When Can You Read IGN’s GTA 5 Review?

IGN - Grand Theft Auto V is less than a week away. Find out exactly when you can read what we think.

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GarrusVakarian1469d ago

I don't need a review to tell me that GTA5 is going to blow my mind, i already know.

aksmashh1469d ago

Everyone who clicks on this page feels the same lol

Zuperman1469d ago


GTAV Ratings are..

N4G - 10/10
IGN - 10/10
OPM - 10/10
GS - 10/10
EDGE - 10/10
GP - 10/10
UP - 10/10
everyone else - 10/10 or 5/5 or gold star

pedrof931468d ago

Well 360 will 10/10 on Polygon and the Ps3 version will have 8/10.


fattyuk1469d ago

apart from the negative Nancy's.

-EvoAnubis-1469d ago

True, but who cares what they think? They simply hate happiness.

Deios1469d ago

No need for reviews. I'm buying it no matter what.


Already paid for. Now I just have to make sure no one steals the package.

davidj881469d ago

Same here, had it preordered and paid off months ago. To think it's now only like 5 days away is crazy but here's hoping for everyone that these last days go quickly so we can all enjoy what's sure to be a fantastic game.

Then of course when the game drops the countdown to online begins, but i'm glad it's 2 weeks after launch as it allows me to enjoy the single player aspect and explore the vast area we've been given.

koh1469d ago

Same time as the reviews show up from every other website (10AM EST Monday)? Got it.

Feldman90001469d ago

Who cares stop fishing for hits IGN

Transporter471469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

I want to get it but i'm still waiting to see if they announce a PS4 version or if they do taht pay 10 dollars for the next gen version one. So i'm on a wait and see atm.

I have a big backlog so I am not in a hurry, I might actually beat GTAIV with the expansions finally. I have a ton of games to play also I have waited for games longer then I will wait for GTA V next gen announcent I am a patient man : P. If I see a deal though I will pick it up.

fattyuk1469d ago

You'll be waiting a while son.

ZeroX98761469d ago

Seeing how good it'll look on my PS3 (or 360 for others), I don't think gamers will wait until the next-gen version comes out. You can't miss the initial launch of GTA online!

we all know what it's going to be like at first. Everybody is just starting so we'll probably see some pretty crazy things AND maneuvers out there (looking at the chopper screenshots... :D )

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The story is too old to be commented.