Microsoft Entertainment Boss Nancy Tellem: Xbox Augments TV Experience, Nears More Content Deals

Nancy Tellem, the former CBS Entertainment boss who is now Microsoft’s president of entertainment and digital media, said here Thursday that Xbox original TV content is an augmentation of traditional TV, not a nail in its coffin.

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PS4isKing_821684d ago ShowReplies(3)
black0o1684d ago

the only related element in this article to games IS the xBone

nightfallfilms1684d ago

I know I was debating if I should submit it or not. But decided to go ahead since I have seen other articles from both platforms talking about the non gaming functions.

black0o1684d ago

ok i'll drop the fanboyesim act here, after all the Xbox1 is more the gaming console and yes it's good to know what the entertainment department is cooking for the console for those whom willing to buy one

u got my approval

FamilyGuy1684d ago

Yeah this is a completely legitimate submission, it's about the X1, X1 is a gaming console after all. People here do want to know about all the other features they're getting.

snake_eater1684d ago

Ahh typical ms representative talking nonsense about things that nobody cares....because after all this is a gaming console.

I got to admit, the 360 was the best console this gen like the ps2 was last gen, but after 2010 all of that changed. Ms lost their minds since then...

GarrusVakarian1684d ago

"I got to admit, the 360 was the best console this gen"

In your opinion.

sic_chops1684d ago

Advertisements and no hardcore games the last 3 years besides the usual. I bed to differ.

snake_eater1684d ago

What part of my comment didn't you understand?

I said the 360 was, imo, the best console this gen until 2010.

DiRtY1684d ago

Yeah, nobody cares about sports / music / TV or any other form of entertainment.

Wait... I DO!

I love games obviously (Halo, Gears of War, Fable)
I love TV Series (The Wire, Game of Thrones, HIMYM)
I love great blockbuster movies (Inception, Bourne, Die Hard)
I love Sports (Football (not hand-egg), Borussia Dortmund!)

So, why shouldn't I be interested to buy a Xbox One?

ZBlacktt1684d ago

Is that a Stripper pole next to her?

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The story is too old to be commented.