Purchase Grand Theft Auto 5 At GameStop, Get B2G1 On Preowned Games

GameStop is offering up an exclusive deal for customers that preorder and purchase Grand Theft Auto 5.

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No_Limit1498d ago

Sorry Gamestop, I will get mine at the MS store with an extra 1600ms points going into my account towards XB1 digital game purchase. I am done with you guys.

ZeroCoolX831498d ago

hate to break it to you but they dont have microsoft points anymore it's all currency, and GTA V is not coming out on next gen consoles.....sorry

1498d ago
KwietStorm1498d ago

You think I'm gonna buy 2 overpriced PRE owned games with GTAV coming out? I'm in bed with Amazon for a reason.

FullmetalRoyale1498d ago

It's the sex, right?

Gotta be the sex.

2pacalypsenow1498d ago

overpriced like Cod being 39.99 on xbox store?

1498d ago
2pacalypsenow1498d ago

$10 more than Steam console games are usually $10 more than Pc

steve30x1498d ago

Yup Gamestop has their preowned consoles and games way overpriced. in my local store they have Forza Horizon used for €40 they were trying to sell me a used Xbox 360 for €210 and the brand new Xbox 360 I got was €250.

cellur1111498d ago

You think im going to spend all that money on your overpriced pre owned games gamestop? I don't think so.

BlingBlaine1498d ago

Gamestop is in bed with m$ so as a playstation fanboi, I haven't been to gamestop since ps3 came out.

Gamestop is bad for gamers.

JohnS13131498d ago

They must have too many old used games and need to clear them out. But no thanks, I'm getting it on PSN.

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