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Microsoft emerges as a CPU force with Xbox One and Kinect

Microsoft is not the first name that comes to mind when you think of revolutionary chip design, but that perception is likely to change once the Xbox One and Kinect hit the market. The chip design in the game console and motion detection sensor are unlike anything on the market, at least at that price point. (Microsoft, Tech, Xbox One)

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AngelicIceDiamond  +   718d ago | Well said
"Among the 50 MCUs are 15 special processors that can handle things like graphics and physics processing. The result is a chip and system that are freakishly powerful and would make any PC gamer drool. The DRAM can access the CPU cache at a rate of 30GB/sec. and non-CPU cache at 68GB/sec. The embedded RAM can transfer data at a rate of 204GBs/sec to different parts of the chip."

That's pretty damn good. The X1 is no slouch in graphics processing.
4Sh0w  +   718d ago | Well said
Very interesting. I think people are really underestimating microsoft. When these things land in the wild its going to be crazy.
NewMonday  +   718d ago | Well said
it's an AMD chip not MS

the article is ambiguous, can't make any sense out of it


the writer is mixing the Kinect chip with the AMD APU, proves he dosn't know what he is talking about.
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christocolus  +   718d ago
been saying this for a long time....the xbox one games actually show that the console can handle graphics very well...
ma1asiah  +   718d ago | Well said
@ newmonday come again -

"Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One gaming console will contain a custom chip the company designed in conjunction with Advanced Micro Devices with the aim of delivering maximum graphics performance"


Speaking at the Hot Chips engineering conference at Stanford University, Microsoft chip architect John Sell said the Xbox One’s main processor is a gargantuan beast, codesigned with Advanced Micro Devices and manufactured by contract chip manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.


sorry I could list many more sources that say the same thing.....Its a co designed chip between MS and AMD not a tweaked AMD chip
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black0o  +   718d ago
@ma1asiah same thing cloud be said about the ps4 as well, by the end of the day the core chip is based ON AMD tech.
ma1asiah  +   718d ago | Well said
@ Black0o

The difference is as is stated here

"The CPU and GPU are on a "very large single custom chip" created by AMD for Sony"


SONY did not design or co design the custom chip this was all AMD so no, spin it however you will the same can not be said of the PS4.
No_Limit  +   718d ago | Well said
Good to hear. Nov 22 can't come fast enough! Forza 5 and Ryse already looking amazing so even if it is a tad bit less power than the PS4, it really doesn't make a difference at this point. It has the games I wanted to play and that is what that is matter at this point.
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thechosenone  +   718d ago
Killer Instinct 720p/60fps(they can't even hit 1080/60 in a fighting game)

BF4 720p/60fps

Forza 5 less cars than Forza 4, no real time weather or day/night or global illumination...so sad

Dead Rising 3 "We're targeting 30 frames a second," lol
ma1asiah  +   718d ago
AMEN @ No_Limit A FRIGGEN MEN couldn't have said it better myself.
black0o  +   718d ago | Well said

''AMD's Vice President of Global Communications and Industry Marketing John Taylor recently "elaborated" on the APU that is packed in Sony's semi-announced PlayStation 4 console. He said the new gaming console is the first announced design win based on a semi-custom AMD APU which was >> jointly << developed in >>>coordination <<< with Sony''

so who's spinning things here ME or U ??
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ma1asiah  +   718d ago
@ Black0o


"jointly << developed in >>>coordination <<< with Sony''

WTF so SONY supervised, oversaw the development of the chip AMD MADE however you want to put it.

This is still not the same thing dude as co designed or working in conjunction with AMD they didn't physically assist with its creation they said yay or nay to different design schematics AMD would put forward and would put forward a few suggestions that is really the nuts and bolts of what " jointly developed in coordination with SONY" means.

I am not spinning nothing as I am not the one who is so quick to dismiss something just because I do not like the company or the platform it happens to be on.

Check my history 70% of the time I try to paint a balance of opinion between both consoles yet at the same time yes I have a preference and yes that is the X1 BUT still I don't right the PS4 off just because it happens to be SONY either. I think it is a very awesome console just not my first choice.
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nukeitall  +   718d ago | Well said
MS customized and re-engineered the Xbox One chip to become a monster. MS built into the chip the ability to instantly overlay video and apps for instant switching and side-by side viewing.

Even high end PC require separate hardware to do something similar, let alone a $500 console.

MS has a chip for just about anything from encoding/decoding video, audio and so on.

Xbox One is a beast, and that is why games like Ryse is the best looking game on any console!


DriveClub still 1080p at 30fps, aiming and prayig it might hit 60fps.

Forza 5 always been 1080p at 60fps!

Same genre, same type of game, and both launch titles except PS4 has supposed easier development and 50% more raw power. What does that tell you?

Somebody is lying and the proof is right there!
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Redgehammer  +   718d ago
@Newmonday 2

This seems like a transition to me.

"Then came the Kinect group, and that was even more impressive."
Computersaysno  +   718d ago
My phone can easily overlay video rofl at the guy who said PC can't do it with more hardware. It's not that difficult a thing to do. A cheap android box can do all that. Windows 95 pretty much had it down kid with everything since becoming more and more capable.

What do you think 'windows' means? Huge facepalm.

Microsoft's chip looks decently engineered for media like but not that impressive for games by 2013 PC standards. PS4 has the hardware advantage no question and it'll still have a vast amount of media capability to satisfy most people.

The beauty of having a much more powerful GPU optimised for modern compute standards with better queuing ability than Xbone means Sony can load up the GPU with extra general compute tasks.
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ziggurcat  +   718d ago | Well said
@ nukeitall:

"Same genre, same type of game, and both launch titles except PS4 has supposed easier development and 50% more raw power. What does that tell you? "

as it's been pointed out time, and time again: everything's baked, there are less cars, smaller environments, etc... in forza. driveclub has dynamic lighting, more cars, and much larger environments. what does that tell you? because it tells everyone else that driveclub is doing much more to push the hardware than forza. you're going to look awfully foolish when driveclub achieves 60fps, *and* does all of the things froza doesn't.

ryse struggles to maintain 30fps, and DR3 is struggling to even hit 30fps. what does that tell you? killer instinct, a fighting game that is not exactly resource heavy, isn't even 1080p. what does that tell you?

and yes, there certainly has been a lot of lying... but none of it has even come from sony or the devs making their games.
Caffo01  +   718d ago

Ryse best looking WHAT?!?

Put some glasses on, you need it LOL
FamilyGuy  +   718d ago
Seriously guys, which picture looks better here?


The X1 definitely is no slouch, it's a powerful gaming consoles with many amazing features as well as a host of titles that fans are eager to play. There's no argument there. Where there is an argument is where people look at MSs games, then look at Sonys games and still consider MS to be on top. Seeing games from both and claiming you can't see a power difference. Or even worse that MS games look or play better.

I'm not blind and if you're reading this and playing video games then I'm fairly certain that you aren't blind either. In every comparison video of any game chosen we see far more "special effects", next-gen visuals, going on in the PS4 games.

I completely understand having a favorite game or a favorite console or even a favorite company but don't let that blind you.

We all agree Titanfall looks incredibly fun
We all agree The Division looks amazing
We all laughed at Call of Duty having a dog and "fish that move out of your way"

Why is it that we disagree on this???
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Computersaysno  +   718d ago
Sony spent their transistor budget on graphics hardware and then it seems added secondary off die ARM processors to deal with audio/video/OS concerns in the background.

Microsoft wasted a huge bunch of their transistor budget with on die memory and audio Co processors. A massive amount of that die is just eSRAM which Sony don't need and used for more GPU space. It's clever in the sense that it's all integrated onto one die but also stupid in that they are going to give away a lot of graphics performance to PS4. THEY JUST WILL!

Xbox one's single die is admirable engineering but at the end of it they will be killed on games performance. They will be. This discussion shouldn't even still be going on. For sure they will be. I'll guarantee it now.

Sony built the better games focused hardware and then added extra off die processing after and it's just better for the future. They can integrate all that on one die 18 months down the line anyway with the next die shrink to 20nm. That'll be ready this time next year actually.

By deciding to stuff everything on one chip Microsoft Have made sure the console is cheap to make and simpler but it'll never be as powerful as spreading other processes onto separate chips like ps4 does and using the main die budget for the most important games hardware.
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DoubleM70  +   717d ago
Yup! All this talk about being under powered is going right out the door when they hit the streets.
DoesUs  +   717d ago

FACT. MS Made a dependable machine based around a DD3 setup...chucked a load of custom silicon to aleviate the bandwidth issues. You spout about these "15 processors magic" Do you actually know what these are? If you did, you wouldn't be touting them as some secret sauce. And please for the love of god, STOP posting about the bandwidth figures, they are borked and you know they are. Only 32meg of data can be utilised in the EDRam, Sony has....well they have it all (minus overheads) running at its maximum. But please, carry on...Its hilarious seeing you squirm, like you have since E3.

Sony got lucky as larger GDDR5 modules became available, but also chucked a load of custom silicon inside to further enhance. All this before the vastly superior GPU is plonked in 8)

MS created the XB1 as best they could in the time available using the resources set aside.

Sony did exactly the same..only struck gold once the large modules became available.


See you in November.
P0werVR  +   717d ago
The thing to me that stands out are the "15 special purpose processors" and eSRAM.

But oh boy, those special purpose processors seems very exotic. If they can offload CPU/GPU processes then the whole architectural design is a BEAST indeed.

I mean to the person that is so use to putting basic components together and relying on raw specs, compared to reading and looking at the pics it's just a beautiful symphony...IMO at least.

If the design can truly have strong sustainable numbers, then Xbox One is truly powerful along with it's feature...truly next gen.




32megs of eDRAM?!

Just stop it. You downplaying the 15 MCUs alone goes to show how much you don't know about them. And how you make the common assumption by most of you dimwitts claiming that just because the eSRAM has only 32mbs it ONLY HOLDS 32mbs at a time.

The eSRAM is more like a scratchpad memory where it "spits out" chunks (32mb) of data for rapid use, so GB/s (204GB/s peak) of data for use by the GPU. Then comes in the 15 MCUs where it then compress and scale textures and helps in offloading. Therefore leaving the GPU for graphics ONLY.
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Ritsujun  +   717d ago
Dat Microsofie.
Enemy  +   717d ago
No one's underestimating them. They did underestimate Sony, though. When you do that, this happens:





dantesparda  +   717d ago
"Microsoft emerges as a CPU force with Xbox One and Kinect" No its not! Im sorry but you fanboys are pathetic, there is nothing imoressive about these system's low power tablet cpu's. And to hear some of you's talk like it so impressive, is just sad. Fanboys are pathetic!
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Insomnia_84  +   718d ago | Well said
The thing is, they have nothing to back up what they say as always. They keep throwing numbers and big words like "SPECIAL PROCESSORS, FREAKISHLY POWERFUL, POWER OF THE CLOUD, INCREDIBLE POWER OF KINECT, POWER OF SKYPE (>__> not joking, they actually said that)" but have nothing to show, NOTHING! Go take a look at the comparison of Ryse and Deep Down and you will see, DD takes the crown and it's coming out next year and already looking better than Ryse that's coming out in two months.

The devs have spoken, one of them even said that us gamers will be blown away by the graphical difference between the two consoles in a year or two and....why would Microsoft be looking at ways to upgrade what they have already at the last minute? They recently made insignificant upgrades to the GPU speed, 6% to be more exact, and upgraded the graphics drivers that the developers have so that they can fine tune better their games. They know they have a disadvantage but they can't let the competiton get away with it so easily, so they will say whatever they can and try their best with the hardware they already have but it can only go so far, if they upgraded only 6% then that's the best thay can do.

Facts are facts, they will talk and talk, but nothing will change unless they change their hardware and it's too late for that.

The Playstation 4 is 30% to 50% more powerful.

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maniacmayhem  +   718d ago | Well said
And yet the same can be said about the PS4.

20% more power and yet their games are graphically identical to the Xbox One.

There has been just as many devs who have gone on record to say that the differences will be miniscule at best.

I'm sure both consoles will produce abslute stunning effects in a year or two. But I doubt one will have a huge leap over the other.
Redgehammer  +   718d ago
The facts won't be out until after they are released, and benchmarking gets done by all the tech sites. Then you can return here In jubilation that your rumors were correct, or return dejected, after learning the X1 is not the underpowered piece of crap you believe it is, or sigh in acceptance when you find out that parity exists between the 2 consoles. I think they both will be powerful.
wtopez  +   718d ago
Always a fanboy waving the meager PS4 specs d*ck around an Xbox thread. Well a single discrete mid-range PC GPU is more than 30% to 50% more powerful than the whole PS4 system. And with AMD releasing it's new line GPUs before the actual console is out, the power difference will only get more embarrassing.
Mike134nl  +   718d ago
Its hard to compare at the moment there is more info available on the custom chip design of the xb1 compared to the ps4. They will need to explain these things if both consoles are indeed comparable in specs.

Special processors: dedicated to audio for kinect use makes sense.
Freakisly powerful: Not really Sony already/also said they have the most powerful hardware
Power of cloud: Not really yes it is freely available to al devs because of low pricing. Though no services such as gaikai are yet beeing used as Microsoft deems this to expensive
Kinect: great piece of tech but remains to be seen if usefull for gaming
Skype: no 3d skype maybe on ps4

In the end the games will have to proof which console might or might not be better
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t3rrorc3ll  +   718d ago
I'm also glad I can see the launch of ps4 in the US then the Xbox one then I will gtr my ps4 on the 29th November. To me it allows time for me to switch. If the ONE does have some secret sauce and is more powerful I will pick it up and be a sole Microsoft gamer again. But gotta admit deep down destroys all of that which has been shown on the ONE so far. But I am in no way stuck with my choice so far
NextGen24Gamer  +   718d ago
Lets break down what we know from HotChips...Facts only...

"15 special processors that can handle things like graphics and physics processing."

You see, that's why the gpu, that can do 1.3 TFLOPS can compete with the gpu in the ps4 that does 1.8 TFLOPS. Those 15 special processors take an incredible load off of the GPU...It makes the xbox one more efficient. That's the part of the "ON PAPER" argument that fanboys don't understand, until developers for BOTH consoles get their hands on it and can talk about it. Which leads me to the fact that a developer already said he was surprised at ONE of the consoles power. Which only means that architecture in the xbox one surprised him because on paper the ps4 looked to be more powerful. If you use commons sense, it's easy to understand why the 15 special processors obviously make a HUGE difference in the performance of the system.

"The result is a chip and system that are freakishly powerful and would make any PC gamer drool. The DRAM can access the CPU cache at a rate of 30GB/sec. and non-CPU cache at 68GB/sec. The embedded RAM can transfer data at a rate of 204GBs/sec to different parts of the chip."

Once again, the custom architecture is showing that simple numbers mean very little. It's another aspect of their custom design that makes the xbox one freakishly powerful. Which would explain why Microsoft has stated that its capable of doing 4k games. Something that Sony has confirmed that the ps4 can't do! If you take off your fanboy glasses, it all makes sense. But that's something that ON PAPER stats won't show. It's complicated for MS to explain this to fanboys who only want to hear about TFLOPS from the GPU. LOL....There is much more to it. Developers are surprised....Why is that? LOL

"Microsoft used PC standards – an x86 CPU, a DirectX 11 GPU and DDR3 memory – but it threw out the traditional PC architecture to create a beast."

This is all from HOTCHIPS....MS has built a custom BEAST and the key word once again is architecture....Not raw simplistic numbers...They have architecture that takes the workloads that GPU's normally have to do, and put them in DPU's...15 special custom ones....That means the GPU operates more efficiently....

Very good read, super excited for the xbox one...super excited for when the NDA lifts and we get more specific details on the architecture that we have had a small peak of....Sure people thought there was a DGPU....I was one of them, but the inside information never said that, he only gave tidbits and people ran with it...What we do know to be a fact just based off of HOTCHIPS, is that the CPU/GPU is massive and incredibly customized...and MS reps have said over and over again, that the specs on paper that everyone is throwing around doesn't tell the entire story....September 30th, we should get more of the story!

Slobberknocker below me....

Its a fact that MS has stated on several occasions that the xbox one is fully capable of doing 4k games. Obviously the 15 custom DPU's have a lot to do with that. Just because you don't understand something...doesn't mean it's not capable...I know fanboys want to believe MS is lying, but HOTCHIPS proves their is much more than meets the eye and still some info in the gpu that is UNKNOWN as of now.
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shahab91  +   718d ago

"Which would explain why Microsoft has stated that its capable of doing 4k games."

Dude just stop right there and snap out of your delusion. Even a high end pc with a freaking TITAN in it can't properly do 4k gaming. Just stop.
shahab91  +   718d ago

Lol delusion is all time high in n4g. You are saying to me x1 is capable of 4k gaming yet ryse, dead rising 3 are not even able to achieve 60fps in 1080p. Are you nuts or what?
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ziggurcat  +   718d ago
@ elite24gamer:

uh no... MS has never said that 4K games were possible, or is this another delusion you've read from misterx and his "insider" who has been wrong at every single turn (yet you keep drinking that kool-aid). you're probably taking them saying that xbone supports 4K resolution to mean that they could do 4K resolution games.

4K support will be limited to video playback, not games, on both xbone and PS4.

"Sure people thought there was a DGPU....I was one of them, but the inside information never said that"


uh... that's *exactly* what this so-called "insider", and misterx were saying... that there was a dGPU. you even spammed this place (in almost every single thread you posted in) with that nonsense. and now you're spewing this DPU nonsense... more wishful thinking that's going to end up in sheer disappointment.

and there isn't even any proof that a NDA even exists, yet you keep bringing it up. given the track record of your "sources", you're definitely in for a big surprise, but it's not going to be anywhere near as great as you think it is. for all we know, it could all be kinect-related.
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Caffo01  +   718d ago
games on X1 are not even close to the graphics of INFamous, DD or KZ..
tigertom53  +   718d ago
I Think we all agree that some specs are 50% better or even 2.5x but that doesn't translate to games run twice quality or twice the frame rate it just doesn't work that way with computers and software. Microsoft doesn't brag about being the most powerful like Sony has which Microsoft would agree, but disagree that you would have 30 or 50 percent better performance in game play. My estimation it will be close to 10 or 15 percent in game performance 5 or 10 FPS which really not going to separate the two consoles by much and it all about the games and features that you will be purchasing the consoles on.
Nekroo91  +   718d ago

actually 5 to 10 fps increase its not 10 or 15% better performance its actually 23 to start...
joefrost00  +   718d ago
Besides numbers what do sony have to back up their claims cause Im looking at the games and from what I see sony is lying
But Im not suprised by sony's actions they did the same thing in 2005 when they put up a lot of numbers and showed a lot of movies saying it was "gameplay"( Im still waiting on that version of motorstorm I saw
MS was showing real gameplay on PC dev kits in 2005 and everyone was saying the same thing then as they are now
Ask any dev or gaming journalists and they will tell you sony has a bad history with over promising about console performance from the duck demo and "Toy story Graphics" in 2000 to the movies in 2005
The keep hearing the ps4 is x amout more powerful I heard the same thing last gen and we saw how that turned out
I think it was the producer at square enix not sure look it up but he said the same thing my brother in law that does network code for activision
Like for example the ps4 has a more compute shaders but MS has 15 or more special processors that the ps4 dont
Its common sense if I have a system that is 50% more powerful and its easier to develop for(which most devs have been saying about the ease of development) I dont care how much time or even if I had crappy developers which is not the case sony has some of the best developers in the game
With that big of a gap it would be noticed from the jump
I expected this attitude from sony thinking about 2005 but what I didnt expect that people would fall for the same thing twice
opinska  +   718d ago
you an idiot, total bs :)
tigertom53  +   717d ago

It Depends on what the FPS "Frames Per Second" that you comparing it to. If it is 60FPS 10% of that would be 6 FPS faster 20% would be 12 FPS faster which is probable closer to what the PlayStation is able to do. Sony's PlayStation going to have the largest percentage at a higher resolutions and a lower percentage at a lower resolutions.
Regis  +   717d ago
You do realized everything that came out for deep down is CG trailer you know that right?
adventureghost124  +   717d ago

what are you talking about? Sony's games look way better graphically and its nearly 50% more powerful.
Sure there are some devs who say that differences are miniscule but thats mainly because they are developing for both consoles and they are not going to cause a rift between either of them. And there have been a lot of indie devs and others like Guerrilla and Sucker Punch who have continuously given praise to the PS4.
DoubleM70  +   717d ago
Do you actually think hardware that cost around the same to purchase is %30 to %50 pecent more powerful than the other? Sony has always known to over estimate and under deliver. It's always been like this Insomnia84.

You ever herd of Emotion Engine and toy story graphics? What about the head guy at Sony stating you better get two jobs to buy a PS3. Just sure arrogance that the PS3 was going to kick the 360's ass. What about a Network that was hacked and it took Sony 5 days to admit it? Tons of credit cards and personal information was stolen.

All I'm saying is don't believe Sony Shit don't stink either. You all want Microsoft to do bad in this new Generation, but why? Comeptition is good for the consumer. Without it you wouldn't be getting a PS4 or a 180 with DRM.
strifeblade  +   717d ago
Deep Down is randomly generated dungeons/ caves with one enemy on screen. Ryse has tons of enemies, an actual battlefield, with tons happening in the background. Don't compare deepdown to ryse, its a joke, Deepdown's budget will not even touch Ryse. Deep down may not even be headed towards NA/EU and the randomly generated dungeons with randomly generated enemies seem to enforce this prospect of low budget niche game for the japanese.

Playstation being 30%-50% powerful? The gpu is technically weaker by 40.67%, but msoft have a better cpu by atleast 9% customizations done to the cpu that we cannot calculate. The esram set up msoft have going may be worthwhile and it could very well surpass sony's gddr5 memory bandwidth- only time will tell how much the x1 can use of the theoretical 272gb/ps. Finally 50 Micro processors (MCU)- 15 of which can be used for graphics and physics calculation. Have you factored that into your equation?

The fact is the the x1 hardware is very customised and none of us can confirm the maximum output of the system since the architecture is not something we are use to.

These Sony trolls will have you believe the gpu is all that matters and will ignore any customizations X1 has- But guess why? Thats because the PS4 is devoid of custom architecture, and if you say otherwise then you contradict the many devs that claim its easy to develop due its "friendly" architecture.
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Death  +   717d ago
You can't say one is all talk without anything to show without pointing to the other. Sony has been all talk too. The reason for this is the consoles haven't released.

The devs have not spoken. An annonymous dev allegedly spoke. Without a source or a name, what was said means nothing. Hideo Kojima has praised the Xbox One. http://gamingbolt.com/hideo...
popup  +   718d ago
My Wii U features a chip that, Billions of years ago, was formed from Molten Lava that had been cooled over many years by caring Polar Bears living in what we now call 'France' before being fed a special energy from the Sun called 'Sun Energy' for a further 1 Million years. Slowly, as the years passed, it began to resemble what scientists now call a 'Silicon Chip'. This chip was then stored by an inbred family of angry Squirrels until Humans were considered mature enough (something only they can decide)to take over it's care. It was a member of the that community, Reggie Fils-Aime, that was ultimately chosen and finally, it was given to the world in Nintendo's Wii U.

No disagrees please. They are messy and leave stains on the carpet.
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yippiechicken  +   717d ago
Sir, I like your style. :)
MoonConquistador  +   715d ago
Nice one popup, that's the best laugh I've had on here for ages. A welcome respite from the arguing
showtimefolks  +   718d ago
can't we all be happy that games next gen will look better and hopefully play better?

ps4 is 50% more powerful
no now xbox one is better

who cares, games will decide which is better

seriously trolls on gaming sites spend more time trolling than actually playing any games, why can't we all just get along like a big gaming community?

enjoy ps3/xbox360/pc/wiiu now and later on we will enjoy next gen consoles
Insomnia_84  +   718d ago
It was all good until Microsoft showed up in the console business with their arrogance and lies.
#1.4.1 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(21) | Report
Death  +   717d ago
Things were great until Microsoft showed up and made bold claims like "the next gen starts when we say it starts" and then told gamers to get another job if they want to get their console. Then they had the audacity to label it a "Super Computer", which by now I'm pretty sure most of us have figured isn't true. Then they went on about the competitions console being less than "True HD". The list goes on about Microsoft and how they ruined gaming.
Animal Mutha 76  +   718d ago
Lol at the disagrees you are getting for stating the truth. This site........!
Eonjay  +   718d ago
This chip-set is so inferior to the AMD PS4 chip-set that it is almost laughable.
beebap  +   718d ago
Right so microsoft tries to get into hardware side of things which is what sony do and have done..who think with experience available will have the most powerful console?
Death  +   717d ago
While usually I would be inclined to feel the same way, Sony subcontracted the PS4 out to Cerny and AMD with AMD doing most of the work. For the first time the Xbox has the more complex/exotic hardware, but still teamed up with the same chip manufacturer. Both started with the same basic combo chip and tweaked it.
Angeljuice  +   718d ago
One slight worry:

" John Sell, the Xbox One's chip architect, said that the chance of defects was high because the chip was so complex, but Microsoft had designed in redundancies into the chip so that if one section was inoperable, it doesn’t kill the whole chip and we don't have a return of the dreaded Red Ring of Death."

On one hand this is a good thing (nobody wants RRoD pt2), on the other hand if the processor carries on working whilst one (or several) of these custom processors is crippled, then a lot of people won't be getting the full power of the system.
I'm sure the chip will make up for the 'broken' part, but at what cost to overall performance?

If the yields are so low, there could easily be a situation where the majority of XB1 APU's would be gimped in some way without the end-user even knowing about it.

I welcome anybody (with technical knowledge) to explain to me how this isn't a potential problem.
#1.8 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
kneon  +   718d ago
This will be just like the cell on the ps3. They were manufactured with 8 spus but only 7 are available to use. So in effect every chip is not running at full potential. It will be the same with the xb1 only with even more sections of the chip.
tigertom53  +   718d ago
wasn't it 1 of the SPU used for the Operating System...
buynit  +   717d ago
Yea i was wondering the same thing... How far redundant will it go before i know about it? Like will kinect now only see 9 instead ofv10 fingers?
richie007bond  +   718d ago
53 disagrees we need to stop feeding theses monkeys bananas, Flaming fanboys would argue with their shadows.
LordDhampire  +   718d ago
cpu's don't handle much graphics besides physics and stuff

People are way overestimating microsoft and feeding into their bull
BallsEye  +   718d ago
There has been a reason why MS didn't give exact GPU specs and declined to have dGPU. From what insiders say, xbox one have one large GPU split in few parts and scattered around SOC, working in stereo driver, something you would see in dual gpu setup. They are supposed to come clear by the end of this month. Let's wait and see.
s8anicslayer  +   717d ago
In all fairness to Microsoft Angelic, The argument of "Power" between them and Sony where Sony is rumored to be 50% more powerful then The X1 is just that! Not that X1 is not a powerful machine but just not as powerful than the PS4.
NextGen24Gamer  +   717d ago
Okay, let's get something straight. Microsoft and Sony Fanboys will do and say what ever to make themselves feel better about their single choice in next gen gaming. That's a fact. So to those gamers, no need to read anymore of my post.

Now for those who have some commons sense, I will help you understand a few things about both consoles.

Facts ONLY:

1. Xbox One is a lot more customized than the ps4. MS spent 2 times as much money to AMD and at HOTCHIPS they showed aspects of the system that was massive and unique. Everyone who has annalyed it, has stated that it's freakishly powerful and there is some aspects missing.

2. Microsoft has stated on several occasions that the xbox one can do 4k gaming. Sony has confirmed that their hardware can only do 4k for video & pictures. If you don't believe that MS said that, google it. Now with that said, obviously their highly customized hardware is the reason why it can do 4k gaming. You know that hardware that many still don't understand. The custom architecture that makes the xbox one more efficient. 15 specialized processors for graphics, audio, etc...We all agree that a simple 1.3 TFLOP GPU ALONE can't do 4k gaming. No one disagree's with that. But my question is, "What in the custom desing helps the gpu run more efficiently and can get the console to run 4k games at some point?

"The xbox one GPU is split in two .. Host & Guest. Makes two GPU's not discrete. There is a specialized Direct X DPU. Coprocessor as well .. it can do apps and Graphics branching also. Host And guest GPU's can run separate. And can run together like crossfire but not the same technology. There is extra esram for host and guest that is not a part of the normal 4 x 8 32mb esram. You do not need massive TFLOP numbers to do ray tracing you need specialized coprocessor as this is not brute force.. Coprocessors are extremely hard to get the exact figures. When we are think of standard pc architecture make up against xbox one technical aspects. One thing is for sure xbox one is more powerful then ps4 based on the highly customized architecture.. If anyone thinks Microsoft is just going to design a custom audio chip and 15 specialized processors, then dump a basic low end GPU in and send it out to market it as high end your just a fanboy of the other console."

Host & Guest GPU picture in xbox one architecture


The 50% more power on paper that Sony Fans throw around is simple math from the ram difference & the TFLOP difference. It doesn't take into consideration the Guest GPU in the diagram, the specialized audio chip that has 2 cores for game audio only, and the 15 specialized processors for graphics, physics, & other things. You know the stuff that is too complicated to explain besides in simple words like "The Xbox One is a powerful beast" and it's the only next gen console that will be capable of 4k gaming"...MS will release more info on the custom tech in the xbox one, end of September. Developers have only recently received the NEW Stereo drivers for development which unlocks more aspects of the tech for their games. Up until recently all previous games have been shown using the Mono Driver.
#1.13 (Edited 717d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
ShwankyShpanky  +   717d ago
Since you're apparently copy/pasting this into PMs, I'll copy paste my responses:

Ahahahaha.... Xbone can do 4k gaming, huh? At what... 5fps? Sony's not trying to pull any BS like that. They're not "supporting" 4k gaming because they know that the framerate would be absolute garbage, so they're not trying to mislead anyone into expecting a 4k game. ("supporting" is very different from "capability"... I don't think the PS4 "supports" the original Pong either) So what 4k game does the Xbone have coming out? In development? Rumored, even? They claim it will be "up to the devs." What about their 1st party studios?

MisterXmedia is taking gullible folks for a ride with his fake-ass "insider." Funny how the spelling and grammar of this "high level" insider are so atrocious... just like MisterX's.

The E3 Ryse demo hiccuped to 18fps running at 1080p. The hell you think's gonna happen to a game trying to run at 2160p... pushing literally FOUR TIMES the pixels of 1080p? Well, to oversimplify, 18fps/4=4.5fps... as I said... "4k at what... 5fps?" Even if you want to be generous and start with 30fps, 30/4=7.5fps. If you want to be even more generous and say 60fps, 60/4=15fps.

Ah well... http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic....
NextGen24Gamer  +   717d ago
Once November approaches and games are shown taking advantage of the new drivers, it will become very very clear to those who doubt. I have both consoles pre ordered. But to be honest Sony fanboys make me ashamed to even say that. It's embarrassing to me how blind many of them are. No need to bash another console just because it's the only console you chose to purchase. Just be happy with your choice and enjoy the next gen of gaming. I will have best of both worlds.
DoesUs  +   717d ago

See you in November.
Deadpoolio  +   717d ago
eSRAM not DRAM.....
Lord Anubis  +   718d ago
that's a lot of words but nothing to say. The author believes Microsoft designed the chip. Perhaps someone would be so kind to let them know that they only tweaked it. It was AMD that designed it. -_-
#2 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(22) | Report | Reply
christocolus  +   718d ago
dude even amd were very impressed with the work ms engineers did with the xenon gpu.."said ms had some of the most skilled hardware and software guys ".that was way back...ms actually did the xbx one gpu and cpu design along with amd at their own fab centre at redmond ..they have stated this so many times..look it up
FrigidDARKNESS  +   718d ago
MS paid AMD over 3 billiom for the rights to customize the CPU and GPU so the chips are not tweaked at all.
andibandit  +   718d ago
I think the author is talking about the SoC of which the AMD processor is a component.
n4rc  +   718d ago
Maybe someone can teach you to read...

Co designed by Microsoft... That's been publicially stated countless times by everyone..
NoLongerHereCBA  +   718d ago
Saying that something is a fact doesn't work on N4G. They only believe the things they want to believe. Don't expect much more from N4G than a kindergarten.
n4rc  +   717d ago
They'd rather believe a random nobody then actual facts because it suits their needs.

So many people want to bash Xbox yet they do zero research on it... They hear something and start copy and pasting it without ever actually looking to see if its true.

Watching them try to spin rumor and flat out lies is hilarious.. They did the same thing with the ps3 and then cried when everyone bashed them about it... And now they are doing it again.. Lol
BallsEye  +   718d ago
No, It was MS who designed it together with AMD, that's why it was paid in billions.
srd4484  +   717d ago
Haha. MS paid billions to AMD for the research and development. They designed the chip themselves.
Sony tweaked theirs
ATi_Elite  +   718d ago | Well said
How come Microsoft articles are filled with people posting so much hate but at the same time we have a SOny article yet AGAIN suggesting the PS4 can not achieve 1080p 60fps on a game but it's filled with EXCUSES or Hope that it can be achieved?

but if i was a XB1 game it would be filled with HATE and laughter.


too many fanboys on this site.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing what the XB1 can do with all it's processors.

The PS4 is pretty much a simple design. Very capable at gaming but as a Techie the XB1 just seems more appealing from a HARDWARE point of view.
blackmanone  +   718d ago
"How come Microsoft articles are filled with people posting so much hate but at the same time we have a SOny article yet AGAIN suggesting the PS4 can not achieve 1080p 60fps on a game but it's filled with EXCUSES or Hope that it can be achieved? but if i was a XB1 game it would be filled with HATE and laughter."

Yours was the first post in this article to mention hate, fanboys or the ps4. Troll harder next time.
#3.1 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(37) | Disagree(31) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   718d ago
I am pretty sure xboners are running out of straws to clutch at.
NewMonday  +   718d ago

Dead Rising3 and Ryse are not even at a steady 30FPS yet

BF4(only console version demoed was on the PS4 ironically) and CoD both run at 60FPS

so I don't see your point.
Redgehammer  +   718d ago
And i am pretty sure PSWhores won't stop denigrating their fellow gamers, because of a difference in preference; however, I am not denigrating, I am petty name calling a subset of a fanbase, I normally avoid it, but PSW sounded apropos for this comment v
ma1asiah  +   718d ago
@ blackmanone

You have a go at Ati_elite as follows

"Yours was the first post in this article to mention hate, fanboys or the ps4. Troll harder next time."

And end by calling him/her a troll kind of the pot calling the kettle black don't you think

Or are you always a straight up hypocrite.
n4rc  +   718d ago
Again.. Are you blind?

I count at least 6.. Why are you even in here reading this? was this article about ps4? Howd you find your way here?

Talk about calling someone else a troll.. Look in the mirror
Nocando  +   718d ago
No, it wasn't, plenty of your ilk were spewing venom in denial of MS ever doing anything well. Try harder.
1OddWorld  +   718d ago
I cant wait to not see you on the PS4.

PlayStation has always been about games. But now it has the power to boot. So while I agree with you about XB1 innovating the television viewing experience. PlayStation will be pushing the boundaries of console gaming.
blackmanone  +   718d ago
It's funny, but I agree with you for a whole different reason.

My 360 and ps3 gamertag have the word blackman in it, because that's my last name. When I'm on 360 playing COD MW2, I get called the n-word and every other dirty word, probably every five minutes on average.

PS3? I don't remember once being called a derogatory term while play COD BLOPS. It's funny how different the communities can be.
#3.2.1 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(10) | Report
SniperControl  +   718d ago

One of the main reasons I stopped playing MP on 360, I just got pissed off with the constant drone of 12 year olds insulting my mother and some douche thinks his music is awesome that he has to share it with everybody.

Not saying the PS3 had none of this, but it was far far less than on PS3.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   718d ago
@blackmanone, hopefully the 'grading-system' on the Xbox One works better compared to the one on the Xbox 360. This way you will not have to deal with annoying kids anymore, if they get a lot of negative votes :)
strifeblade  +   717d ago

Sorry to hear that, not sure if they were americans dropping the n bomb (probably were considering xbox is home to america). But you can't forget if the userbase is kids its due to xbox releasing a year early and a cheaper price to the ps3.

This time its reversed- ps4 is cheaper releasing a week early and it seems overwhelmingly popular in america- so you may have to deal with kids on the ps4.

I also beleive you did not witness similar experiences on ps3 because not everyone has a headset since it was not bundled with the system therefore chances are far less compared to xbox with bundled headsets.

Lastly change your gamertag, you will have a smoother experience until racism becomes less prevalent.
#3.2.4 (Edited 717d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
black0o  +   718d ago
driveclub is a next gen title unlike FROZA which is a cur-gen with prettier graphics ... when those launches u'll know/see what i'm talking about
drsfinest72  +   718d ago
ok troll, here have a cookie
black0o  +   718d ago
^^ i'm the troll here :O froza has static environment unlike driveclub all dynamic simple facts

stop been a blind fanboy, and gve some credit to devs that goes extra mile

dislike all u want but it won't change the facts
#3.3.2 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(21) | Report
drsfinest72  +   718d ago
here another cookie! sheesh u love cookies dont ya?
Septic  +   718d ago

Have you played both games? I have. Drive Club doesn't even look that impressive. But you carry on basing your views on some jpegs and gifs you've seen. Why are the developers so hesitant to show direct footage of the game? I can only imagine what the reaction would be on here had Turn 10 done the same.

But like you said, wait till the game comes out. You'll see.
No_Limit  +   718d ago
Have a glass milk as well Blackoo. You can't have 2 cookies without some milk to help you digest them. :D
black0o  +   718d ago
NO i have NOT and will not i'm more into other genera then racing

my point it's not a rocket since to hit 60 f/s look at COD does it every year but DICE went with more physics then frame rate and BF3 was why better in my opinion the COD ''ps360''

so if a game offers better environment with lower frame rate i go with it

2 months to go
fooltheman  +   718d ago
@ septic

There is direct footage of driveclub... ^^
BallsEye  +   718d ago
How is Driveclub more nextgen than forza? haha...it's just a racer with nothing new. Forza not only bring beautiful graphics but also awesome cloud integration.
MysticStrummer  +   718d ago
"How come Microsoft articles are filled with people posting so much hate but at the same time we have a SOny article yet AGAIN suggesting the PS4 can not achieve 1080p 60fps on a game but it's filled with EXCUSES or Hope that it can be achieved?"

I guess you just happen to miss the fact that those PS4 articles attract the same sort of attention and hate/derision from XB1 fans...? You might also want to keep an eye out for the blind hope that gets thrown around by MS fans on here, because it happens. A lot.

It goes both ways. Neither side can claim to be the blameless victim and both sides display blind faith in the PR machines from their chosen console's makers and 1st party developers.

You also seem to have missed the news that there are XB1 games struggling to hit 1080p 60fps.

In short, you come off as a fanboy.
#3.4 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Redgehammer  +   718d ago
I have personally been here since 2008, and in that time, I have seen way more mean spirited comments in Xbox posts, than I have Playstation ones. Are there xbox trolls? Sure, but here, on N4G, they appear to be a vocal minority, IMO, of course.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   718d ago
@Mytic "I guess you just happen to miss the fact that those PS4 articles attract the same sort of attention and hate/derision from XB1 fans...?"

Lol, no, no, no not even close that's where your wrong my friend. MS troll PS articles yes I see it daily as well but it pales NOTHING in comparison to what Sony fans do daily to X1 articles. It's mind boggling.

Posting examples do no good here, since you and every other Sony fans will absolutely not see a difference.

Like at all.

For 2 seconds if you weren't a fanboy you will absolutely see what I'm talking about.
#3.4.2 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(7) | Report
Autodidactdystopia  +   718d ago
Shit ive been here since 05 and since the beginning

Sony has ruled this website.

Anything else is shut down.

You cant change it so just enjoy your news and talk shit when you feel like losing some bubbles its all sony here, and if you don't like it then ... disagree... lol
MysticStrummer  +   718d ago
I found this site in the summer of 07, and the 360 crew was merciless toward the PS3 folk at that time. From my point of view, the reversal of fortune is just a case of "what goes around comes around". Obviously there are more PS fans than XBox fans here now, so of course there's an imbalance in the fanboy Force, but it used to be the exact opposite. That's all I'm saying.

It would be great if the whatever group is the majority would take the high road and let bygones be bygones, but we all know that will never happen. Most of the people crying foul now would be on the attack if their group was the larger, and most of the people trolling now will cry foul if they become the minority.

AngelicIceDiamond  +   717d ago

I usually don't do this but Bub+ for admitting that the majority of the Sony fan base take over this particular site.

Its not everyday I see a Sony fan admit to that. I say lets just be gamers. I mean we are fellow gamer lets just have great conversations with out dismembering one another over which console is better preference is fine, everyone has a preference.

I don't come here to argue (not intentionally at least)but to discuss and talk about our common hobby, games.
Insomnia_84  +   718d ago
Looks like you only read the title in that article so here, from de Drive Club devs:

"We haven’t confirmed fps yet except to say that we’re currently running 1080p@30fps. While the PS4 is the most powerful games console the world has ever seen it doesn’t make 60fps achievable by default. The tracks in #DriveClub are vast with fully dynamic illumination. The interiors and exteriors of every car in every race are rendered in staggering detail and the underlying physics system is incredibly fluid so that driving feels authentic and responsive. On top of that there’s a lot of live connectivity happening in and around the races too to serve up challenges and reward you and your club for everything you do."

Drive Club is doing A LOT more and it looks way better that Forza. If they can achieve 60fps without sacrificing graphic fidelity that would be very impressive.
porkChop  +   718d ago
"How come Microsoft articles are filled with people posting so much hate but at the same time we have a SOny article yet AGAIN suggesting the PS4 can not achieve 1080p 60fps on a game but it's filled with EXCUSES or Hope that it can be achieved?"

See, the thing about DriveClub is that it's a true next gen game. It's pushing so many new features, and so many intense resource-heavy graphical features that NO other next gen game so far is doing. Every single aspect of the game, weather, physics, etc, is completely dynamic. So yeah, maybe they're having a hard time reaching their goal of 60fps, but that's not surprising considering this is still a launch title.

Compare it to Forza 5. Forza looks pretty good and runs at 60fps. However, that 60fps is easily achievable because the game uses static pre-baked lighting as opposed to dynamic global illumination, no day/night cycle, no real-time weather, everything in the game is static. So while Forza 5 does look better than 360 games, it's only a next gen game by platform. It's being built on current gen tech. It's a current gen game with a partially next gen appearance.
theWB27  +   718d ago
Driveclub doesnt have weather. ... the rest of your uninformed rant is thus nullified.

I guarantee you can't find one article, one sentence that says forza 5 has anything pre baked.
clae1  +   718d ago
Just shows u know nothing about the forza franchise, turn10 have been pushing driving physics and is the number one priority which is good since it is a racing game after all. Dynamic lighting, weather is not that important if u are a racing fan, who cares about moving clouds in a racing game. You forget that the physics alone, tracking 16 cars maybe even more is a big task already then add 60 fps at 1080p and amazing graphics and more. So no it is not a current gen game with partially next gen appearance.
Angeljuice  +   718d ago

If the lighting in FORZA 5 wasn't pre-baked, would Turn 10 not have 'corrected' people on this by now? Would they (or Microsoft for that matter) allow this 'rumour' to be perpetuated to the point of saturation if there was no truth in it?

Turning your argument on its head, can you show me a single article where Turn 10 deny using pre-baked lighting? If they weren't we'd have heard by now.

Who's to say that PS4 couldn't run FORZA at 120fps?
theWB27  +   718d ago
You serious? Why would Turn10 have to deny anything if they've already explained the lighting?
"The image-based lighting from Forza 4?

No, no, this is new. This is the material system we’ve brought to the Xbox One, where no material has a color or texture, it has properties and interactions with light. We can literally go in and go ‘This surface is concrete, no, we’re going to make it asphalt, no, we’re going to make it gun metal’, and it just works in the environment. We don’t have to go in and tweak the lighting and the shading like we have in the past; everything works with light the way it’s supposed to.

That’s really key, because with the power of Xbox One we don’t want to go off and have to deal with eight times the complexity of an air environment. We had to invest in the technology to be able to build smarter. It goes all the way back to how we used laser-scanning, which doesn't just give us surfaces, it gives us color and texture as well. We can bring it back as reference for the artists and quickly bring it up to that quality we’re going for."

You can't do that with baked lighting. Forza 4 used IBL...

There is nothing there that you or anyone else can spin and say they went backwards from Forza 4 and used baked lighting in Forza 5.

Who's to say PS4 couldn't run Forza at 120fps? It can't run DC at 60 fps and nearly every preview puts Forza ahead in visuals.

What DC is doing, what Forza does are forms of Global Illumination.

Forza does more under the hood than DC also. Engine, tire(heat,grip etc), damage, engine swaps and tuning. Driveclub has NO tuning options and it leans towards arcade like Project Gotham.

You can't find ONE article or sentence that refutes what I just posted. But I know you'll spout something from the top of your head with no proof(like your post here) which wouldn't mean anything at all. Proof that it's baked or GTFO...
#3.6.4 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(4) | Report
Deadpoolio  +   717d ago
How come the One80 only has one game that is 1080p? Every other launch title confirmed 720p
Insomnia_84  +   718d ago
Show me! Stop talking as always and SHOW ME!

The usual crap from MS, back it up with something MS!!
ElementX  +   718d ago
This is a magazine article. It's not as though MS is going to embed footage or something.
Insomnia_84  +   718d ago
Seriously? Do I even have to explain?

#4.1.1 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(16) | Report
AngelicIceDiamond  +   718d ago
Ryse, Forza, Halo 60 FPS. From what it looks of it Quantum Break will look great.

@Insomnia seriously what is your problem?

What "crap is MS telling you? Everything that these companies are telling us now is PR.

PR: http://n4g.com/news/1336933... Aug 21

PR: http://www.playstationlifes... June 19

Again PR: http://www.techradar.com/us... July 5

And yes the cloud being able create bigger and persistent worlds and apparently calculate graphics is all PR as well and remains to be seen. I wanna see proof of that as well.

All summer long Sony is touting this. And guess what? I believe it, I believe Sony's machine has some significant edge in Processing over MS's machine. But it absolutely won't be night and day in graphics between the two that so many many are desperately trying to believe.

Sony said the same thing with PS3. Yes I know the PS4 is WAY easier to develop for than PS3.

But why would MS not come out of the gate unprepared in bringing the next gen expectations?

It will be in the first party line up and subtle differences in third party kinda like this gen.

But if you wanna to continue the popular belief PR lie, crap that MS is "doing" then have fun.
#4.2 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
SniperControl  +   718d ago

Ryse is currently struggling to achieve 30fps, Forza, well enough said,halo? Halo? When the fcuk did halo, get shown running @60fps?
mediate-this  +   717d ago
What more do you need to proven wrong? That article is not a rumour, its a fact. And to the guy who said cpu doesnt do graphics processing, i heard of cpu graphics processing, as a way to take loads off the gpu.

JUST WAIT!!!'!!!!!!
Transporter47  +   718d ago
A lot of assumption until MS releases an official spec of what is in the final build of the X1, whatever he says means nothing unless proven other wise, I can assume too btw.

Edit: Okay so he makes all this assumptions according to this
Which basically means what we already know. Ps4 is still the stronger hardware. I thought this was new information etc but it isnt.
#5 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Izzy408  +   718d ago
The Xbox one is going to be beast. But don't tell that to the PS fanboys of N4G because they'll have a fit.
grimmweisse  +   718d ago
Too late, you just did!
xboxisthabest   718d ago | Spam
NextGen24Gamer  +   718d ago
Good read
#8 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Mister_G  +   718d ago
I've not read the article (don't know that site, so not clicking the link), but I thought the CPU's in PS4 and X1 are basically the same? AMD Jaguar?

So anything the X1 has the PS4 has too?
mkis007  +   718d ago
ps4 has the same equivalent chips they offload audio, chat audio, video streaming..etc its not an exclusive feature.


He talks dedicated chips.
CRAIG667  +   718d ago
Positive Xbox article....
Psfanboys/trolls of the world UNITE!!!!
#10 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
quenomamen  +   718d ago
Positive Xbox article full of techno mumbo jumbo to fool fanboys into thinkin the Xbone will be more powerful than PS4.
CRAIG667  +   718d ago
I do accept the PS4 is more powerful and couldn't care less about playing the my cock's bigger than your cock game,it's what you do with it that counts, that's why I am purchasing the xbox first.
KI and Forza 5 day one.

AND... even if this article wasn't mumbo jumbo, the PS squad would still be here in force acting like some sort of superior race... pathetic.
windblowsagain  +   718d ago

It's not the fact that it's positive news. It's the fact it's made up added together tech talk, by someone who does not know what they are talking about.

Just like added edram bandwidth to ddr3 bandwidth to come up with magical numbers.

Yes both consoles will have fantastic looking games.

But people need to accept the fact the PS4 is more powerful.
badkolo  +   718d ago
first off why even battle back and fourth, the fasts are so far, x1 has the better cpu, alot better, but no one is ripping into sony fans for that,, so the only thing you guys have at the moment is a better gpu and again while it seems to be more powerful its not as ccustomized as the x1 is and the games are showing they are on the same footing.

If the ps4 is more powerful and it shows in the second year lets say, well most of us will concede to that and i for one will turn on ms for many reason, especially when they know sony was going to bring the guns, either way ill have both my preorders and i will enjoy what both have to offer
ziggurcat  +   718d ago
"the fasts are so far, x1 has the better cpu, alot better"

PS4's CPU specs aren't actually known yet, so that's not a fact.
gamer2013  +   717d ago
Oh for Christ sake stop! It wasn't Sony that was talking at the Hotchips conference and no tech site that I've seen so far has really made any stink about the PS4's architecture outside of it's basic specs. So just stop.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   717d ago
The x1 cpu has more multicore threading than ps4 that will be a huge difference in visuals and graphics.
windblowsagain  +   718d ago
See your talking rubbish.

It's not IF.


That was original specs, xboxone is now 13.1 gigapixel.

Theres a big difference and it'll be known DAY 1.
Funantic1  +   718d ago
That was an old article when everyone thought that the PS4 and X1 had similar CPUs because of them being from AMD. But now it's a known fact that MS customized their chip with AMD and didn't settle with standard shelf parts. If Sony did the same they would have mentioned that by now based on all the bragging they've done on the GPU. MS having a better CPU along with their award winning patented graphics acceleration, hypervisor, exclusive DX 11.2 tile resourcing, fast eSRAM, and tehhh clouddd designed a beast of a machine.
mkis007  +   718d ago
Better CPU? The ps4's CPU is only so far known to be based of the same cpu as the xbox 1. The spped isnt even know. This is not a fact by definition. It is speculation.
thrust  +   718d ago
Cpu is 1.6ghz on ps4 or Sony would be beating its chest about it.
Infamous298  +   718d ago

The FCC confirmed that PS4's CPU's clock speed is 2GHz with a max speed of 2.75GHz.

It's still much faster than the Xbox One's CPU
#12.3.2 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report
tigertom53  +   717d ago
if you look at the FCC papers it was a pc dev kit not a PlayStation 4
mkis007  +   717d ago
@ thrust everyone that has responded to this comment is proving why it is just speculation. That said the gpu and specialized processors of the ps4 cpu (just like the xbox 1) will take a lot of load off.
thrust  +   718d ago
Xbox one is going to be a great like both consoles will be.

the only thing am bothered about is most games are becoming online games i just hope that sonys psn does not hamper the xbox live version.
DJ  +   718d ago
SITH  +   718d ago
That was a very good article.
jaren92  +   718d ago
Can anything be said good about the Xbox one anything no anything ever said positive about it the Sony fanboys will tear it to spreads why are you so worried about a console so bad if you claim it's a complete fail ? I know if something sucks in my eyes I don't even talk about it so why are you all waisting every minute of every hour talking about a system that sucks so bad you all claim it's so bad but stay talking about it 24/7
Mkai28  +   718d ago
If people talk about you 24/7, then you must be doing something right. The X1 will be the most popular system to date.. http://finance.ninemsn.com.... . Football is the same way, you talk about and focus on the best players, the worst players you glance at and move on.. To be honest, why do they even have an Xbox section on here?
#16.1 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
jaren92  +   717d ago
Exactly they obviously see the x1 as a threat if they are constantly worried about it like you said if it sucked people would glance at it and move on people glance at the wii u And move on not saying it sucks its just not competing with the x1 or ps4 Sony fanboys are worried about the Xbox cause no matter what they say or how bad they hate they know deep down it will not fail and will be a successful console haters are only motivators
Hicken  +   717d ago
So wrong.

Is that why there's nothing but negative stories on the news?

Speaking of football(American, anyway), is that why the "butt fumble" will never be forgotten?

Is that why Syria is in the news every day? Because they're doing something right?

People like to gossip; it's rarely about anything good. The rumors that fly around various circles are usually of the same type.

No, we immortalize the historically bad just as much as we do the historically great.

You'd just like to grab onto that to make you feel better about what has been on the historically abysmal side, but concerns a company you love, for whatever reason.
BLAKHOODe  +   717d ago
I never said it sucked. I'm buying the Xbox One (and PS4.. best of both worlds!) WHY am I buying the Xbox One? Mainly for exclusives and - believe it or not - the TV integration features. I watch TV every day, so I'm actually really looking forward to seeing what all I can do with that. My 6 year old loves playing Kinect, so that's a win for her, which is why Kinect Sports Rivals is #1 on my get-list. The only other game I plan on getting is Titan Fall and Killer Instinct. Everything else, I'll be playing on my PS4.
Funantic1  +   718d ago
Why are people acting like the launch games prove what the PS4 or X1 is capable of. Neither machine is maxed out. It'll be years before we see these machines pushed to the limits. If the X1 is slightly more complicated to design games on then it'll be longer years to wait before developers really understand the architecture fully. That being said the X1 launch games look real good to begin with. They'll only get better.
srd4484  +   717d ago
But they claim ps4 is easier to design games for and is already 50% more powerful. With that in mind, we should see the difference from day 1.
phatzo   718d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
kenmid  +   718d ago
I like to welcome all the N4G developers to the room.
Mkai28  +   718d ago
Yeah I would like to know what games they will be making, and tell us the consoles capabilities ;)
quenomamen  +   718d ago
More techno jumbo to make it seem like this thing is some out of this world machine, guess what kids if you broke down your smartphone into how many proccesing units this, shader cores that it would also sound like a super computer. And stop it with the " a custom designed chip " talk already, every damn console since probably Atari 2600 had a custom chip so does PS4 and its also made by AMD. Whoooo ! It has a costum chip ! so do music playing gift cards.
Clarence  +   718d ago

A little something from the article.

Microsoft “has been late on their drivers and that has been hurting them,” said one source. Another described Xbox One’s graphics drivers less charitably as “horrible”
#21 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Smootherkuzz  +   718d ago
If you like Xbox One then buy it , if you like PS4 then buy it, if you like both then buy them! With all this one is better then the other is crap. You are going spend your money as you choose anyway. After all it's your money do what you want. After reading all the stuff on this site I find most don't know what they are talking about on both sides. Instead of waiting till the systems are released on store shelfs and in the customer hands everybody is being the judge from crap they are reading on line which is a big mistake! Everytime a new console come out its the samething. When it comes down to it there is something both sides can enjoy.When dust settles we all are going to be happy with the system or systems we choose.
GeneralRaam93   717d ago | Spam
Belking  +   717d ago
We all know MS CPU for xbox-one is a beast. It's gonna pay off big time too.
DivineAssault  +   717d ago
I believe that xb1 will be a great console & will definately have some amazing titles.. However my decision to go with PS4 is cemented.. Not because of power, but because of exclusives & vita compatibility.. I know japan wont buy xb & there will be few eastern developed exclusives if any at all.. I know for a fact that PS4 will get eastern & western developed exclusives so im going with sony 100%... I might buy xb1 later down the line when more games are out, price drop, & kinect is updated to run better.. I know its not going to be that great at 1st but will improve over time
NarcolepZZZZZZ  +   717d ago
Xbox one ! with BLAST PROCESSING!!! can't wait to play my "inferior" console.
ATi_Elite  +   717d ago

Bubbles + funny
NarcolepZZZZZZ  +   716d ago
awww !!!! thanks !! bubbles for being nice.
#26.1.1 (Edited 716d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
2paclives  +   717d ago
Xbonerz are in total denial now. "Ryse and forza look so great". In the words of Reggie, meh.
#27 (Edited 717d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BLAKHOODe  +   717d ago
I'm getting Xbox One (and PS4) and I'm not into racing games and I think Ryse's gameplay looks like crap. I'm not getting either one.
2paclives  +   717d ago
It's funny...now it's just techie mumbo jumbo. Facts are facts boys and girls. Ps4 is more powerful and has and continue to have the greatest exclusives.
Red_Devilz  +   717d ago
If XB1 is this powerful, just imagine how freaking awesome PS4 will be? #Goosebumps
cunnilumpkin  +   717d ago
either way they are both weaker than a 3 year old, $130 gtx 560 ti so does it really matter?
annus  +   717d ago
You don't understand. Apparently it's all about specs, until you get into the big boy specs. Then specs don't matter.
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