Console Diablo 3's Loot Is Broken, And That's Totally Okay

Forbes - A funny thing happened to me playing Diablo 3 recently. As I took my level 55 monk through the bowels of Act 3 on Hell difficulty, a legendary item dropped after I killed an elite enemy. Now, as this is the console port of the game and not the PC version, this is a much more common occurrence as it no longer takes a dozen hours or more to stumble across such a class of item.

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GhettoBlasStarr1649d ago

I can't wait until I get something that powerful.

adorie1649d ago

I was cranking out 380k before I quit. Wait till you find a 1handed weapon at that DPS.(1,293 base damage) with a socket, 200+ main stat, crit damage/Life Leech/Life on hit with fast attack speed. If you're a demon hunter, a 2 socketed manticore with similar stats.
Here's a good reference. Some of my gear pieces are better, but his gems are all top tier, while mine are still radiant stars.

MRMagoo1231649d ago

My pc barb is outputting over 1 million dps and his gear isnt the best i can get by far

Fireseed1649d ago

Bout damn time too! Was sick of the clean and balanced BS that was the PC version due to the RMAH.

TheEvilWithin1649d ago

I have found a couple of Legendary items like that already. I'm on Inferno right now hoping to hit it BIG with some awesome loot drops.

Sharius1649d ago

it's how diablo support to be

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