Microsoft working to fix “technical glitch” causing games to vanish from Xbox Live Marketplace

Over 1000 games already disappeared!

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TheGreatGamer1048d ago

There is no relevant image, that's the point, they've vanished

RyuCloudStrife1048d ago

Why is Xbox Live so glitchy and buggy?

Army_of_Darkness1048d ago

The games obviously vanish into da clouds people :-P

TheDevKit1047d ago

I've had few incidents with Xbox live comparative to other services.

rdgneoz31048d ago

MS' new indie advertising program ("the majority of which are independent games").

UnholyLight1048d ago


Xbox Live goes wonky maybe 2 or 3 times a year.

It's natural when we get close to updating the dashboard or when things are being tested in the background by the XBL team.

Not to mention the massive amount of logistics and such that have to be carried over for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 to run off (basically) the same service.

Also this would be the first time that something the scale of Xbox Live is to be shifted to a system like Xbox One that is going to add so many more features (as will Sony with remains to be seen whether they will have goofy problems as well)

RyuCloudStrife1048d ago

Just the other day I saw a glich that allowed for people to download some free games, and not so long before that some other bug /glitch/exploit.

UnholyLight1048d ago


Im just telling you the last 7years with Xbox Live for me have been like this. That free game glitch I do remember as that had just happened what like two weeks ago? Some glitches are also region contained like when Xbox Live servers get overloaded...usually happens to the East US servers but I never have a problem since I am In Canada and probably access West US servers.

Like I say, in general, average is probably 2 weird occurrences for me a year

BG115791048d ago

They didn't disapear, they just went to the Xbone. ^^
You know, Ryse, Forza, Crimson Dragon, etc...

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ziggurcat1048d ago

very strange. i hope they fix the problem soon.

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