is deliciously impressive and it really looks like Rockstar Games has pulled every string of power inside the Xbox 360 and PS3 to properly utilise their abilities. Simply wonderful!
DomceM  +   880d ago
spectacular? lol.... yeah ok.
GdaTyler  +   880d ago
Can you run into people in the game? I mean body collisions like in GTA IV? Your reply would be appreciated. In a video I saw, it looked like when you walk into pedestrians they didn't move. Hope I'm wrong. If I am not, doesn't matter all that much.
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DAS692  +   880d ago
GdaTyler  +   880d ago
YAY Burger Shot returns!!!
RE_L_MAYER  +   880d ago
cant wait to get me a heart stopper
Jovanian  +   880d ago
Misleading article. Promised both high-res photos and photos that look spectacular. I see neither.
-Gespenst-  +   880d ago
Emmm, most of these look pretty bad... not gonna lie. I mean I don't really care too much about graphics, but the quality is distinctly less than the images and trailers rockstar have been bombarding us with.

SOME of them aren't bad, but... yeah.
Campy da Camper  +   880d ago
I have to agree. That HD trailer they release with the chick talking over the action looks head and shoulders better. I respect rock star tremendously and love their games but if what the article posted is true in game shots something was seriously downgraded.
ElbowBigelbow  +   880d ago
High rez? 932px × 524px are you retarded? look at all the retards saying these subHD screens looks HD lol!! take a look at picture 15 you noobs. And get some glasses.
GoldPunch-TR  +   880d ago
This is ps3 version?
iliimaster  +   880d ago
i cant wait for this game so much hours fun in this game
windblowsagain  +   880d ago
The comment under the article.

I have to admit I'm quite impressed by the visuals. I mean more than I expected (and I expected a lot). Heck if someone told me this was PS4 or Xbox One I would honestly believe. Well done, Rocsktar. Well done.

Just NO!
Campy da Camper  +   880d ago
ERM, these look pretty damn murky. I am waiting to see honest to god gameplay on ps3 to see if it matches that rock star trailer that was released. THAT looked phenomenal. I thought, though, when watching it that there was no way current consoles could pull off such great detail and draw distances. I'm on the fence about holding off to see if a ps4 version comes out or even PC. If these pics are an accurate representation then waiting I will do.
-Gespenst-  +   880d ago
Murky! That's the word! Murky and sort of washed out. My impression from all the media they've been releasing was that this was a more colourful and vibrant game, but in these screenshots the game has dat GTA IV "murk".
yellowgerbil  +   880d ago
lol at Rockstar sharing the 16th image with texture drop.
cunnilumpkin  +   880d ago
these are obviously not indicative of the actual ps3 and xbox360 quality

they will both be COVERED in jaggies

who wants to bet on it??

I 100% guarantee that the ps3 and 360 versions will have jaggies EVERYWHERE and will not look anywhere near as smooth as these bullshots

who wants to bet......???
annus  +   880d ago
It's leaked in-game footage from people who have the game, these aren't official. What you see is what you get.
PersonMan  +   880d ago
Well, once you size these shots to the size of your screen, you'll see jaggies obviously. If we all played 720p games at 720 resolution inside a window, everything would appear much better.
QuantumWake  +   880d ago
Well I wouldn't say there will be jaggies EVERYWHERE. That's a bit of an exaggeration. Here are some direct feed 1280x720 shots that look relatively clean:

Looks to be 720p + postAA. Most likely FXAA.
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Makkanchor  +   880d ago
ZBlacktt  +   880d ago
In this story, no one has seen a Next Gen game. Wow! Game looks good but you can see all over the place the huge lack in details in the surround areas.

This picture made me laugh in that link.
Orionsangel  +   880d ago
Yeah, Video Games aren't real. Whu whu whu what!?
Orionsangel  +   880d ago
Site removed. Due to too much awesomeness.
miacosa  +   880d ago
I have seen some live streams of the game running and it looks good but nothing too mind blowing. If you played Sleeping Dogs on PC with the high texture pack installed that game looked better. Any way its amazing however comparing this to GTA4 and hoe great it looks, here's hoping a next Gen version is in the works.
OneAboveAll  +   880d ago
Onle 5 wanted stars? Wtf?

Guess that means no military... again.
SephirothX21  +   880d ago
Got game last night. Playing it currently. I'll tell you what I've experienced if you're interested. Below contains spoilers.

The game starts with you controlling Trevor and Michael performing a robbery. You rob money shoot the police and escape. It introduces players to the controls. After this is over, you start playing as Franklin. There is a mission where you steal a car with his buddy and drive back to your car dealer friend who is selling a car to Michael's son. That's all I've played of the game's missions so far. I just started driving around everywhere looking for a plane.
As soon as you finish Franklin's first mission, you can go anywhere and I mean anywhere. The whole map is open. I drove north, got a quad bike and went looking for a plane in the desert. Couldn't find one so I'm heading west to Fort Zancudo. Driving up and off the mountains on a quad bike is great fun!

As for the shooting, it is better than IV but there is still lock on aim which I don't like. Franklin also holds a pistol with two hands. I'd prefer if he did it gangster style. You can increase your stamina, strength, gun skills and driving. The gameplay is unsurprisingly very similar to IV. Its like San Andreas with IV's physics and gun play. I like that if you run too fast and lose all your stamina, you will lose health if you don't slow down. The police chase system is improved over IV but cop cars are not very good at sticking with you and it is very easy to lose a three star wanted level by driving up north and just driving into the desert or on land avoiding the roads. So far, so good but as good as this game looks and as good as the gamplay is, some of the old issues with the series remain. Some textures on shops are blurry and the game can look a little rough around the edges at times. Having said that, it is 7 year old hardware and I've only played it for 3 hours. Though make no mistake, this game does NOT feel next gen but for is very impressive for the hardware its running on.
#29 (Edited 880d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ZBlacktt  +   880d ago
God I can't wait for Next Gen, lol.
tubers  +   880d ago
What's high res about this?

Has the term been butchered?

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