‘Watch Dogs’ on PS4 could be released one week earlier than other versions

Several retailers are listing an earlier release date for the PS4 version of "Watch Dogs" compared to the other versions.

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NukaCola1680d ago

Watch Dogs should release on Nov 15th for all systems. Whether or not the Xbone releases is its own issue. But MS csn go to hell if they try to hold back other versions because they aren't prepared for launch.

XboxFun1680d ago

How can MS possibly hold back or stop a release of a game made and ready to ship?

jmc88881680d ago

One of their asinine corporate law rules.

You know the way we pretend they have authority to screw with our lives in certain ways (like others do as well of course).

Now we don't know if this will be the case. My guess is if anyone can force MS to 'allow' it, Ubisoft would be one of them. Big devs have more power.

Microsoft had the rule with the 360 that to release a game on the 360 it had to pass certain asinine rules that any punch-drunk with power oligopoly of an organization would try like gangsters to enforce.

Because it's a new generation, we don't know how their internal rules of moron-ness apply. Are they extending this bs to this new generation or not?

Even if the answer is YES...does it apply when the Xbox One isn't even out yet? Perhaps Ubisoft has found an out/loophole.

I don't remember all the rules, but if memory serves correct Microsoft said that any multiplatform game had to be equal or greater than any other (console?) version. It also had to release 1st or at the same time as other versions. I think there were others, but been awhile since I saw them.

Small devs could never get away with it, but Ubisoft/EA/Activision if anyone has the clout to bend the rules a bit. Though I really think it has more to do with the release date of the game comes before the release date of the Xbox One.

Just remember if you hate such asinine corporate law, they rule the congress and presidency.

ShinMaster1680d ago

They say they can refuse to release of any game on Xbox that has more/better content on disc on other platforms or has already been released earlier on other platforms.

XboxFun1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


Watchdogs is already in the final production stages, possibly even gold and ready to ship. How can MS stop that? And even if Ubi decided to launch Watchdogs early what would MS do, cancel a game already confirmed for the Xbox One and 360?

NukaCola's remark was pure fodder plain and simple. There is no way MS could stop or hold back anything Ubi would want to do.

People keep bringing that parity rule out that a Sony exec dropped but what game was effected by the rule. What game did MS enforce their law on?

The rule is in place for MS to refuse any game they see fit. Just like the signs in businesses that say "We reserve the right to refuse...". I'm sure Sony has the same type of rule where they to can refuse a game for any reason.

Rayman Legends? Please provide a link from Ubi saying that this was true. All I got was a possible rumor of this from a Nintendo site.

ChickeyCantor1680d ago

They did it to rayman legends...

3-4-51680d ago

It's like Microsoft wants people to not like them.

johndoe112111680d ago

@ xboxfun

Considering that 90% of multiplats released on the current gen systems were released simultaneously,how the hell do you know the rule wasn't enforced???

NukaCola1680d ago


You don't seem to see any MS issues do you? Final Fantasy XIII PS3 sat in a warehouse for months until the 360 version was completed before they simultaneously released. MS paid for that.

All I'm saying is that the game should launch once it goes gold. PS4 gamers shouldn't be screwed out a week waiting for the xbone version to release as well. This isn't Xbox hate, it's just how MS is as a company.

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PraxxtorCruel1680d ago

Stop the unnecessary MS hate you have. It's getting ridiculous.

Deadpoolio1680d ago

Cause that isn't at all something that Microsoft would do LOL....Funniest thing I've read today they would totally pull that kind of BS

karl1680d ago

what? it isnt ridiculous.. its reasonable.

thats how it was last gen .. its not crazy this company will try the same again..

dont u think?

Sono4211679d ago

Unnecessary?... umm... your on this site... have you not been paying attention to literally anything they've been doing lately?

I can't remember the last positive bit of news iv'e heard about Microsoft lately besides the 180, which was just them fixing what they messed up in the first place.

aceitman1680d ago

it has been stated that the development time on ps4 is easier and quicker.

isa_scout1680d ago

Nah, the PS4 version will launch when the system launches... I already have my PS4 Watchdogs bundle preordered from Amazon, so I can't see them holding back any versions. They may hold back the Xbox One version for the systems launch, but that should be it.

TomShoe1680d ago


Eat it M$.

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rajman1680d ago

So it will be possible to buy Watch Dogs for PS4 3 days before the consoles release? Whats the point? Why not release it on the consoles release date?

Skate-AK1680d ago

They did that with the Wii U too.

jmc88881680d ago

People who can't wait can pick up a copy and have it waiting when their console arrives.

People who don't want to pay for overnight shipping for their games and don't want to wait 7-10 business days after they get their console to receive the game can order it using the 7-10 business days regular shipping option, yet because it releases earlier than the console, they'll get it +- a couple of days they receive the console.

The earlier something is on the shelf is earlier is can garner sales. It also gives retailers a chance to restock BEFORE the console even launches. Like CoD:Ghosts coming out the 5th. They can sell out of the initial allotment, and get another shipment within that 10 day period.

Lubu1680d ago

I have to wait for the ups truck to deliver my goods from Amazon. Its usually around 6pm. I'm getting my ps4 from GameStop because of the credit I have. But I'm buying all my games from amazon because they ship free and I have no sales tax. If I get my games ahead of the system release, I can go to GameStop at midnight, pick up the system, and have the games ready for me to play. Otherwise, I'm stuck until the ups guy decides to show up.

STICKzophrenic1680d ago

Might wanna check the sales tax part again. Amazon recently started charging it. All my pre-orders related to PS4 are adding it. Could just be where I live though.

STICKzophrenic1680d ago

So it does depend on where you live. From

About Sales Tax on Items Sold by

Items shipped to certain states are subject to tax.

Items sold by LLC, or its subsidiaries, and shipped to destinations in the following states are subject to tax:

New Jersey
New York
North Dakota

Note: No sales tax is charged when purchasing gift cards; however, purchases paid for with gift cards may be subject to tax.

I live in VA, so yay I get taxed!

KrisButtar1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Nov.15th is a Friday and when the PS4 releases. The game will release on Tuesday Nov. 12th, as all games in NA get released on Tuesdays. Be kinda pointless picking up a system on Friday and have to wait until Tuesday Nov.19th to play the damn machine.

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