1UP Previews Samba de Amigo

1UP writes: "Samba de Amigo is one of those Wii no-brainers: a game that used motion-sensing controllers in the past just had to end up on the system eventually. Gearbox thought the same way, and Sega chose them to bring Samba's shakin' action to Wii. It's an odd change of pace for the FPS-happy developer, but after trying the game at Nintendo's recent Media Summit, we can say we're ready for this game again.

If you missed Samba de Amigo eight years ago, it's a rhythm game, featuring a variety of well-known Latin tunes, that used maraca controllers in the original arcade and Dreamcast versions. Small colored dots head towards six targets in a hexagonal formation, and you simply position the cursor over the correct one and shake the left- or right-hand controller when the dot passes over the target. In short, it's a really fun game thanks to the extra body movement required, and of course the kooky visual style where the inhabitants the of Samba de Amigo world are practically having a fiesta until the end of time".

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kewlkat0073721d ago

somehow I knew it would make its way to the Wii. Another perfect use of the Wii-mote, that other consoles cannot duplicate.