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Submitted by dompreston 879d ago | opinion piece

The Moment This Writer Lost Faith In Nintendo

An opinion piece on how disappointing it is that Nintendo have said they'd rather make toys than art, why it matters that games should be art, and why it's put this guy off them. (3DS, GameCube, Industry, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

_QQ_  +   879d ago
Video games are toys, if you have a 1500$ PC and only use it for games you have a 1500$ toy.By definition anything you play with is a toy.Bioshock is a toy,TLOU is a toy,GTAV is a toy get over it.PS4,WIIU,and XBOXONE are toys.thats all there is to it.

1. an object designed to be played with
dredgewalker  +   879d ago
True but not all toys are equal, some are just more fun to play with than others :)
Ol_G  +   879d ago
that's a matter of opinion
_QQ_  +   879d ago
@ oi_G the fact that some are better than others isn't opinion,only the ones you think are better.
miyamoto  +   879d ago
Dude, his comment is not even true and illogical and has no sense at all.
miyamoto  +   879d ago
"By definition anything you play with is a toy."

Are you trying to make sense at all?

Games and toys are two different things.

Yes, both can be played but can't you tell the difference?


You can play music, movies, sports etc. but how can you call them toys?

And the sad thing is 12 people agreed with your comment.

Have been playing too much games for young kids?
Salamander  +   879d ago
Haha playing music and movies is the same as playing games
_QQ_  +   879d ago
The definition i gave came from the oxford dictionary, feel free to to dispute it with them,Toy=an object designed to be played with, so tell me what are games if not that?plus when you say movies,music, sports,the word play is used in different context to playing on a console.

saying you play music essentialy means you start the music,saying you play a movie means you start a movie,saying you play a sport means you are physically performing actions that would fit the description of said sport, but when you are playing somthing that has a physical representation like a video game, or a video game console that object is described as a toy.Don't tell me its that hard to understand.
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miyamoto  +   878d ago
"By definition anything you play with is a toy."

You just said "anything".

Do you know the scope of the context of that word?

That literally means "anything" including movies, videos, film, music, musical instruments, video games, video and sound recordings from a closed circuit security camera, card games, ball games, any sport for that matter in general.

You generalized anything and everything that can be played in general, General Zod.

Dragon's Crown Quest Accomplished: I completed a Quest and received a reward.
Objective: Withstand illogical and nonsense comments on N4G.
Money:9,000 Gold
Experience Points: 9,000 Exp
Skill Points: 9,000 Points

Good night.
_QQ_  +   878d ago
you play with movies? you play with music?you play With sports?i guess maybe you play WITH the physical dvd or Music CDs, but then those things would act as toys in that scenario,playing WITH somthing and playing somthing isn't the same phrase, so not sure where you are pulling your arguement from.
mii-gamer  +   879d ago
i play games to have fun. Honestly, couldn't care less if games become an art form or not.

Once you loose sight of fun then you are no longer a gamer
Angeljuice  +   879d ago
Why does everyone lately think they decide what constitutes a 'gamer'? People play games for any number of reasons, for distraction, for immersion, for pleasure. Pleasure and fun are not necessarily the same thing.
You don't choose what makes somebody a 'gamer'. If someone plays games they are a gamer whether 'fun' is their main focus or not.

I could take your stance and say "if somebody hasn't been gaming for over 30 years (like I have), they can't be considered a gamer". I don't make that statement because it is ridiculous and pretentious, as is yours.
mii-gamer  +   879d ago
Just my opinion :P
Angeljuice  +   879d ago

It wasn't a personal criticism, it's just everywhere you go on this site you have someone saying "if you like this game and not that game your not a true gamer", or "if you don't get such and such an experience from gaming, your not a true gamer", its quite ridiculous really.
I've been gaming since the late seventies, since before most of the people who write this crap were born, when it was a niche and unpopular pastime, that few people took part in, if it weren't for my generation putting up with sh@t and carrying on in our chosen hobby regardless, there would be no gaming industry now.

There has always been rivalry and banter between owners of different manufacturers going back beyond Vic 20's and Dragon computers, but at the end of the day, we were all gamers and that brought us together.
Since gaming has become mainstream, that has changed and now you get self-opinionated kids telling you whether you 'qualify' as a gamer or not.
Half of them don't even know that gaming existed before the NES, let alone how much better and more exciting it was in general, so anyone who thinks that they can define what makes a 'true' or 'core' gamer should just stfu and keep their opinions to themselves (or at least do a little research into where it all began and how it got to where it is today before spouting out their 'wisdom' on the matter).

But if you can't beat 'em join 'em, so here's my ridiculous statement;
If you haven't completed 'Bruce Lee' on the C64, or played 'Jet Set Willie' on the ZX Spectrum, you can't consider yourself a true gamer.

I'm off now to play 'Impossible Mission'..."Another visitor, stay awhile, stay FOREVER".........end of rant.
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miyamoto  +   879d ago
Don't sweat it Angeljuice there is a disease called Peter Pan Syndrome.

The ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ affects people who do not want or feel unable to grow up, people with the body of an adult but the mind of a child. They don’t know how to or don’t want to stop being children and start being mothers or fathers.

It's a disease in which gamers have this inability to grow up and voluntarily want to think like a nine year old in a man's body.

They wan't video games to stay as a young child's plaything and retard its growth into a mature form of entertainment or story telling.

If Nintendo had their way with video games as the dominant company since the NES the industry would not "GROW UP" into the billion dollar industry it is today.

Video games today are patronized as story telling mediums according to Stan Lee.
In this interview he said video games are the pinnacle of entertainment where a gamer controls the story.

Seriously speaking, this Kidtendo logic rampant in the internet will really really drive you nuts when they hit you unprepared and will make you wanna pull your hair out if you are not used to them.

LOL! Be warned.
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Angeljuice  +   878d ago

Believe me, if I had any hair on my head, I would have pulled it out by now (the beard is just too painful).
But thanks for confirming that I'm not the only one who sees videogames as something other than 'toys'.

You're pretty brave for saying what you said, the backlash is imminent! ;-)
_QQ_  +   878d ago
lol @ Miyamoto, look at you with your big boy pants on, kidtendo... so if i enjoy literature, watch movies that are deep and meaningful, but like my games to be fun that means i have peter pan syndrome?, you obviously aren't very smart and have no idea what your are talking about based on your replies to my previous comment.

So you want me to take Stan lee's word on it? that guy who makes all those amazing video games? that guy who made all those deep characters and comics with mature themes and criticisms?If a game isn't fun but has a great story why not just make it a movie? i would rather watch a good 2 hour movie than play 10 hours of boring gameplay with 2 hours of good cutscenes.Gameplay comes first, if your gameplay isn't fun your game will suck.if your story sucks but the gameplay is good,you still have a good fun game, look at Mario or Platinum's games. Nothing wrong with story games,nothing wrong with gameplay focused games either,playing one over the other doesn't make you any more mature.I pull my hair out when people like you come around preaching your false definition of maturity.
D_RoyJenkins  +   879d ago
*Looks at username* typical response
DivineAssault  +   879d ago
ive lost faith ever since the wii u launch.. I believe in their handhelds but not home consoles.. Nintendo needs some fresh ideas in their corporate ranks
RTheRebel  +   879d ago
You a Sony Drone your opinion is invalid =/
Kos-Mos  +   879d ago
Haha. Do you know what art is?
mamotte  +   879d ago
You realize videogames are toys... right?
Angeljuice  +   879d ago
They are interactive entertainment, not necessarily toys. Girls are fun to play with too, does that make them toys? Are fast cars and motorbikes toys?
ChickeyCantor  +   879d ago
As far as I know my console doesn't start talking dirty to me when we get it on.

Games are toys as they are luxury. To entertain. If you buy a car just for the speed and kicks. Yeah could call it a toy. Same applies to motorcycles.

Nintendo makes hardware and software. That's all they really are. If Nintendo makes gaming "toys" then so are MS and Sony.

If anyone wants to put labels on either of them then I think you're wasting far too much time on your so called hobby and should probably find a new one.
mamotte  +   879d ago
The keygame in "videogame" is "game". You buy "toys" to "play" "games" with'em.

Dont know if you have fun playing with girls, I'd rather love'em, the same way I prefer to drive a car, instead of playing with one.
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truechainz  +   879d ago
You could prove your point without jumping to unnecessary sexist extremes.
klecser  +   879d ago
The problem with this author is that he has convinced himself that "toys are for kids" and therefore any information that he gets that he likes "toys" is world-view shattering for him.

The XBox360 and PS3 are toys. I don't care how you try to spin it or how macho and manly you act about it. It is a toy.

Fishermen go out and play with their toys.

Auto enthusiasts have big shiny toys.

Gun enthusiasts go out and play with their toys (I am not saying they are not safe. I am saying that if you shoot for fun only, it is essentially a toy for you.)

Adults need to stop being afraid of toys and acknowledge that it is ok for adults to play with toys.

The big difference between a lot of Nintendo fans who are adults and PS3/XBox fans who are adults is that the Xbox/PS fans spend their time trying to hide the fact that they play with toys. Nintendo fans celebrate it. Nintendo fans aren't afraid of their appearances to others.

Who is more mature then? Someone who loves to create blood, carnage and sex on a screen and pretends like it isn't a toy? Or someone who likes to have a little cartoon man jump on cartoon mushrooms and isn't ashamed to call it what it is?
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Angeljuice  +   879d ago
" Who is more mature then? Someone who loves to create blood, carnage and sex on a screen and pretends like it isn't a toy? Or someone who likes to have a little cartoon man jump on cartoon mushrooms and isn't ashamed to call it what it is?"

I think the person that is more mature is the one who doesn't make sweeping generalisations like the one quoted above or the kind of remarks like "if you don't like games for (insert reason you enjoy gaming), then you aren't a gamer."

I have no problem playing "childish" games at all. Some of my favourite all-time games are titles such as 'PaRappa the Rapper' and ' Jumping Flash', but I also don't have a problem playing Grand Theft Auto or Skyrim etc.
I play what I want to when I want to and choose the system that offers me the experiences most suited to my needs. Sometimes I play for 'fun' and sometimes I play for the pleasure of immersion in a more realistic environment.

So, tell me again, why do you see yourself as being more mature than anyone with a different view to yours?
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klecser  +   879d ago
I don't. And I'm not generalizing. Many gamers act like I described. You don't think their are Xbox/PS gamers here who constantly deride Ninty gamers for liking "kiddy games"? I can't say that behavior is wrong? It should be allowed?

Something isn't a generalization if it accurately reflects how some people behave. I didn't say ALL Xbox/PS3 gamers. Now, if you don't LIKE the fact that I brought that issue to light, that's your business. I don't mind that people have opinions. I do mind when people jump on anyone who wants to shed light on the poor behavior of others.

Here's your litmus test:

1. Am I a PS/Xbox gamer? If you answered yes, move unto number 2.

2. Do I treat Ninty gamers poorly because I think they are childish and not "hardcore" enough?

If you answered no to number 2, then I'm not not talking about you.

But if you want me to pretend that that attitude doesn't exist, you're going to be disappointed.
na-no-nai  +   879d ago
Haha so true. My brother in law cousin was making fun of me for playing animal crossing 3ds. He said it was a kid game and that I should be playing cod or a shooting game with blood because it wasn't kiddie. Lol I was like wtf
Gamingsince75   879d ago | Spam
SpiralTear  +   879d ago
It doesn't matter if the game is a "toy" or a piece of "art." What matters is if you actually enjoy playing the game. Toys can be bad, as can be art.

It's not like giving a game the label of "artistic" instantly makes the game good.
Jagsrock  +   879d ago
Nintendo makes games, many of them can qualify as works of art, Miyamoto just doesn't want them to be labeled that way. Their intention is not to create "art" but games that people will enjoy. Just because they were being modest doesn't mean that that their games don't have some of the best art direction in gaming.

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