Titan Fall, Why It Could Dethrone Most Of Today's Top Shooters

Titan Fall is the Xbox One exclusive that's set to take the top position as best first person shooter, but what is it that makes Titan Fall such a good looking game long before it's even out?

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IanVanCheese1650d ago

Before all the Sony fanboys get here I'll save them a job. It's not Xbox One exclusive, it's on the Xbox 360 and PC as well.

JokesOnYou1649d ago

"Everything about Titan Fall screams a shooter overhaul. The gun mechanics have been perfected to make for pinpoint accuracy, and even things like reload animations look amazing"

-Agreed this game is going to light up the XBL servers, everyone I know who's getting an X1 are talking about this game...sure does have that old COD hype to me.

Eonjay1649d ago

As great as it looks its not going to beat COD as a Xbox/PC exclusive. EA already knows this. Even worse is the fact that PS4 will probably have a larger install base when TF launches. Unfortunately, EA is looking to be a victim of its own hype. By making the game an exclusive to Xbox, its never gonna be able to reach it true potential and will inevitable fall short of COD status.

Bigpappy1650d ago

The reaction to this reminds me of the first Halo. This game is blowing people away just but the gameplay options.

ritsuka6661649d ago

Am I the only one who wasn't impressed by this game?

PSVita1649d ago

Not I'm right there with you. No SP really? And it's still $60, that's crazy... The gameplay looks cool but its not up there with all the hype it's getting. After all it's just another COD like shooter with mechs. Star hawk was way more interesting in terms of mechs and being able to change the battlefield structure made every game a little different. Nothing against this game but i just don't see why this and Ryse are being held up on a pedestal like it is.

I think this is another case of "well it's all we got" happening.

n4rc1649d ago

So can you explain why killzone deserves all its hype?

I already know the answer, but I want to hear your argument.

Hicken1649d ago

@n4rc: Are you saying that Titanfall's worthiness of hype is dependent upon whether or not Killzone deserves its hype?

If that's NOT what you're saying- and we both know it's not- then your question is irrelevant.

n4rc1648d ago

Its completely relevant..

He wants to bash Xbox games saying they don't deserve the hype... But yet it seems perfectly acceptable to praise killzone or any other ps4 title.. And you sure as hell can't think they are anything less then perfect.

Its fanboy bullish!t. You know it and I know it..

PSVita1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Calm down there n4rc it's just video games lol

I have never said KZ was worthy of it hype. In fact I didn't even like the SP in KZ3 it had extremely long wait times and it was flat out boring. The multiplayer was fun but it was very rocky and unbalanced. So where in the world did you pull that from buddy?

But KZ is an established game with many fans while TF is unproven and we've only seen bits and pieces of what it's about and how it plays. Plus the no SP is just terrible. If they put all their time into just a multiplayer game then I hope it more than just COD with mechs but that remains to be seen.

I'm defiantly not a "fanboy" and ill call it as it is for both systems. I'm not just going to like or dislike a game because it an exclusive that childish.

Oh and Ryse does nothing for me but we'll see how it is after launch.

Hicken1648d ago

You see, it's irrelevant because you assume the people who take the stance that the PS4's games are worthy are automatically the same people who think XB1 games are underwhelming. You assume anyone who likes the PS4 and its games more see no faults with it or its software.

Which pretty much just means you're seeing what you want to see.

And THAT is the true hallmark of a fanboy: seeing whatever suits your argument, and ignoring all else.

Titanfall looks like it could be hella fun. I've said so since the first trailer I ever saw. But it really doesn't look anything special. Doesn't look better than Killzone. Isn't doing anything any other games haven't done.

It just... looks damn fun.

Is there something fanboyish about that?

According to you, yes. I'm a Sony fanboy because I think Killzone looks better- and is more deserving of its hype, based on my experience with the franchise- even though I think Titanfall still looks like a crapton of fun.

Go figure.

n4rc1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Fair enough..

But in keeping with fair..
I have yet to see you have anything to say that wasn't complete praise for ps4 and extremely critical of Xbox..

Having preferences is all well and good... But having said that... I prefer titanfall over killzone but I'm not heading to those articles to say that.. That's why I said what I did

Hicken1647d ago

If you're "keeping with fair," then you have to actually be LOOKING. I'll wager you haven't been doing that, so you haven't seen what you weren't looking for.

I'm not digging through my comment history, but the statements are there. I haven't "completely praised" every aspect of the PS4. I'm still on the fence about how much I'll like the touchpad on the DS4, and I still don't like the idea of having to pay to play online.

That said, bringing up Killzone.. PSVita didn't do that. Only you did. He brought up Starhawk, which is relevant given the use of mechs and how they could change the tide of battle. Hell, in that respect, Killzone would have been relevant there, too. But PSVita didn't even use that as the basis of his preference. He didn't say he disliked the game at all.

Actually, it's a pretty reasonable comment, overall.

So... what IS your problem with it?

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chrissx1649d ago

1st of all its online only. There's no chance it has to dethrone d likes of BF or C0D

byeGollum1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

yeah it's impossible because BF and COD both have amazing, and unique single player campaigns that people still play till today. ehehehe.

WeAreLegion1649d ago

It will be an amazing title! It could very well dethrone COD/Battlefield, but I don't really care. I'm all about the single-player. This team, while they were at Infinity Ward, created some of the best campaigns in the industry. It upsets me that they're going multi-player only. :/

dethpuck1649d ago

They have multiplayer campaign chill.

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