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Submitted by excaliburps 877d ago | news

Microsoft reminding gamers that they’ve done a “180″ on DRM for the Xbox One, sends newsletter

Microsoft reminding gamers that they’ve done a “180″ on DRM for the Xbox One, sends newsletter (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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NatureOfLogic  +   877d ago | Well said
Reeks of desperation.
darthv72  +   877d ago | Well said
smells of clarity
xHeavYx  +   877d ago | Well said
The top of the letter, instead of saying "We designed the Xbox One to be your Xbox One", it should say "we changed our stupid policies for you to pre-order our console"
The_Infected  +   877d ago

At least you speak the truth.
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blitz0623  +   877d ago
LOL I thought they actually wrote "We went 180" or something like that. Then proceeded to rename it to Xbox 180 and sent a newsletter
shoddy  +   877d ago
I never thought MS is this dumb to think thier fans would take what ever bullshit that MS give them.

it get so bad that I feel sorry for xbox fans this generation.
vigilante_man  +   877d ago
Sometimes it is better to not highlight your recent gaffs and just get on with it. Why remind gamers you nearly screwed them over?

It does reek of desperation. If your product is great it will sell. Stop chasing people!
SilentNegotiator  +   877d ago
And do I detect a hint of minty freshness?

It only reads as anything but a straight-forward ad to anyone but informed gamers that know about the original incarnation of Xbox One.
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JokesOnYou  +   877d ago
This is old but good for them. Play games.
The_Con-Sept  +   877d ago
Have we really done that much trauma to their entire market share by simply expressing a truth about us?

I hate it when a company throws out trust in their consumers. This is why I don't even consider the Xbox one a gaming console. It does not matter about the 180 stories they keep coming out with. What matters most is their view on us. And because their first impression took us by, not just a little but, a huge shock. I can no longer consider the Xbox brand because of their distrust in us as a possible consumer.
Elvfam511  +   877d ago
Well they should of wrote how much the console sucks and go buy a ps4 instead lol
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3-4-5  +   877d ago
indysurfn  +   877d ago
The real bad thing about this is they are ADVERTISING something that is revoked, but at least one of their executives says will come back. When the time is right (as soon as they reach a few million sold).

I can see it now, 10 share limit! Good news we now have the 10 share feature(limit) back. Bad news you already lent your game out too many times. It can't be checked back in to your machine, your friend owns it now!

Good news you now can trade your game in to a approved retailer (for a fee). Not you! mom and pops, screw you! PS we are STILL not sharing the fee with developers and publishers we just use them as a excuse to talk you into not protesting paying a trade in fee for something you 'own', and being told where you can sell it at(is that price fixing?)!

Good news it took us a few years to sell enough to bring back the 24 hour check in. Bad news xboxtwo will be out in one year, and we will shut down the severs, just like we did for the original xbox. Meaning your xboxone will not have any severs to check into in another year. Just buy the next xbox, or a 360!
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UnholyLight  +   877d ago
Also gotta mention, you guys are saying this is desperate?? It's a newsletter sent out (much like Sony is doing with the PS4) to remind you of the features the Xbox One has.

Did we all forget how you guys were red flagging Microsoft for having bad marketing skills?? Is this not super clear, concise, and very informative for people to understand.

Next Microsoft is going to announce a white Xbox One nd you'll find something negative to say there too!

Meanwhile, Sony hears infinite praise. I'm buying both day one, but it's not going to surprise me in the slightest when a couple years down the road Sony or Microsoft or both at the same time will bring back the same policies the Xbox One was going to do originally.

100% guaranteed.
ShwankyShpanky  +   877d ago
"Is this not super clear, concise, and very informative for people to understand."

Yes, it is. What's unfortunate is that the implied premise is a dirty, dirty lie.

"We designed the Xbox One to be your Xbox One..."

Let's not kid ourselves with semantics and word games... This is a flat out dirty lie. We all how that the current policies they've spun themselves into are far from what they intended when "[they] designed the Xbox One."

P.S. Funny they didn't add "YOUR choice to use our data-harvesting camera."

P.P.S. Funnier... "YOUR schedule...walk the dog, check the score. With Xbox One you can suspend and resume gameplay instantly, even in the middle of a battle." I do think suspend/resume is pretty neat, if they let you use Netflix or play another game or go into standby mode and then instantly resume the first game, but that line basically just describes the 'pause' button.
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mewhy32  +   877d ago
wow. It sounds pretty desperate.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   877d ago
They are clarifying their desperation and consumer disconnect.
Comnnsence  +   877d ago
Wow, talk about desperation. Too bad whoever buying the console is going to be plaque with issues and another "One" of the letters is going to generate. I'll wait for my PS4 and 3 years after the 360 is official dead to get an Xbone. Until then, keep the damage control going.
darthv72  +   877d ago
please elaborate on the "issues" people will be plagued with.

i'm genuinely intrigued.
aiBreeze  +   877d ago
^^^Adverts all over their home screen despite whether they're gold members or silver.. just to get the ball rolling.
Angels3785  +   877d ago
Pay wall...
darthv72  +   877d ago
@above...those arent issues. their annoyances. by issues i figured comnsence was eluding to something more.
Comnnsence  +   877d ago
@dartgv72 why would I elaborate on something that you and Andre hundred more individuals are in denial about?
thoract  +   877d ago

I think the 360 probably has another year at most with the way MS is supporting it. Also I'll bet you they are going drop it like the first xbox, once the xbone comes out.
maniacmayhem  +   877d ago
I would like to know the issues too. I think these are made up issues from the sony camp once again spreading their FUD.

@ Angels
PS4 also has a pay wall

Adverts? Another myth spread by the sony camp. These so called adverts are actual content that can be found or purchased on Xbox Live.

MS has already said that they will be supporting the 360 for another 3 years. That's 10 years of the 360 just like Sony's plan.

Wow....there are sure a lot of fanboyism spreading on this site.
gwumper987  +   877d ago
@ Maniacmayhem while the ps4 does have a pay wall, the only thing it effects is online multiplayer, video services and free to play are still totally free.
Also a large chunk of the advertising on the current dashboard is for tv shows and I have also seen soft drink advertisements (I am a 360 owner of 7 years)
UnholyLight  +   877d ago

I don't understand the dislikes on your comment. You speak the 100% truth and I can verify. I own an Xbox 360 and the "adverts" involve 1 actual advertisement in the corner which is usually Xbox content related or UFC or whatever big even that is upcoming...the rest is content like on my PS Vita where it's got ads for games or 50% off of season passes.

I can't stand the false info that Sony kids are passing around these days and the perception that they've led people to believe.

I sincerely hope the community is a lot better when I get my PS4 (and Xbox One) on day 1.

This is getting really old people, just speak the truth and let people decide. Or actually educate yourself first and take a peak around Xbox Live and the Xbox dashboard.
KillerPigeon  +   877d ago

-Indeed the PS4 does contain a pay wall. But lets not play cloak and dagger with this, the two systems are doing it differently. To give the short explanation, MS is hiding all online related content behind the pay wall.

-It's technically still advertising, fair enough it's not a tedious bunch of Kool-aids latest repertoires, or a massive banner blocking my screen for 5 minutes (At least I hope not..), but, it is still advertising.

-Similar to the way MS have been supporting the XB360 the last 3 years?
shinrock  +   877d ago
wow,just wow.good old n4g.
UnHoly_One  +   877d ago
My god this is hilarious.

The funny thing is that every person on this website that is bitching about a "paywall", is the exact type of person that is going to be paying for XBL Gold or PS+ anyway. So that argument means nothing. It is a non-issue.

And lol @ advertisements being this huge terrible thing.

I guess I'm just Bass Ackwards from all of you Sony Fans, because I have never once been annoyed by an ad on my 360 dashboard.

I actually LIKE them being there.

There are countless times I've seen something on there that I didn't know had been released yet or whatever and used that terrible terrible ad as an easy way to go find what I wanted to buy. Or found out about something being on sale and saved myself money in the process. (For Example, I just bought all the Skyrim DLC for half price a week ago thanks to one of these terrible ads.)

You guys are just so used to the crap OS and store on the PS3 that you don't know what you are missing. Maybe with the PS4 Sony will bring their dashboard into the 21st century and it might be as nice as what the 360 has had since launch.

I hope so, anyway, because every six months when I decide to play something on PS3 it irritates me how awful the whole system works by comparison to the 360.
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UnholyLight  +   877d ago

Thank you for sharing your take which is exactly how I feel about this!!
pyramidshead  +   877d ago
Isn't that major nelson character traveling around some states on some rather strange apology tour? o.O. Man was their first reveal toxic, people still think the DRM radiation is still hanging about after the fallout.
UnholyLight  +   876d ago
If you'll recall, they did the very same promo tour I believe for the Xbox 360, Kinect, and CoD MW3

Nice try though
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pyramidshead  +   876d ago

you tried your best. But if you're gonna ask me to try again, make sure the answer isn't staring you in the face from a simple google search:

UnholyLight  +   876d ago
Yeah media and journalists labeling it an "apology tour". Yet another negative spin. Whatever if that's what you guys think you can have it!
kneon  +   877d ago
They needed to do something, I've lost track of how many people I've come across that still think all the old policies are in place. Unfortunately for Microsoft even after I explain that everything has changed they still aren't interested in the XBox One.
Izzy408  +   877d ago
Not as desperate as PS fanboys trying to trump every postive Xbox one news.
Count  +   877d ago
How is it desperation considering the backlash they received? I think this is warranted.
thexmanone   877d ago | Off topic | show
zeksta  +   877d ago
Unfortunately thats the reality of the situation, constant damage control and just trying to convince their fanbase like a crazed drug addict that was in re-hab for a short period.

"We're better now! We've changed! Give us your money and we promise we'll use it to improve your experiences.."

That's what it sounds like to me.
YNWA96   877d ago | Spam
ZHZ90   877d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Gamer666  +   877d ago
I was at a Gamestop last week and a guy was talking with his significant other. He said he was getting a PS4 because X1 would not play used games.

Sending a newsletter out is not desperation it is informing people that have still not got the message.
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dantesparda  +   877d ago
Its desperation, deal with it, they did this to themselves, arrogant f*cks!
Benchm4rk  +   877d ago
I agree. So many people out there spreading misinformation. My brother put on Facebook that he pre ordered the Xbox One and heaps of people commented saying things like you can't play used games and you need to be connected to the net. In my local EB games they out up a sign saying the changes. Microsoft has no one to blame but themselves though. At first it seemed like nobody at MS knew anything about the console. So many people contradicting each other. Now they have changed there policies I think the best thing they could of done is done another reveal and tried to get another spot on public tv or something like they did on the jimmy Fallon show
gwumper987  +   877d ago
Thank you, someone who actually understands this, I wont be getting an xbone but I have a 360 so I got thus email. There really are a lot of people who don't know that they have changed their policies, why is it so terrible that they want to communicate to the more general audience, meaning people who aren't game enthusiasts and don't frequent game sites yet would still buy a console. They at least are being communicative now.
DEEBO  +   877d ago
yes it does.i haven't heard MS say they made it to a million reserves yet? and that's why they are sending out this letter to their customers tht switch back to sony.
snake_eater  +   877d ago
They will try to pull it off again... it's ms you know
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   877d ago
please buy our console.

Ray186  +   877d ago
That's the first thing that popped into my head when I read the articles title.
Xsilver  +   877d ago
shiiid ill stick to one that didn't need a 180 in the first place.
True_Samurai  +   877d ago
Already did
And I can't wait to get my hands on it
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VonBraunschweigg  +   877d ago
In front of it.
cyguration  +   877d ago | Well said
So they want to remind people that they once tried to rape them and now they're better and reformed?

Ehh, I'll stick with the company that didn't try to rape me in the first place.
GarrusVakarian  +   877d ago
All i see when i read your post is this:

"they're raping meeeeee"
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Septic  +   877d ago
Dramatise much?

The digital age is coming. It's just a question of when. Microsofts real problem was it's lack of clarity. It sure wasn't akin to 'rape' by any means. That's just nonsense. The kind of knee-jerk panic bandwagon that people jump on.
TheSsus  +   877d ago
When all I saw was restrictions and nothing as to validate DRM as the new standard, hell no M$... It really didn't show how it benefits the consumer (my opinion). At least Sony left it in the hands of the developers (how I think it should be), which will make the transition into the "digital age of gaming" happen over time. M$ just tried to force it on gamers in one fell swoop and it backfired, HARD.
-Foxtrot  +   877d ago
Not really, I think people have the right and still do to be upset

"The digital age is coming"

Yeah it's coming but it's not here yet. In my opinion it's still a while off and even then people still want physical discs

"The kind of knee-jerk panic bandwagon that people jump on."

Just because you like MS and want to defend them doesn't mean it's just a bandwagon that people are jumping on for the sake of it
Welshy  +   877d ago
Just because the digital age is coming doesn't mean we should be stripped of our consumer rights.

Microsofts problem is that they went 99% physical based on 360 and then tried ram full blown draconian DRM down our throats with no transition whatsoever.

You can't just take what people are used to, throw it all out and expect people to react positively and immediately want your product they don't fully understand, whether its good OR bad changes.

It's not only the lack of clarity the pushes me away, it's the knee jerk change (See DRM 180 for more details) that make me think they may just switch it all back once they get some sales in the bag.

Also, for a designed all digital console, a non-removable, non-upgradable 500gb HDD? 500gb? Really!?

With all the add on content these days and most games easily pushing 5-10gb each just for the base install, you can kiss goodbye to that HDD pretty damn quick.
Kayant  +   877d ago
"Microsoft's real problem was it's lack of clarity"

Nah it was a clear attack on physical media that was not needed·If they wanted a fully digital console then a disc tray should not be in the XB1. It's not needed. They should have made their plans into an opt-in feature, or made a fully digital console as stated above or offered all their plans with digital content which would have been great incentives for pulling people into digital age.

Also it didn't help that single player experiences were killed if you don't check in within 24 hrs.

Yes digital age is coming but it's at least 10+ years from being mainstream and easily accessible to all to warrant an digital only console.
#4.2.4 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(0) | Report
aiBreeze  +   877d ago
The digital age is coming.. however it should come on OUR (the consumer) terms, not dictated by big brother where you have to check in every 24 hours for them to tell you've been good enough to continue playing their console.
r2oB  +   877d ago
They tried to force anti consumer policies... When the majority of gamers did not want it. Sounds like rape to me.
SilentNegotiator  +   877d ago
"The digital age is coming"

Boy, Xbox fanboys are just going to say that until it becomes true, aren't they? Like Pachter's "Wii HD" prediction. They were saying that last generation was going to become digital over time because the restrictions of DVD were becoming a glaring issue; now they're saying that the 8th gen will become all digital because that somehow justifies Microsoft's original plan (and they need to keep drinking the koolaid that MS isn't even selling anymore, because they know MS will try something like this again).

Game files only get bigger and bigger. There's no need to throw away physical media any time soon and no where in the foreseeable future.

And what does the "digital age" have to do with ultra-restrictive 24-hour DRM, anyway? We don't have to put up with both.
#4.2.7 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(1) | Report
Imalwaysright  +   877d ago
Digital age can come tomorrow for all I care as long as I don't have to ask permission every 24 hours to play MY games.
jackanderson1985  +   877d ago

nothing to validate DRM as standard? how about the ability to sell/loan digital property? does any other company offer that currently? hell that alone would have made 24 check in worth it... clearly not for everyone and i understand the broadband speeds/coverage aren't up for that type of requirement
n4rc  +   877d ago
Last time I checked... You don't pay for rape..

You didn't have to buy it.. So stop being so damn melodramatic..
rainslacker  +   877d ago
Digital age is fine and all. But when they apply all those models to physical discs, it makes their intentions open to skepticism and ridicule.

It isn't wise to try to dramatically change the way customer's purchase their content in such a short time, and MS thought they had more mind share than they actually did, or believed that gamers would just blindly accept anything, which doesn't make sense, since MS has gotten plenty of criticism this gen, and I'm sure they aren't as oblivious to it all as they seem.

It seems many are confident with the "Digital is the future" mantra. That makes me wonder why a console maker or publisher would need to force it in such a dramatic way. Could it be that these console makers and publishers understand that digital isn't the only future?

Or could it be that they are so arrogant to think that people will just accept whatever they put out just because they want to play games?

I don't think what MS did is akin to rape by any means. That's just a terrible thing to say. At least with what MS was doing, you did have the choice to not buy the console.
tiffac008  +   877d ago
That's exactly the point. The digital age is coming. There was no needs for the planned DRM. That would btw, if people have forgotten. Would only allow the X1 to function on selected countries.

So if you are not part of those territories, you can't import the console because it will not work. How can that be the future of gaming?

I will never understand how those DRMs can ever be justifiable. I for one, am very glad they got rid of it and is hopeful never to see it again.
Count  +   877d ago
Making light of rape.

''well said''

Never change N4g.
r2oB  +   877d ago
So when someone uses the term "raping the land"... say, of natural resources... are they refering to forcefully sticking your meat in the Earth? Or are there other definitions of rape?
TheSsus  +   877d ago
Dat context...
Hicken  +   877d ago
Being intentionally obtuse.

Never change, Count.
jackanderson1985  +   877d ago
sony 2006 comes to mind "if you can't afford it get a second job" or something like that... every company in the world suffers from shitty PR hell EA are masters at it but yet when a BF game gets shown people practically cream themselves over it
r2oB  +   877d ago
I believe the statement was "... you would want to get a second job" which, it's context, is completely different than "get a second job" (as you stated).
Oner  +   877d ago
The actual statement was ~

"...I will work more hours to buy one"

Which is not the same as "if you can't afford it get a second job" JUST to buy a PS3.

I mean, I work more hours (or harder) to buy anything I want that is not a necessity in life. I really don't see how that is a "bad" thing to work for what you want in reality.

But it seems you would rather misquote the statement on purpose to make an invalid point instead of getting the quote right to begin with that doesn't fit your agenda.
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thehitman  +   877d ago
MS even had ads at the DMV days after the 180 they are trying hard to reverse the damage done. Will probably see more of this everywhere until release. I was so shocked watching the ad on their small TV considering everything else is like law, car related lol.
#5 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
theWB27  +   877d ago
X1 article..first comments are from repeated X1 bashers aka usual suspects.

Like the Truman Show when he realizes everything happens at the exact same time and everyday...keep it up guys. You fight the good fight.
#6 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(32) | Report | Reply
XboxFun  +   877d ago
I expect nothing less from them. They are definitely worried now that they have no more ammo to use against the Xbox One. Seeing them worry puts me at ease because it definitely lets me know that they have Xbox One on their mind more than the PS4.

This is why we keep getting lame arguments about FCC reports, "lack of vision" and hUMA.
theWB27  +   877d ago
Honestly, at this point, if they aren't receiving compensation for their devotion...they're doing it wrong.

Since the FCC, lack of vision, huMA have been's now come to saying a game like Driveclub trumps Forza simply because of a day/night cycle.

I'd have to get paid to continually bash one console and praise another at the rate they do.
-Foxtrot  +   877d ago
"I expect nothing less from them. They are definitely worried now that they have no more ammo to use against the Xbox One"

Them...They, I think you two forget that you guys are in the minority and if you like the Xbox One fair enough but the fact that two consistently try to defend it when you really can't is the annoying part plus calling us who have every right to hate on what MS tried to do.
XboxFun  +   877d ago
@ Foxtrot

"try to defend it"

I find it funny that the problem lies in us defending the Xbox but not the Sony fanboys constantly bashing the Xbox. That is the true puzzling part of your whole statement.

We wouldn't have to defend nearly as much if most stayed out of the articles you so very well hate.

That's like a vegan constantly yelling at people who like McDonald's while INSIDE the restaurant.

"us who have every right to hate on what MS tried to do"

So we should keep complaining about what MS ALMOST did but never happened? Only the Sony fanboys keep bringing that complaint of "almost did" up. The MS fans have gotten past it and are now waiting for the system to bring games that MS showed like Ryse, DR3, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, etc, etc.

But I will definitely let the Sony fanboys keep complaining about what "could have been" or "what if it was" all year long and into the next. I'm sure you will keep the argument alive.

I go bits and pieces of your comments and what you were trying to say. Perhaps next time you could write it in English.
thoract  +   877d ago

Doesn't it feel like deja vu. It's just like the ps3 and 360 days where every Xbot was bashing Sony in the beginning. Now that the troubles have turned the whole N4G community are all PS fanboys.
rainslacker  +   877d ago
I doubt ammo will be in short supply. Funny thing about fan boys, is that they can find anything to nit pick about. They can twist the most positive thing around to make it seem bad. They can pull out statements made 10 years ago if it suits their purpose. They can correlate two seemingly different things to make a "valid argument". If all else fails, they can misdirect or ignore an argument, and if that doesn't work, pull out the hypocrisy card. Fan boys can be rather clever in this regard. However it tends to show a lack of real critical thinking.

I hate to tell you this, but both you and theWB do all the things listed above. I have a bit more respect for you though, as you do actually come out with solid arguments from time to time.
Xsilver  +   877d ago
awwwww u guys sound sad but its ok go to the company that had it right from the beginning oh wait ur not going to that one, but defend the shit out of MS because why what are they doing to benefit you seems like they said screw gamers a long time ago but have fun in the words of j cole they hit you and you went back ur officially stupid.
#6.2 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
theWB27  +   877d ago
Just as I owned a PS3 this gen...I'll own a PS4 at some point also. It's not that hard...

Stupid is subjective. Buying the VIDEO GAME console of my choice isn't important enough to garner such a title...

There isn't much praising I need to do...I'm spending my money on it. All the praise it needs.
#6.2.1 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(11) | Report
Xsilver  +   877d ago
u keep saying that u own a ps3 even tho i still own the first xbox and previously owned the 360 so whats your point i'm buying the PS4, i'm calling you stupid because u defend the xone and everything about them to the fullest extent i saw u write a six paragraphs comment on why Ryse isn't a QTE based game dafuq wrong with you damn u act like your making the game Microsoft got u good exactly where they want you which is very sad.
#6.2.2 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report
theWB27  +   877d ago
As I stated before...I'm only stupid because I prefer a different GAMING DEVICE as you.

It's ok for you to praise and shine everlasting light on the PS4 cause it's the system you prefer...but I'm stupid cause I do the same for the console I prefer.

I've learned that you can't give a sh** about other people's opinions to the point that it keeps you from enjoying the things YOU enjoy.

I follow that rule on some pretty important aspects of my life so it was easy to apply when it came to something as optional as video games. Seriously, your opinion means nothing to me.

The Sony camp spends more time trying to convince people to convert while they also belittle people who simply don't want a PS4 first than enjoying the machine.

It truly is a sad thing to see. I defend the X1...but I also don't tell you how stupid you are for wanting the PS4. Keep that propaganda BS to's just optional entertainment.
#6.2.3 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(9) | Report
Xsilver  +   877d ago
@WB you seem like your trying to keep the MS camp hopes high whatever dude, i don't want the ps4 to that extent its just a console what i want is Sony's award winning games u know the things we buy consoles for.
i just choose the company that didn't try to take away the ownership of the games that i spend my hard earned money on and lets be honest everyone knows its the best value a smart man can see that.
theWB27  +   877d ago
"@WB you seem like your trying to keep the MS camp hopes high whatever dude, i don't want the ps4 to that extent its just a console what i want is Sony's award winning games u know the things we buy consoles for.
i just choose the company that didn't try to take away the ownership of the games that i spend my hard earned money on and lets be honest everyone knows its the best value a smart man can see that."'ve made your choice. But the Sony camp keeps rehashing the same argument. They tried, they tried to ruin and take away and blah's not there anymore. Move on.

Now when you say you want the games. Fair argument...there's nothing I can say to that. It's the reason I'm still purchasing a PS4 at some point. I want to play the new Killzone, I want what ND and SSM will be offering.

It became old a looong time ago hearing the same rhetoric about the Microsoft propaganda. It's over..they reversed. It's done. That's the reason X1 supporters get can't be about the games with you guys.

It goes to things like FCC filings, power bricks, batteries...just stupid insignificant arguments only meant to bash a product in every which angle you can. There is NO objectivity to the known Sony supporters on this's pathetic to say the least.

Case in point..the top comment gets a "Well Said" from one of the biggest X1 bashers on this site simply because Micro is doing what any business does, reminding the customer what they're buying.
#6.2.5 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report
aiBreeze  +   877d ago
Likewise, an Xbox One article comes up, the usual suspects appear to bash the console and then the white knights come in screaming fanboys as opposed to talking positive things.

That's the sad reality of it really, you Xbox fans spend more time pointing your fanboy detecting finger than you do praising your own console.
#6.3 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
zeksta  +   877d ago
Well they can tell that there isn't much to praise, we haven't seen much innovation from MS, just complete failues and 180's all around, all that they seem capable of is damage control at this rate.

Guess some of their fanbase is too blind too see that they're simply gonna get shafted in the end, unfortunately.
tuglu_pati  +   877d ago
Could you please tell me where the PS4 is innovating that XBo is not? Not hating i just want to know?
maniacmayhem  +   877d ago

Actually anyone who praises the Xbox One or 360 is automatically met with insults from the Sony camp and called either a PR spokesperson, sheep or blind.

If the Xbox fans are spending to much time pointing their fingers it's only because the over amount of sony fanboys flooding the xbox articles.

Which would mean even the sony fanboys aren't praising their own. The proof is right here in this very article.
rainslacker  +   877d ago
Over the last few days I've come to notice something. With all these "fan boy detecting fingers", it would seem to me that Xbox fans want to live inside their own little bubble when discussing the X1.

I'm curious what would happen, and how interesting the threads would be, if those fans got their wish. Would they be in here really discussing anything? They couldn't sit around and point fingers so half their comments would be gone. They would say the same thing over and over again, praising MS as if they could do no wrong. They could talk behind us Sony fan boys backs without being called out on it. They could sit here and criticize Sony, and believe every FUD they say is true.

It sounds rather boring to me. I know it'd be boring in Sony articles if the same happened there.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see more positive and meaningful discussion, but for all the fan boy pointing outing, I don't see them really adding much to the discussion.

Sometimes all this negative discourse actually leads to something positive, and leads me, and I assume others, to new ways of thinking.

If they're worried about being labeled a fan boy, then that tells me they're really insecure with what they like. I am admittedly, and proudly a Sony fan, and if some one wants to think I'm a fan boy because of it, so be it. In the mean time, I'll play games, and discuss MS, because what MS does has an affect on the entire industry.
#6.3.4 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
M-M  +   877d ago
This is sad lol, I would never think I would see them doing this.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   877d ago
And last but not least:

Your crap out of luck
pacostacos  +   877d ago
*walks in*
*sees sony fanboy circle- jerk*
*walks out*
Count  +   877d ago

When isn't it a Sony fanboy circle-jerk?
Natso  +   877d ago
The majority of the current gen, actually.
BG11579  +   877d ago
Probably before E3...
rageus  +   877d ago
Except you took the time to leave a comment
Convas  +   877d ago
So reminding potential customers that there has been a policy change is a bad thing? WTF

Only on this website could such a par-for-the-course business move be misconstrued as desperation.

Of course, looking at the folk making such comments ... it comes as no surprise.
zeksta  +   877d ago
Well they're reminding them that they've basically re-vamped what was a bad move in the first place, microsoft should have honestly known better then to even begin trying to step in and virtually kill used games for good. Granted the console isn't all that bad, that policy and the way Microsoft have previously been ignorant and milked the hell out of anything still leaves people with distaste and a somewhat dislike of Microsoft.
aiBreeze  +   877d ago
How is it not a bad thing? They had to suck it up and almost change their entire vision for the console and to make matters worse, they feel the need to email xbox owners to remind them of their shameful 180s. Don't get me wrong, it's hardly a move out of desperation but from a business perspective, I'd consider it embarrassing.
#10.2 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Natso  +   877d ago
I think the problem is that they're constantly reminding us of their own faults, as opposed to showing us their strengths.

I actually think it might have been a better move to have not said anything. People will forget.......Unless you keep reminding them.
Masterman280  +   877d ago
nooneknows  +   877d ago
Calling them desperate? WTF, well they're trying to sell consoles, granted they didn't do it for consumers considering they reacted to the competition, but hey, they're trying to make a profit too.
Godmars290  +   877d ago
And they've always come off as greedy, artificial and dishonest.
ginsunuva  +   877d ago
They're an American company. Duh.
#13.1 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
zeksta  +   877d ago
Microsoft.. Think you guys need to re-staff your advertising branch, creativity is kinda running low eh?
TheBurger29  +   877d ago
to think next gen xbox could have been the ultimate gamimg console just like the ps4.. but they wanted to be greedy and have a weak gaming console.. there was so much potential!
candoa  +   877d ago
Wow a company makes a mistake apologize for it and you guys have a problem with it. Ms doing 180 on their policies only shows me one thing is that they listen to feedbacks, unlike Sony that makes empty promises all the time, for example Pshome never work like they promise, cross game chat the number one feature ps fan wanted and they never got it, kz2 spectacular "in game footage" the showed us on 2006 we never got those graphics, the cell was suppose to be amazing it turn out to be nothing but PR bs, the agent, the last guardian, I

can keep on going forever ms listen they tried something they though was going to work, gamers didn't like it including me, so they did a 180. Now I ask what is wrong with that? I can't say the same about Sony.

Hey Sony fans don't hold your breath waiting for sony 50% more raw power LOL.
zeksta  +   877d ago
MS doing a 180 on their policies show's not that they're listening to their consumer base, but to their current pre-orders in comparison to thd PS4, and who's to blame them? Sony saw and knew that the DRM policy was a slap in the face for anyone who bought a XBOne and took that oppurtunity to completely trump MS at E3.

And I'm sorry have you not seen the potential of the cell processor yet with games like TLOU or even the general Uncharted series? Ceases to amaze me what some people will comment with.
#16.1 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
candoa  +   877d ago
YOu said that MS did that because of the pre orders well that's an opinion I can otherwise that would also be an opinion, both you and I do not know the exact reason, but my point reminds they changed their policy and not just the DRM, everything, the always on kinect and the self publishing. Sony doesn't change crap for nobody, they promise, more promise and promise. Look at you guys first it was the 7gb of ram for games and 1gb for OS remember that ? because I sure do remember how the whole N4G community was talking about that crap. if you look at my previous comment you would know that I was one of the only one saying thats was crap. I was saying how can a the biggest software company need 3gb of ram for os, when an non software company uses 1gb, I got 205 disagrees for those comments and it turns out that I was right. Or what about the 20 exclusive that their were suppose to announce at Gamescom that was going to put X1 exclusive to shame, what happen to that? all we got was indie games.

Now what ? what is the new story what sony promises? Oh i know now we have to wait for naughty and santa monica in 2014 or maybe in 2015 we will start to see that 50% more power. Sorry Sony fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

What kind of idiot would think that Microsoft the creator of directx the standard in gaming programing is going to give a 50% graphical advantage to Sony. Come on guys use your head.

As far as the last of us graphics and Uncharted 2. I'm sorry that wasn't the cell. Crysis 3 looks as good as those games the reason you guys don't talk about it is because it a multi platform and you guys like to give exclusive as an exmaple to make a point.

Now for this gen the best looking game was metal gear solid 5 hands down and its also a multi platform.
Nocando  +   877d ago
It really never mattered what MS said, even before the announcement. These people hated MS then, and they will keep on hating them regardless. This is what we call "groupthink".
Godmars290  +   877d ago
Its that they made the mistake amid tons of criticisms *WELL BEFORE* any official announcements. Then they confirmed them said negative rumors, *AND THEN* they began to do the 180s. *AFTER* pre-order numbers started coming in with the XB1 falling well behind the PS4.

They didn't begin listening until they had a projection of what their bottom line looked like.
SilentGuard  +   877d ago
I'd like them to send a newsletter saying they now offer a kinect-less sku for $399
#17 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
tuglu_pati  +   877d ago
I want the XBO how it is right now. But that would be excellent sales wise. i think a lot of people would buy XBO at launch.
Juangie3  +   877d ago
And don't forget kids, we have removed DRM just because you all asked nicely. Either way we were just trying to see if you were paying attention. Nothing to worry about.. This was only a test.
PoSTedUP  +   877d ago
"sorry we couldnt get away with ******* you right now, love us again and we'll **** you later"
typical ms.
such a greedy corp, its hard to support them as a gamer. im glad they shot themselves in the foot.
Mr_Danski  +   877d ago
Just give up MS.. Please.

Give it a bloody rest.
Count  +   877d ago
The gen hasn't even started. Why would they give up now?
Mr_Danski  +   877d ago
They ain't exactly getting anywhere xD

Could at least change up their tactics.
thebudgetgamer  +   877d ago
Hey, remember when we tried to screw you guys over. Well we're not doing that anymore.

Just a reminder.
boogie305  +   877d ago
I've been coming to this site for awhile now and I must say I'm truly disgusted. Is this what passes for important issues nowadays. People arguing over which console is better or how they dislike a brand. Listen; there are far more serious issues going on in the world than this stupid console war. Pick the console of your choice or get both. The decision doesn't need justification. I like both for what they offer. Enough said.
SilentGuard  +   877d ago
Sounds like your at the wrong site buddy. Here's a link, try this one. http://www.feedthechildren....
boogie305  +   877d ago
So instead of recognizing that this argument is stupid and immature, you direct me to a site that does have a more important issue. You my friend deserve a star and a cookie because you have just proven that fanboys in general are immature and refuse to see any point validated other than there own.
MicDude  +   877d ago

You must be new to the internet lol.
parentoftheyear  +   877d ago
Why get on here and troll through the comments then branjolina.
boogie305  +   877d ago
Because I choose to. Simple as you choosing what you like to do. I like to see peoples opinion on a multitude of issues. Even if I find them to be different from my own.
shinrock  +   877d ago
you now have a n4g bulls-eye on ur forehead for that comment.logic doesn't go over very well on n4g.
Dlacy13g  +   877d ago
Articles like this are fun to read on N4G as you get to see the Trolls come parading out. Much like what you see at the circus...they file out one by one. You clowns are funny getting all high and mighty... "give it a rest" or proclaiming a company to be "greedy" that's a personal favorite for me. There should be circus music being played when anyone selects to read "comments" on N4G of late.
MicDude  +   877d ago
A business who's #1 goal is to make money? Preposterous! I'm willing to bet that 95% of people who were ranting about DRM don't even know why it was there in the first place.

Anyone care to take a stab?
BattleTorn  +   877d ago
To be fair though, no gamers ever reminded Microsoft that they tried to have DRM for the Xbox One, over the internet

Nocando  +   877d ago
It's funny to read at best, and painful at worst. I really need to quit N4G.
jr85prix   877d ago | Spam
urwifeminder  +   877d ago
No need MS I pro ordered before DRM was removed did not worry me nothing will make me become a sony gamer.
Tctczach  +   877d ago
This has been out for awhile now...
mhunterjr  +   877d ago
I'm confused. How would folks prefer Microsoft handle this pr problem? By staying quiet and allowing potential customers to be confused?

If they want to sell consoles, they have to clarify their message. If attempts to do this appear 'desperate' so be it..
tuglu_pati  +   877d ago
The funny thing is, when MS unveiled the XBO the were criticized because they weren't clear on their policies. Now that they are trying to be more open about it the same people criticize them for doing it.

it just getting ridiculous. I understand people have their references but this is getting childish, really... Sometimes I feel like I'm between a bunch of little kids having the "My dad is better than yours" argument.
shinrock  +   877d ago
logic, the n4g enemy.
Max-Zorin  +   877d ago
Sony and MS fanboys need to fight already.
#28 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AceBlazer13  +   877d ago
Wow I really find it amazing how a Xbox vs PlayStation gets started up in almost every article,it's like magic or something.
ElementX  +   877d ago
Yeah it's pretty sad that Sony fanboys have to flame every article and troll. They make it seem as though you can only own one or the other and if you choose Xbox you're somehow a lesser person than they are. This site stinks of elitism. I was here for the launch of the PS3 and I don't think the MS fanboys were this bad
#30 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Nocando  +   877d ago
No, they were not nearly as bad as this bunch of monkeys. You should have been on the interwebs for the PS2 launch, they tore Sega apart on every thread.
Bolts  +   877d ago
Xbox fanboys: haha the PS3 have no games!!

Sony fanboys: The power of the Cell! 1080p gaming ( LMAO!)! Only possible with Bluray (Lol!)!

Yeah Sony fanboys are much, much worst. This is probably because they drink slogans and marketing tag line for breakfast.
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