Thursday is national video game day

Thursday is National Video Game day, a day that’s been created to celebrate one of the entertainment businesses’ biggest industries.

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Lord_Sloth1409d ago

Spent my day killing Dutch in RDR and sealing worlds in KH. XXXD

ATi_Elite1409d ago


but I'll celebrate Friday The 13th by playing Amnesia A Machine for Pigs and Outlast.

(...and yes i have clean underwear handy)

SpiralTear1409d ago

Yeah, but as gamers, we celebrate National Video Game Day every day. ;)

Convas1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Yeah, it's too bad we spend so much time on the internet decrying our fellow gamer's console and game choices.

kneon1409d ago

No, the other 364 days are just practice days for National Video Game day :)

TXIDarkAvenger1409d ago

It's the end of the day for me and this is posted now? lol, w/e it doesn't really make the difference for most. People play games everyday.

FITgamer1409d ago

Pfft...everyday is national video game day.

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