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Submitted by Zotaku87 878d ago | rumor

New Zealand EB Games banner shows Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD may release in October

Zachary at Save/Continue says, "Square Enix has been only too keen to advertise its latest bundles of classic titles, reimagined in high definition. With Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX now available worldwide, we are still left to wonder just when the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster set will be coming out. Amazon still has its “tentative” release date set at the end of the year, and online searching has yielded no results. However, thanks to my super sleuthing, we may have a more defined release window available for you." (Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster: Collector’s Edition, PS Vita, PS3)

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Tei777  +   878d ago
Would make sense for it to arrive alongside the new vita model.
Zotaku87  +   878d ago
I agree. With the TVita releasing and there being a FFX/X-2 +Vita bundle coming out, it makes the most sense.
abzdine  +   873d ago
cross save but no cross buy!
i will only buy it if i can get the digital vita version for free after buying PS3 version.
MRMagoo123  +   878d ago
I cant believe there is an EB in NZ , i thought all the Kiwis had moved here to Australia now, it seems that way any who lol.
ironfist92  +   878d ago
Why would we when the ratings system in Australia is terrible?
jazzlover511  +   878d ago
and why would all of them move to Australia? It doesn't seem like that at all, man
OrangePowerz  +   878d ago
Looking forward to playing FF10 again it was a good game and far better than the FF13 games.
LightSamus  +   878d ago
I'd be more than okay with that but it'd be unusual for Square not to have publicly acknowledged the date if it's so soon.
Zotaku87  +   878d ago
That's actually why I listed this as a rumor instead of actual news. My fingers are crossed that we'll finally be given a solid release date at the Tokyo Game Show next week. If this October window is to believed, TGS really seems to be their last shot to advertise to get pre-orders.
rawshack  +   878d ago
im from new zealand and went to eb games yesterday and sore the release poster listed as oct .it had a small shot of a special edition with some art book i pre orderd right there on the spot .the guy said theres no date just in oct some time
GeckoPutt  +   878d ago
I completely agree with you - it seems that TGS is their last window of opportunity to announce the release date of these games (finally!) During E3 they did say that they would, "utilise events to give information regarding this game". TGS is the final big gaming event this year; I don't see an alternative.

... Unless of course that rumour about it being delayed until 2014 is true, and if that's the case I'm going to shit a yak.
Xof  +   878d ago
Really looking forward to this after KH1.5. As much as I'm unaccustomed to saying anything positive about Square-Enix, they did a really impressive job on the HD port (or "remake," if you're a Nintendo fanboy). Well, even if the whole LE thing was/is an atrociously ugly affront to my sensibilities.
tigertron  +   878d ago
Square-Enix really need to announce the release date already.

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