3 New GTA IV Screenshots from JeuxVideo magazine

Three new screenshots came up with the recent issue of the French magazine JeuxVideo.

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BigKev453813d ago

Bring the game ON!!!!!!!

Bathyj3813d ago

Still debating whether I should ask my boss for the day off.

I'm going to a midnight launch to get the game and I'm thinking of telling the boss I have Russian friends coming to town.

THESWAT3813d ago

this game graphics are like halo 2 and halo 3. which equals to no difference or nothing big

jkhan3813d ago

A) the pics quality was really bad.
B). Mate have you seen the scale of this game. Don't compare it to a corridor shooter like Gears. You can't get better graphics then this at this level. It would have a lot more detail if it was only rendering one room at a time, its rendering a whole living breathing city, what else do you want?

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