FIFA 14 Demo Impressions

The demo of FIFA 14 has totally took over my mind like a storm and to start, I don’t know where to. But let’s get down to this, FIFA 14 Demo looks like a top notch demo product to say the least, it’s almost in co-relation with the previous edition. But after you’ve gamed for like an hour at stretch, you will feel the co-relation growing even more strong. Which is, good and bad in so many ways.

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nades_all_night1711d ago

I agree. However, I'll pick up FIFA14, but thats because I do two year cycles with FIFA. The last one I had was FIFA12, so now its time for a "new" version. The only way I'll buy FIFA15 is if its something revolutionary in gameplay, but at this point I know what it is, what I'm getting and I'll purchase every other year.