1UP Previews Wii Fit

1UP writes: "Mind, soul, and body -- it's fair to say Nintendo already had the first two, and they're aiming to capture the latter with Wii Fit. This fitness game weighs you, calculates your Body Mass Index, and gives you stretching, yoga, aerobic, and balance exercises, as well as a bunch of minigames that incorporate the same physical skills, in an effort to help gamers get healthy. You play it using the included Balance Board scale-cum-controller, starting off with a limited number of easy exercises. Over time -- and regular daily workouts -- you'll unlock more variety and levels of physical challenge. Each day as you complete your workout, the game tracks and graphs your physical progress -- and (as thousands of chubby gamers can only hope) weight loss, reduced BMI, and generally improved physical well-being will result".

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