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Microsoft Entertainment Boss Nancy Tellem: Xbox Augments TV Experience, Nears More Content Deals

Nancy Tellem, the former CBS Entertainment boss who is now Microsoft’s president of entertainment and digital media, said here Thursday that Xbox original TV content is an augmentation of traditional TV, not a nail in its coffin. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

PS4isKing_82   407d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
black0o  +   407d ago
the only related element in this article to games IS the xBone
nightfallfilms  +   407d ago
I know I was debating if I should submit it or not. But decided to go ahead since I have seen other articles from both platforms talking about the non gaming functions.
black0o  +   407d ago
ok i'll drop the fanboyesim act here, after all the Xbox1 is more the gaming console and yes it's good to know what the entertainment department is cooking for the console for those whom willing to buy one

u got my approval
FamilyGuy  +   407d ago
Yeah this is a completely legitimate submission, it's about the X1, X1 is a gaming console after all. People here do want to know about all the other features they're getting.
majiebeast  +   407d ago
Its watercooler lady.
snake_eater  +   407d ago
Ahh typical ms representative talking nonsense about things that nobody cares....because after all this is a gaming console.

I got to admit, the 360 was the best console this gen like the ps2 was last gen, but after 2010 all of that changed. Ms lost their minds since then...
Lukas_Japonicus  +   407d ago
"I got to admit, the 360 was the best console this gen"

In your opinion.
sic_chops  +   407d ago
Advertisements and no hardcore games the last 3 years besides the usual. I bed to differ.
snake_eater  +   407d ago
What part of my comment didn't you understand?

I said the 360 was, imo, the best console this gen until 2010.
DiRtY  +   407d ago
Yeah, nobody cares about sports / music / TV or any other form of entertainment.

Wait... I DO!

I love games obviously (Halo, Gears of War, Fable)
I love TV Series (The Wire, Game of Thrones, HIMYM)
I love great blockbuster movies (Inception, Bourne, Die Hard)
I love Sports (Football (not hand-egg), Borussia Dortmund!)

So, why shouldn't I be interested to buy a Xbox One?
ZBlacktt  +   407d ago
Is that a Stripper pole next to her?
Pascalini  +   407d ago
Boring- same troll posts everyday

Would rather read about game tbh now
Lukas_Japonicus  +   407d ago
You "Tellem" Nancy.

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MasterCornholio  +   407d ago
Is this the water cooler lady?


Motorola RAZR i
jonboi24  +   407d ago
I wonder how they fell about Sony/Viacom deal and their potential Internet TV? I know Apple and probably Google have been trying to get Viacom to jump on their train for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony asked Viacom to make it so Viacom channels don't work with Xbone. Viacom, Disney or Time Warner don't get any cash flow from Xbone TV so don't be surprised if these companies start to side with Sony. With every Sony product sold could equal 1 Internet TV subscriber, which means money for those broadcast companies.
BladerunnerZX  +   407d ago
Wow more TV push from Microsoft.
Everytime I start liking the Xbox One they start this crap again.

Its exactly this type of over paid disconnected out of touch CEO fluff that continues to make a bad rap for the XboxOne.
These Microsoft talking heads no absolutely NOTHING about video games or what will actually make the XboxOne a success with the people that will decide the fate of the device and that is the GAMERS.
I still use the Xbox360 as my main gaming console but I will move full in with the PS4 for next gen.
darx  +   407d ago
What's the difference? It's going to play 90% of the games the PS4 can play + the XB1 exclusives.
kneon  +   407d ago
Looking at my pile of about 60 ps3 games I'd say about half are exclusives. And I expect it will be much the same with the ps4.
stevehyphen  +   407d ago
I'm with kneon.

Probably over half the games in my small ps3 collection are exclusives. Killzone trilogy, Resistance trilogy, God of War saga, Uncharted trilogy, TLOU, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Heavy Rain, inFamous, Little Big Planet, LBP Karting, and probably more that I can't think of at the moment.
Grown Folks Talk  +   407d ago
Yeah Bladerunner, God forbid they answer questions. Every time somebody asks them a question, they get criticized for answering it. When i'm dropping $500 plus on something, i'd like to know as many details as possible. I know it can play games, it's an Xbox.
darx  +   407d ago
50% nah I don't think so. Maybe in your collection but not system wide.
kneon  +   407d ago
But most multi platform games are crap so who cares what system they are on.

If you consider only aaa games that are actually any good then exclusives make up a significant chunk of that.
DiRtY  +   407d ago
There are 52 games on the Xbox 360 with a metacritic of 90+ and 50 games on the PS3 with a metacritic of 90+.

So even if you only play these titles, you have enough games to chose from on both consoles.
kneon  +   407d ago
I wasn't trying to imply that there aren't enough game to play on either console, only that exclusives are more important than many people think.

A quick look at the top 50 shows 13 are exclusives on PS3 and 12 are exclusives on the 360. So on each there are about 25% that you won't find on the other console.
Belking  +   407d ago
Sony talks about tv it's great....ms talks about it fanboys complain....lol
GABRIEL1030  +   407d ago
"The Xbox One will be the next water cooler"

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