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Purchase Grand Theft Auto 5 At GameStop, Get B2G1 On Preowned Games

GameStop is offering up an exclusive deal for customers that preorder and purchase Grand Theft Auto 5. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

No_Limit  +   622d ago
Sorry Gamestop, I will get mine at the MS store with an extra 1600ms points going into my account towards XB1 digital game purchase. I am done with you guys.
ZeroCoolX83  +   622d ago
hate to break it to you but they dont have microsoft points anymore it's all currency, and GTA V is not coming out on next gen consoles.....sorry
GoldenMonkey34   622d ago | Spam
KwietStorm  +   622d ago
You think I'm gonna buy 2 overpriced PRE owned games with GTAV coming out? I'm in bed with Amazon for a reason.
FullmetalRoyale  +   622d ago
It's the sex, right?

Gotta be the sex.
2pacalypsenow  +   622d ago
overpriced like Cod being 39.99 on xbox store?
GoldenMonkey34   622d ago | Spam
2pacalypsenow  +   622d ago

$10 more than Steam console games are usually $10 more than Pc
steve30x  +   622d ago
Yup Gamestop has their preowned consoles and games way overpriced. in my local store they have Forza Horizon used for €40 they were trying to sell me a used Xbox 360 for €210 and the brand new Xbox 360 I got was €250.
cellur111  +   622d ago
You think im going to spend all that money on your overpriced pre owned games gamestop? I don't think so.
BlingBlaine  +   622d ago
Gamestop is in bed with m$ so as a playstation fanboi, I haven't been to gamestop since ps3 came out.

Gamestop is bad for gamers.
JohnS1313  +   622d ago
They must have too many old used games and need to clear them out. But no thanks, I'm getting it on PSN.
CerealKiller  +   622d ago
Another Power Up Rewards EXCLUSIVE!

BestBuy usually has B2G1 on used games without the need to buy any new game
ceballos77mx  +   622d ago
They already have this on the stores, you dont need to buy a new game, its not that bad if you carefully look at the titles.

Got dragon age ultimate edition for free when I purchased tomb raider and xcom: enemy unknown not bad when I got all three titles for the price of a new game. I never buy used but this was a good deal and this titles are good for my ps3 collection
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Insane Darkling  +   622d ago
Why if you buy gta5 would need any other game on this gen console

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