PS4 the Most Desired Gaming Item on Amazon Japan, Beats Monster Hunter 4, PS Vita TV Also Up There

Now that the PS4 has a release date and the PS Vita TV has been announced, things are really starting to get heated in Japan.

The local branch of Amazon ranks the items that are added to users’ wishlists the most, and PS4 tops the chart for games.

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booni31051d ago

It's probably the most desired console everywhere.

sinncross1051d ago

Cant wait to test out the PS4 and PSVtv at TGS.

FamilyGuy1050d ago

You're going to TGS!?

*Consumed by jealousy*


Tony-Red-Grave1051d ago

Topping Monster Hunter as most desired in japan is no small feat for anything O_O

pyramidshead1051d ago

that's a great feat though for the PS4 judging by the slow decline in console gaming in Japan. This is definitely great news if this is legit.

TomShoe1050d ago

Hell, even the aliens from Mars are placing their preorders.

SoulSercher6201050d ago

Well what do you expect? The PS4 is out of this world! LOL!

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black0o1051d ago

not just Jp
NA, EU, ME..etc everywhere PS4 is #1

shahab911051d ago

Hey guys,5h4h4b here. Previous I'd got blocked. Don't know why ?

Fez1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

Probably be for trolling bro.

Banned within 6 days lol. Gotta be a record. You know the great thing about creating a new account? You don't have to tell people what your previous troll account was :P

Jaqen_Hghar1050d ago

Not true. A man knows of one named ReggieNintendo who was banned forever within hours of his first post.

ipe1051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

been gaming for almost 20 years and i havent seen so much hype, anticipation about any other console ever(at least here in europe).

I guess sony s doing something right.

Godmars2901051d ago

Why is the VTV showing at around $200?

plmkoh1051d ago

Because it's sold out on and the price tag you see is from a Market place seller trying to scalp.

FamilyGuy1050d ago

Damn, even at double the cost people still want it.

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The story is too old to be commented.