Vita TV points the way to Sony's future

Vita TV is a $100 box which runs PlayStation Vita games - including a huge range of great indie titles whose number is exploding in slow motion as Sony continues to loosen its grip on publishing, giving more and more creators access to its platform. It can access everything you've bought on your Sony Entertainment Network account for Vita, including your PSP software, PSone and PS2 games and other non-game media. It can cross-play with PS3 titles that support it, and some PS3 games also give you a second copy for the Vita for free. When PS4 arrives, you'll be able to use Vita TV as a second screen for the console - pop a Vita TV in a bedroom and you'll be able to play PS4 games on it remotely when the main screen is in use. Moreover, if you have a PS Plus account for your PS3 (or PS4), you'll also be getting a steady feed of Vita games to play for free on your new box.

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darthv721686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Vita TV (to me anyway) points to the possible future of a mobile device doubling as a console.

If anyone was going to try and bridge that gap, it would be sony. just imagine a PS5 but not in the sense of a traditional console. It would be portable (like the vita) but when docked to a tv you can grab a controller and game on the big screen.

GreenRanger1686d ago

They need to market the hell out of this thing.

FamilyGuy1685d ago

At $100 it pretty much sells itself.

UsernameOfTheDead1686d ago

Sony loves saving me money. I was going to buy a Roku and a Vita, but now I'll wait and get the Vita TV. Persona 4 here I come!!!

palaeomerus1685d ago

Just be aware that it can't play all Vita games.

UsernameOfTheDead1685d ago

Sony said that they are working to patch 1st party games like Uncharted to work without touch controls.

cellur1111686d ago

It's not coming to Europe or North america.

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