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Why FIFA 14 is better on Xbox One - "we've hit the limit" on Xbox 360

OXM - There's "no way" next gen animation systems will run at 60 FPS on current gen. (FIFA 14, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

aceitman  +   441d ago
I will be waiting for demoes for next gen sports games before I buy. unless a side by side comparison video comes out before launch and shows me different .
slimeybrainboy  +   441d ago
NBA Live is Next gen only which could be amazing.
2K14 and FIFA both have liike 10,000 more animations on next gen with better chracter models for crowds and players.

Of course we havent properly got a chance to look at it yet but I think they're will be a substantial difference between next and current gen sports games.
iamnsuperman  +   441d ago
I am not so sure. There has been a lot of talk but rarely any comparison. I am getting the impression the differences will be far more subtle than people think.
GiggMan  +   441d ago
I remember the beginning of this gen when Fight Night Round 3 came out in 06 I believe. That to me was the beginning of next gen in my eyes.

Nothing has blown me away like that from Fifa or Madden. Hoping NBA 2K14 can show something but my money is going to be on MLB the show 14 to usher in next gen of sports.
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aceitman  +   441d ago
I agree giggman those 2 are known to improve on both graphics and gameplay. and adding the small things they do to the interactive crowds in the background.
KonsoruMasuta  +   441d ago
It was Fight Night Round 4 for me. In terms of gameplay, 3 was better. But I was blown away by the graphics and character models in 4.
GiggMan  +   441d ago
Yeah 4 was awesome but Round 3 was the game that made me say WOW this is some next gen shit lol.

Hopefully EA gives us another one. Hell I also loved it because EA didn't milk it every year like Madden and Fifa. When a new one finally did release it actually felt fresh and had improvements.
johny5  +   441d ago
Damn right! I love me some MLB The Show! UFC and NBA 2k14 Alpha footage looks promising though...
Nes_Daze  +   441d ago
I'm getting FIFA 14 anyway so might as well get it on a next gen system.
sincitysir1  +   441d ago
I thot the new UFC looked great with the character models but I only saw one trailer somewhere randomly
Popoffboy187718  +   441d ago
2k14 will set it off!!!!!
Linchpin  +   441d ago
They've hit their limit a long time ago.
andrewsqual  +   441d ago
"....hit the limit.... 3 years ago"
Derajcan2  +   441d ago
fifa has always set the bar as far as sports games go, no other sporting game runs so smooth and fluent like fifa, maybe with the exception of nhl. I cant wait for next gen fifa

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