'Kingdom Hearts 1.5' lacks the right key to unlock a good game | Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun: "Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix is full of beautifully animated worlds and nostalgic throwbacks to classic Disney movies. Unfortunately, it brings virtually nothing new or fresh to this aging series."

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M-M1921d ago

Hit seeking article, don't click.

Xof1921d ago

It's called hitbaiting.

In addition to advising fellow users not to click, please also advise them to downvote the source.

Thehyph1921d ago

Have you ever seen an issue of the Toronto Sun? It's a tabloid, not a real newspaper.

Isn't this what tabloids do?

miyamoto1915d ago

Toronto Sun is notorious for being anti Sony and M$ suck ups.

They are the shame of Canada.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1921d ago

2/5? yea i dont even have to read the article to know its wrong.

Xof1921d ago

Well, have you played the HD port yet? 'Cause we've had some real stinkers.

Sure, KH1.5 isn't one of 'em--for once, it seems Square-Enix really went all out and did a bang-up job--but until a day or two ago, it could well have been as plagued with technical issues as Zone of the Enders or--worse--the Jak & Daxter Vita collection.

SoulSercher6201921d ago

I'm playing it now and have come across no issues. This is definitely fishng for hits.

Xof1921d ago

@SoulSercher: That's about what I expected. I've only had time to sink maybe 2 hours into the game (too busy with real life... and Gundam Breaker....) but even that was enough to impress me. Easily the best-done HD port I've seen so far, narrowly inching out Okami.

CrossingEden1921d ago

The low score is due to the lack of new content. But ok, keep flaunting your opinion around with no basis or counters to an argument that you aren't even going to read. And it's true, I can't count how many times the child Sora character model and animations have been re-used. Dream Drop distance even took the same model and retextured it.

Capt-FuzzyPants1921d ago

This has more new content than most HD collections. They made the control scheme better and it is the Final Mix version which most people outside of Japan haven't played.

Omar911921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Are you kidding me? I just finished playing the game and for it being an old game and still gives me the same charm and warm hearted feeling I got when I was a kid, That tell's you something. This game is and forever will be a masterpiece! I can't wait until KH2 HD and KH3.

Oh and btw this is probably the best HD remake I have ever played or seen. This is how you remake a game.

Lord_Sloth1921d ago

Agreed. It's making me realize just how awesome the PS2 era really was. I have to force my cousin to play it next time he's over since he never has.

Omar911921d ago

No doubt! This is my second favorite game of all time just after Metal Gear Solid series.

TM3331921d ago

Right on. The further away we get from the PS2 era, the more I want to return to it. So many great games. Many games had visuals that just worked so well with style and art design, they still hold up today. Hence, all these HD versions and ports...

PS4isKing_821921d ago

Wtf? KH is a classic. This author must be a 14 year old call of duty junkie who's too young to know what a good game actually is.

Hint: It's not looking through a rifle scope.

Count1921d ago

Kingdom Hearts is more of a kiddie game than CoD is.

Dravidian1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Subject matter is what make things truly adult or kiddie. Obsessing over big boobs, blood, headshots, and guns is the place of a teenager who has yet to become a man....or woman. Cant leave out the ladies now can we.

ZHZ901921d ago

So just because it has Disney characters so it is kiddie right?

You sir are an ignorant.

Lord_Sloth1920d ago

I challenge you to make sense of their story!

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