1UP Previews Star Wars: TFU

1UP writes: "Most developers are forcing silly ideas on the Wii, but LucasArts is pushing an idea that actually makes sense: a Star Wars game. While Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (scheduled for September) doesn't seem to be the true lightsaber game we've all been pining for, it should at least whet the appetite of lasersword lovers.

Even though The Force Unleashed has an ambitious single-player story that has you controlling Darth Vader's completely random (and completely convenient) secret apprentice, LucasArts showed off only the Duel mode at Nintendo's Media Summit last week. In this mode, two Jedi light each other up in an effort to prove who's the master of ass-kicking. Just a warning to nitpicky fanboys: This mode is totally not canon. So don't be surprised when you see Luke happily frying his mechanized pops with Force Lighting".

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