Microsoft is banning consoles over ‘GTA V’ leaks

StickSkills writes, "The internet has been a little crazy over the past 24 hours, as a GTA V leak has been spreading images and videos from the game. While Grand Theft Auto V doesn't release for five days, Microsoft is making sure to ban the consoles of those gamers who are playing a leaked version of the game and spreading content."

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GarrusVakarian1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Serves the dummies right for going online while playing it.

Im not saying they don't have the right to play it but it should seem pretty obvious not to go online while playing a game that doesn't come out until next week. If you are stupid enough to do so then you deserve the ban.

nick3091556d ago

The game isnt even on torrents yet. Banning someone who bought a legit copy is the weirdest thing i heard

Mystogan1556d ago

These are probably not legit copies. Microsoft can tell the difference. As they did with Halo 4.

Blacktric1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

"These are probably not legit copies."

A guy already got banned for playing the game early. And he had a legit copy. The truth is, Microsoft doesn't care. Just like they did with other early release bans.

Hatsune-Miku1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Microsoft is banning consoles to garner more xbox 360 sales like always

Why would the company ban anyone when they havent a clue how someone aquired the game.

I just checked my PS4 order and its still good. Ps4 day one . I just did a peggle 2 jump in my mind

YNWA961556d ago

Hatsune, I am sure you knew in your mind what you wanted to say... I think...

Hydrolex1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

They can still track you with the achievements !

but yea, they can't ban if you have a legit copy... It's not your fault

The_Con-Sept1556d ago

If you are able to get your hands on a legit copy early then you should not be banned. If people are truly obtaining legit copies of a game early and Microsoft is truly baking people for the sake of playing it before its street date then shame on them. However if it is a hacked version...... Repossess their PC along with it. Stupid pc elitist torrenters.

Vaud-Villian1556d ago

If they banned early use of retail discs I would know 2 reviewer friends who would have banned consoles right now. There has to be a red flag beyond simply early retail disc use.

Dee_911556d ago

What the hell.If I managed to get a legit copy early and my console got banned I would be beyond pissed.

XB1_PS41556d ago

I ordered mine online, and it said it's guaranteed delivered by the 17th. If I get it early I'm playing it. Why the hell would I stare at a game that I bought, when I can play it. Uploading videos about it is a different story.

Withdreday1556d ago

If you get it early, just sign off while playing until the 17th, or just buy it on the PS3 instead.

Your choice.

spektical1556d ago

agreed. Banning users who bought the game should not be banned. Very counter intuitive. The culprit are your stores. Go after them.

Ps4Console1556d ago

There are Pirate gaming sites all over who have there Xbox's Jtagged & the game these idiots spoil the whole industry for us all .

SDIII1556d ago

Actually it is now on torrents for 360...

Ritsujun1556d ago

LOOOOOL @ Microsofie, Xbosh, and Xbosh360.

mark134uk1556d ago

it is on most torrent sites now i know ppl that have dll it and playing it on 360

Linwelin1556d ago

uh yes it is, the 360 version is at least, and people complain about PC.

RyanBurnsRed1553d ago

"The Rockstar policy on posting copyrighted material from its games is very clear:

Pre-Release Footage: No pre-release leaked footage of any kind: Any posting of in-game footage from leaked copies of the game prior to its official release date will be taken down, regardless of how the game was obtained. This includes “early unboxing” videos."


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abzdine1556d ago

MS are stupid. the guys got the game before time it's not like they stole it.

christocolus1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

how old are you?it clearly states leaked version...even rockstar isnt happy with the leak.pirated copies are been replicated as we speak..that game costs so much to develop and rockstar cant loose income to pirates if they are to break even. piracy is killing the industry.studios are closing cost more to make and yet gamers keep expecting more from next gen but yet do not want costs to rise...dude grow up..this was one of the reasons ms wanted drm but gamers refused now they are banning the guys from playing pirated copies and you say ms is stupid....sorry dude but it definitly aint ms who is stupid here. developers actually like the fact that ms has such strict policies against leaked and pirated copies it is actually in thier favor and that of the industry...

limewax1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


So where does it say pirated? Oh wait it doesn't since there isn't a single torrent out there for the damn game yet. These are leaked LEGIT copies which a number of people managed to get their hands on in the past 24 hours.

If you wanna use that as some sort of excuse for giving up ownership of things you pay for I suggest you reassess your priorities

Blacktric1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

"how old are you"

I could ask you the same thing since you seem too fond of jumping the gun to insult someone.

Legit copy. Banned.

Next time, get your facts straight before you decide to go on an ego trip.

christocolus1556d ago


this has nothing to do with priorities..the article clearly states that rockstar has a policy against what these guys did and ms acted on that ..this hapened with halo on 360 was leaked before release...the game wasnt even on torrentz yet but illegal copies were made and being sold openly in some territories...i dont blame ms or rockstar for pushing this sort of policy..the devs need to be protected usually runs authentification programmes through their network. if these guys have a genuine case then they can take it up with ms and rockstar besides this action will help deter others...


but its ok to bash ms and call them stupid right? you guys amaze me..rockstar has a policy against what those guys did.your link even dtates it...violated terms of use...rockstar are actually not the only devs who have such it up before attacking ..banning their consoles imo was actually the easier way out for did them a favor.

PunisherRevenge1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@abzdine....No Microsoft is not stupid. It says it in R* policies that they have zero tolerance for leaked content for their games no matter how you got the copy, whether its legit or downloaded from a torrent site. Microsoft is just working with R* to uphold their policies on Xbox live and i'm sure Sony would do the same. Geezz read the article.

Ben Dover1556d ago

Haha Christocolus, you just got served hardcore. Pretty clueless aren't we?

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PoSTedUP1556d ago

that sucks. sounds more like a personal problem.
its ok they are going to buy a ps4 anyway im sure most of the community are sick of this bs.
if i bought a legit copy and wanted to post gameplay... this isnt a free country after? hell i would be in an outrage.

GarrusVakarian1556d ago

The issue isn't posting the gameplay, the issue is being dumb enough to get caught by going online or revealing your gamertag.

PoSTedUP1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

it says playing a leaked verson of the game And spreading content. if they got the copys legit, this is unfair to the gamer and gaming community.

edit: hmm maybe the copies arent legit, then yes, they are very dumb.

Sarick1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Please read this entire comment before making any rash judgments. I speak from a logical standpoint unrelated to brand bias.

"If i bought a legit copy and wanted to post gameplay... this isnt a free country after? hell i would be in an outrage."

Just because you buy a game doesn't mean it's legitimate. If the company who sold it violates the advertised release date your copy isn't legal until AFTER that date. Also, there are rules and laws even in a free country. Free isn't defined as we can run around doing anything we think is acceptable.

Think of it like this with a property closing date being the same as the games release date. Lets say you had home mortgage loan approved with a closing date of Sept. 27th. Some might assume that because the house is empty it'd be okay to move in on Sept 2nd. NO, It's not legal they don't have legal rights to that home until on or after the closing date! You can actually be arrested for trespassing breaking and entering etc. if reported or caught.


This is just like the games that are leaked. The product was illegally released to the public. Even games that may seem legal because they are bought online or from a local store doesn't matter. They aren't really legitimate until after the approved release date. They call them LEAKS for a reason.

The fact is companies and persons who SOLD the product or allowed game access should also be held responsible for the illegal sale/release. If it's an employee who stole an early copy at a game stone he/she should get ban if caught.

In all honesty companies could ban the consoles *until* the customer calls them up giving them proof of the company who sold/leaked them the illegal product. This way if it's truly authorized the ban can be lifted and the real party at fault is punished accordingly.

This is just my opinion, I'm not defending Microsoft or promoting Sony. Again, I speak from a logical standpoint unrelated to brand bias.

Shadonic1556d ago

I got SSX early from target and played it online early >.>

Imalwaysright1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I got TLoU and TR 3 or 4 days early and I never felt I was doing something wrong because I bought them legitemally. If someone doesn't steal the game I don't see why he/she shouldn't be able to play it and I sure as hell don't see why that person should be punished.

jmc88881556d ago


It's because there are morons in this world who think that they should have the right to dictate asinine rules to you and punish you if you don't abide by pointless rules.

Microsoft is certainly one of those entities. Many people and corporations take similar approaches, and it is usually in this context when great wrongs are committed.

Microsoft is banning people like fascist HOA's make people take down DirecTV dishes because some old person complains an 18 inch dish on the top of a neighbor's roof is an eyesore.

Anyone that thinks we live in the land of the free is a person that makes Mr. Magoo and Forrest Gump look like luminaries.

wiz71911556d ago

Stop blaming Microsoft for R* policy , maybe R* didnt send out early copies and if they did it was only to reviewers. If your dumb enough to pirate a game and get caught that's your own fault.

Soldierone1556d ago

If they bought it legit, there is no reason they can't go online. The people being punished should be the stores that jumped the gun.....

Whitefire1556d ago

The person should know when the game is being released, and bought it knowingly early. Which Microsoft found out and banned them, nothing wrong.

Soldierone1556d ago

@Above, no not everyone that buys games are people going on game websites like us. They see it early, they gobble it up. They don't knowingly do anything wrong.....

playboi281556d ago


Are you saying that everytime I go into a store to buy a game, I have to check release date info and double check before I actually PAY for a game? What if it's someone's parents? Are they required to be informed when they go into Gamestop/Bestbuy/Walmart and ask to purchase a game that is readily available to purchase? I completely agree with Soldierone. The standard has always been to fine the retailer that sold the game early, not punish the consumer.

Ritsujun1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Whitefire can't stop licking Microsofie's AH.

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joe901556d ago

Wouldn't make a difference, soon as he got 1 acheivment it would be dated and stamped when he unlocked it and when logging back online it would show it was unlocked a week early anyway.

lose lose situation.

GarrusVakarian1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I have achievements that don't have any dates next to them from when my Xbox live ran out. How would it be dated and stamped if it cant relay the information?

esemce1556d ago

If your 360 is unplugged from the power the time/date resets. So playing offline is fine. You would have to stay offline until release day though.

This whole thing with MS banned people for playing LEGIT RETAIL but early copies of games is a disgrace.

As if any gamer that gets a game early would or should have to wait for the official release date, it's immoral for Microsoft to do this especially as of now there is NO PIRATED VERSION online.

Damn MS I'm getting closer and closer to cancelling my Xb One pre order, do I want to support a company that treats their loyal customer like this ? Not really.

ALARM-clock1556d ago

Some countries sell their stock as soon as it arrives, especially in the middle east. Most of the leaks are probably from people who bought the game legitimately. It's a bit harsh to ban someone over posting gameplay, especially considering they lose all their digital purchases, all their contacts, all online functionality including Netflix, etc. You get banned, your console is a brick.

InMyOpinion1556d ago

"Some countries sell their stock as soon as it arrives, especially in the middle east."

Then ban them until they learn to follow rules.

Cueil1556d ago

lets not pretend that this is new... especially if you go around posting shit about the game and it's not hard to dress a game up

1OddWorld1556d ago

Rockstar invests in you the gamer and this is how you treat them. Uploading footage trying to spoil the game for those who are waiting patiently.

Brick their consoles Microsoft I hope that PS3 would do the same.

jmc88881556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

At some point human beings have to realize that going against made up standards with no validity other then someone choosing it to be so, is no reason to be punished.

There is no law that getting a copy of a game early and popping it into a console is against the law. There is no reason why someone who did so should have their console banned. Microsoft showing you who is the overlord.

Now is he stupid given the current setup, sure is!

Does he deserve it? Nope.

People please get your lips off of corporate butts.

People that approve of this are sad, sad individuals. Sadly they too are screwed over one way or another by the same thing in other areas, and probably are hypocrites when it happens to them.

When people with such viewpoints are put into power (corporate, local, national, etc), that's where abuse comes from.

stuna11556d ago

I had to give you a bubble for that, well put! Look at it from this standpoint, when a new model of car rolls off the assembly line, yet it's the next year model, does the person purchasing it have to wait until the following year to drive it!?

insomnium21556d ago

If someone posts gameplay videos of a game that has yet to launch I can see some reason for punishment. Why the hell would he make gameplay videos before launch? Stupid? Or out for fame and money? Either way R* sees it as a threat to sales so you should keep the game to yourself before it launches. Profiting (youtube hits for example) off of it like that is asking for a punishment.

However if MS is banning people for simply playing the game early that is BS.

NarooN1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

+Well said bubble.

I can understand if Rockstar are angry for early gameplay videos, because it spoils the game for people who can not yet acquire the game. This could potentially negatively impact software sales as a result. But even if Rockstar doesn't like that, I'm pretty sure it doesn't say anywhere in the MS ToS that you can't post early gameplay videos anywhere, to where if you do, you get your system banned from XB Live.

However, if Microsoft is banning people just for playing the game early, then to hell with them. That's the most baseless and arbitrary "punishment" I have seen in a long time in this industry. There's no excuse for it. I already haven't liked Microsoft for a very long time due to various policies and business practices that I didn't approve of (most of which have nothing to do with the Xbox), but this is them crossing the line yet again.

People just can't sit down and accept this, if this is really the case.

Sarick1556d ago

More or less it falls under the contract laws that the third party distributor agrees to. If a retailer sells a product before it's launch date that copy isn't considered legitimate until after it's official release date.

IMHO: the company/persons who gave access or sold the product should be at fault first. If a console is banned then the owner of said console should retain some rights. These should include the right to defend themselves of wrongdoing.

Sarick1556d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

@stuna1 and anyone who disagrees.

"look at it from this standpoint, when a new model of car rolls off the assembly line, yet it's the next year model, does the person purchasing it have to wait until the following year to drive it!?"

That all depends on if the manufacture had a **CONTRACT** that limited the resale of the product prior to it's purchase. If a dealership sells it then they've breached contract. No the police won't arrest you for this but you must consider cars and games aren't the same product.

Unlike cars the manufacture knows the release date and can take action against both the buyer and seller if caught.

The online service provider runs a privately owned service. They can and will flex their rights to control who or what devices have access to their service.

This is especially true if the user of said service allows one or more players a competitive advantage because they used products or services not officially authorized to run on them.

Are you telling me that if someone sells you restricted product that's okay legally to use it?

Well, I think I'm going to go buy some illegal drugs. If I pay for them it's my right to use them. Surely the authorities will respect that I bought them with my money. /s

You can't honesty look at it from a selfish perspective. The company who sold it did so in a dubious fashion. They put you at risk of the ban. When these people knowingly played it they did so with/without thinking about the consequences.

If you knowingly bought an illegitimate product before the official release you should be reasonable. As an intellectual person with a respect/understanding of laws you should expect some form of consequences if caught. Any less of an attitude should be socially and morally unacceptable.

Yes it's just a game but there are laws and distribution rules. These should be respected. If you're caught playing these games early either you've been authorized or they aren't legitimate. The manufacture is assuming the most obvious if they haven't been approved on their services.

Lastly, online subscription services are private services not public. They have the legal rights to give/deny what hardware has access to them.

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ALLWRONG1556d ago

Bottom line is MS is going after people playing the game illegally. If (censored) had done this first the comments above would be saying how great (censored) is by protecting gamers. This is N4G though, so anything MS does is bad, until next week when (censored) starts doing it.

This site is hypocrite HQ for the hypocrite army.

DragonKnight1556d ago

How is playing a game you paid for illegal just because the store gave it to you early? Answer: It isn't. MS bricking your console for no reason IS illegal however. Your lame subtle bash at Sony is lame. If Sony did this, I guarantee you the backlash would be worse on them.

Bottom Line: The game was bought and paid for. A banning is uncalled for, immoral, AND ILLEGAL! It is against the law to remove the ability to use a legally obtained item without just cause and playing it early is not just cause. The day you stop being a Microsoft fanboy, you'll be much better off.

playboi281556d ago

Yes, you are allwrong. The illegal act was the SELLING of the game, not the PURCHASE (unless it was stolen). And to say that Sony wouldn't suffer backlash is ridiculous. Sony removed a feature from their console that almost noone used and they were hacked to hell for it. Their entire network was down over a month. They had to give tons of stuff away just to save face. As for protecting gamers, this is the company that gave away credit monitoring in case of identity theft after the fact. Microsoft still hasn't even admitted to being hacked when I know several people that have had thousands of XBL points charged to their accounts.

DragonKnight1556d ago

playboi28: Did you know that MS built in a security back door for the NSA in every version of Windows since Windows 95?

This is an article from 1999 that discusses that it was even in place back then.

And now there are rumours that it still happens with Windows 8.

So people like to accuse Sony of not allegedly protecting their personal information (which amounts to public knowledge since said information was only things like addresses, but also passwords which is admittedly bad), but MS willingly gave it away. For YEARS!

warczar1556d ago


I'm definitely a sony first guy but if sony started banning people for playing games that they purchased legally, my PS3 would become a bookend just like my poorly built POS 360 that hasn't seen the light of day since Judgment came out.

Now of coarse if these are pirated copies then yes these people should be banned but I can't see how someone could pirate a copy before the games is even released.

Death1556d ago

If someone bought a retail copy from a retailer that broke the street date, how is that legal? Retailers have a legal agreement with distributors that prohibts them from doing this. The retailer can be held accountable for this and the employee should be fired.

ALLWRONG is not bashing Sony with his comment, he is pointing out the hypocricy of some users that bash Microsoft every chance they get.

As for the entire rant on Windows and the NSA, what does that have to do with GTA and 360 bans that this article covers? I don't think you need to troll every single Xbox article you see with off-topic comments like this. Write a letter to Microsoft or switch to an Apple or Linux OS if you are unhappy.

Breaking the Live Terms of Use and getting your account suspended is not bricking the console. It's having your online access revoked because you broke the agreement you made.

Sony has the same policies in place.

DragonKnight1556d ago

@Death: I've already addressed you once on this issue, and I will not address you in every comment you're choosing to follow me to. You should know that people who follow me around and harass me never do so for long. 2 members who've done so are gone, their accounts closed. If you want to be the 3rd, then go ahead and continue following me around.

Death1556d ago

It's a small pond we are swimming in DK. If you honestly think I am following you and harrassing you, by all means do what you need to do. I stand by my post history and welcome any review. Your constant threats and demands are getting kind of old to be honest. I'm not sure you understand the point of a forum such as this. It is designed to promote healthy debate and conversation. Maybe get an advertiser click here and there too.

Back on topic, I have multiple NDA's on file throughout the years and have inside knowledge of how embargo's work. Your statement that Microsoft's enforcement of the embargo or possibly illegal copies as being illegal is incorrect.

playboi281555d ago


How can ALLWRONG not be bashing Sony (or (censored)) when the point everyone is making is that it wasn't illegal for them to play it? It was illegal for the retailer to sell it. And who exactly are the hypocrites here? I see so many gamers on both consoles defending their favorite consoles like they own the companies. When did video games become politics? Everything Microsoft does isn't bad, they just do much more bad than Sony, therefore they get called out on it. If Sony does bad, they get called out as well (i.e. being hacked, removing other OS, suing GeoHot, etc). Noone playing GTA V had to sign a NDA, and nowhere in the XBL TOS does it state you can't play a game before it's release date. It has zero tolerance against piracy, not purchases.

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Christopher1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Doesn't matter if they go online or not, Microsoft can see the time stamp for the game data on the HDD and ban based on that.

Regardless, Microsoft should not be banning people who have legit copies of the game. It's not against the law to play a game you own, nor is it against the law to record and upload video of the game. Take it up with the retailers who sold the game, not the players.

insomnium21556d ago

Buying and playing the game early is one thing but posting videos about an unlaunched game is just uncool. The guy was greedy for youtube hits? I can see how a punishment is due if you actually make videos and upload them online before launch.

Christopher1556d ago

***Buying and playing the game early is one thing but posting videos about an unlaunched game is just uncool.***

And not illegal or against the Microsoft ToS...

Whether it's cool or not, is subjective.

Your perception of this has no bearing on this. The law supports the user.

sAVAge_bEaST1556d ago

Yea, I don't see how Microsoft can ban a console, for playing a purchased game,. So what that someone got it from a mom & pop shop, or maybe sneaked from a retailer they work for. This is not cheating or modding the console in any way, if any thing, it's free publicity for Rock Star. Pretty harsh and unfair, all in all, to get a console ban over it.

BoriboyShoGUN1556d ago

People act like a mofo at Gamestop, Walmart, cant open a box early and snatch a couple games. But honestly if your using a game that you know hasnt been released yet youre begging for it. I wouldnt risk it personally.

playboi281556d ago

Who's to say they know it's not released? And honestly, why the f--- not?

aceitman1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

with xbox one around the corner I don't think its a good Idea for ms to ban people who have legit copys,( give some consideration they bought the game on ur console) they should find what store sold it and punish them . (if they were pirated ok fine , but there not. )

UnholyLight1556d ago

They specifically tell people not to play before the release date. Legit or not, R* wanted to prevent leaks of the game (as does Microsoft when it comes to any game at all).

Doesn't bother me in the slightest, it's the way it should be honestly. You can't trust people, even if you tell them not to (and it is a strict rule of Xbox Live).

Goes for anything really, look at the Developer Bungie...They told people not to do certain things like constantly betraying people or posting hacked content on their fileshare and they warn of banning those people from playing online but nope.. people just don't listen.

r1sh121556d ago

The only thing is - Microsoft are not banning anyone.
A friend who works in Game (UK) has a copy and has unlocked achievements for the past 3 days.
He keeps sending me whatsapps of gameplay.

Some people might get banned but most wont, and there is no T&C regarding playing games before release.
If any of the banned people are smart they could take it to court.

Ill see if my friend gets banned, but he does this with most games.