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Sony Announces Tokyo Game Show Stage Events, Updates Titles List: 14 PS4 Games

Sony is bringing out the big guns at Tokyo Game Show, and today they sent an updated list of stage events and titles that visitors at the Makuhari Messe will be able to enjoy between September the 19th and September the 22nd. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

DirtyPimp  +   589d ago
goddamn right
pedrof93  +   589d ago
Are there more surprises Mr.Yoshida ?

Yosp: No.

yeah right....
abzdine  +   589d ago | Funny
how can a surprise be one if we know it's gonna happen already?
i prefer not to expect anything in those cases.

Yoshida's favorite candy
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LondonMediaOS  +   589d ago
I will reserve all my excitement for the conference. I am anticipating the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts news though.
Abriael  +   589d ago
And more might come, the press release clearly states "The titles listed are only those that can be disclosed at the current date of September the 12th, 2013"
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PoSTedUP  +   589d ago
Socom FTB4 for vita. c'mon SlantSix C'mon. *rolls fanboy dice*
...persona5!? fine ill take it.
joeorc  +   589d ago

Yoshida's favorite candy

LMAO, bubble up...i so could see that him in a chair facing lots of screens and with that on a side table...slowly taking out a piece by Piece giggling at the screens..at a press event.

Cerny and Scott Rhode comes in ...hey the party started yet..lol
abzdine  +   589d ago
lol yeah that could definitely be the case.
Do you want some Trolli Mark? How about you Jack?
Then comes Emperor Kaz and joins the party.
ZHZ90  +   589d ago
The Hype Meter increases.
PlayStation_4  +   589d ago
he said that there were no surprises at gamescom too
guitarded77  +   589d ago
It says in the press release that these are the games that can be disclosed as of 09.12.13, so I expect some announcements. Come on The Last Guardian!
aceitman  +   589d ago
omg is there going to be an un announced game for the part there going to stream , Part of the event will also be livestreamed in collaboration with Nico Nico. there has to be why would they live stream a part , when they already showed off the games at the 1st event.
Garuda33  +   589d ago
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cell989  +   589d ago
Lol got to love that avengers gif
ArchangelMike  +   589d ago
Man that is a Solid line up for all three Sony platforms. Great to see the PS Vita love, but also the strong PS3 line up as well. Great times to be in th3 Sony camp :)
FullMetalTech  +   589d ago
Alot of games between the Ps4,Ps3,and Vita/VTV.
EXVirtual  +   589d ago
A lot of games and that list. Good to see.
I'm just pumping myself up for KH3 and FF15 at TGS. Fanboy mode is charging.
Magicite  +   589d ago
Those 2 are my most anticipated games of next-gen!
ZHZ90  +   589d ago
Same here. :)
Lboogieskells  +   589d ago
Brace yourselves people, even more greatness incoming.
chikane  +   589d ago
Only GT6 .. rest looks boring..
Ron_Danger  +   589d ago
Said no o... errr.... one person ever...
PoSTedUP  +   589d ago
you said wahhhttt!? oh, you mean "only [forza5]". these are a list PS4 games, i think you are a little confused. if you need help N4G has a help link for how to function and properly browse their site layout.
Felonycarclub8  +   589d ago
I love GT but common
bothebo  +   589d ago
Amazing how there are quality games coming out for the Vita in Japan but neither SCEE or SCEA want to devote 1st party resources to it. I understand consoles are what sell in the West but come on, 70 million is a big number for PSP sales.
WeAreLegion  +   589d ago
I'm hoping that new studio devoted to localization, porting, and helping indie developers bring games to the Vita/PS3/PS4 will move some games to other regions.
tiffac008  +   589d ago
I am hopeful as well, its not too late to localize those great games stuck in Japan. I wished they would have done this sooner.


Told ya there are games for the Vita... stuck in Japan though -_-
bothebo  +   589d ago

Yeah I hope we get to see God Eaters 2 at the minimum and if we'll finally get some news on FFX and FFX-2 details for the Vita.
ColeMacGrath  +   589d ago
Can we see a new Twisted Metal game? .... please? :(
SoulSercher620  +   589d ago
Each platform lineup looks strong even PS3. Is it wrong to still be pumped for current gen alongside next gen?
darkbluecrayon  +   589d ago
Absolutely not! Got my PS3 not too long ago, it still has a lot of life left in it. So stoked to see this promising lineup! Go go current gen!
blademaster09  +   589d ago
Persona 5! Please!
Otoshigamisama  +   589d ago
^ This I've been waiting my a$$ off I need Persona 5 in my life, either Ps vita,Ps3,Ps4 I'm gonna buy it day one. :)
shysun  +   589d ago
OooohhhSNAP! Please announce TLG!!!
tarbis  +   589d ago
Can't wait for Project Diva F 2nd Stage event. Wonder what songs they will include? more AR concerts? more AR poses? At least include Magical Mirai 2013 in the game. >_<
DivineAssault  +   589d ago
Layin the smack down! Damn sony is running it! "

Greatness awaits!"
Sharius  +   589d ago
damn, another year with out the news of valkyrie profile 3, i know it's hopeless because tri-ace on the phantasy star nova, but... stil... :((
DA_SHREDDER  +   589d ago
I'd rather get some new Skies of Arcadia news, but i will take what i can i guess?
Lord_Frieza  +   589d ago
Sony is publishing blazeblue
Well well well you know what this means!
cell989  +   588d ago
they purchased Atlus?
Kidmyst  +   589d ago
So many games, my wallet aches in the thought.
cell989  +   588d ago
Sony knows all PS users want to see The Last Guardian announced again, thye need to let F. Ueda get back in the freight, let him finish his masterpiece already at all costs, it will be worth it
Zancruz  +   588d ago
Damn, They're still making Armored Core games!!! It's been a long time since I've played one of those games....
maddfoxx  +   588d ago
No FF:15? Guess we have to wait another 5 years for more info.

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