Payday 2 sold over 1.8 millions

PAYDAY 2 published by 505Games was sold over 1.58 Millions units. But, the important information is that 80% is sold on digital version, 1.264 Millions digital version were downloaded. For August, PAYDAY 2 was first on Steam and Playstation Network list.

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ATi_Elite1531d ago

a lot of PC Gamers bought Payday 2 including myself and i am Happy with it.

Waay better than Payday 1.

memots1531d ago

i might pick it up on steam sale at some point. The price point is low, I played the first one and it was quite clunky but still fun.

xPhearR3dx1531d ago

I liked the idea of the first one, but I couldn't stand the gameplay. Way too clunky for me. I pre-ordered the Career Criminal Edition of Payday 2 and don't regret it. Such a massive improvement. Fluid and intuitive gameplay mechanics.

It's easily worth the asking price. At least on PC, not sure about how it is on consoles.

3-4-51531d ago

As soon as I see a nice sale for this on Steam I'm picking it up. Looks like a lot of fun, never played the first one though.

pixelsword1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

:) good

clmstr1531d ago

imagine what would happen if gta v releases on steam!

dannylilley1531d ago

Don't you mean IF it releases on PC ;)

ElementX1531d ago

PC gaming will never die! :)

MajorLazer1531d ago

I bought it from the PSN network :) reason why myself and others decided to go digital is perhaps due to the stock shortages of the disc based version

dcj05241531d ago

Same here. My gamestop was all out of stock so I bought on PSN!

plmkoh1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Pretty good game, the net code is quite exceptional, often when there is high latency in the game FPS's are unplayable, but this is an exception. My only gripe is that the game doesn't have much missions and already some of the missions are very pointless throwaways like those escape from cops inserts or the destroy the shopping mall map.

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