Pay nothing for Grand Theft Auto V at Blockbuster

Blockbuster have announced midnight openings for the most anticipated release of the year. Customers can get their hands on GTA V at midnight for nothing when they trade-in two selected titles.

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Godmars2901435d ago

Blockbuster still has stores? still exists?

Sev1435d ago

I came here to post this.

Snookies121435d ago

Totally guys, there's one right down the road from my house lol. Though their game selection sucks...

MRMagoo1231435d ago

Yeh the blockbusters that where near me in QLD have closed up too , they must really be in trouble, its not hard to guess why tho , who rents movies and games much nowadays when you can pirate them or buy them digital and other easier and cheaper ways.

Anon19741435d ago

I keep forgetting they have stores yet. They completely closed all their stores in Canada a couple of years ago now. My old, local Blockbuster store is a Halloween store presently.

BattleTorn1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

I've witnessed several Blockbusters close.

I've slowly moved closer and closer to downtown Vancouver.

Funny that almost everytime I moved, there was a blockbuster closing near by.

Hilarious slogan, now that I think of it.

/Blockbuster: there's one closing near you.

Soldierone1435d ago

All the ones that closed here are still empty buildings lol. Hell their signs are still up in most of the spots. One is backwards for some reason.

We still have one location out of like 15 or so within a few miles of me. I think the only reason its still there is because the people that own the area don't want it to be a ghost town, oddly enough Blockbuster is the only store left. Two major stores left, and all the smaller ones around it left, so its this massive parking lot with a small blockbuster off in the corner lol

Psychotica1435d ago

There is a store in the UK called Blockbuster not related to the Blockbuster video rental stores in the US

limewax1435d ago

UK Blockbuster also does rentals and has closed down more or less countrywide.... you sure they aren't in some way related?

Psychotica1435d ago

@linewax - Maybe they are I am not really sure, I thought I heard they were more of a video game store. I don't live in the UK.

LightSamus1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Most of them have indeed gone. My closest one now is 2 miles away and the one after that 5 miles. They're pretty scarce now.

Oh and they cover both games and movies but are more known as a movie rental store, the same as in the US.

LightningSamus1434d ago

We have the same Blockbuster here and the ones in my area are closed down.

I have no idea what this other Blockbuster is that you mention, I think you misread something.

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Koyes1435d ago

Not exactly 'pay nothing' is it. You pay two games worth 94 dollars in total :/

coinpixels1434d ago

All the branches I know in the UK have closed down.

Kran1433d ago

still one in the town I live.

Tru_Blu1434d ago

Until the lazy fat ass Americans got ahold of em. (I'm American) The glory days was being able to watch a movie or play a different game every day. The catch?? you had to get off your ass and go trade it in at the store :( The HORROR!!

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InsaneGam3r1435d ago

There's some website selling the game, 120$ for next day shipping, 100$ for meet up.

Just to let you know

Blaze9291435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

well damn i wish i still had a Blockbuster in this ENTIRE COAST wtf

T21435d ago

Haha I miss the local blockbuster ... Dated two girls there back in the day ... Lol those blue golf shirts

kizzle321435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Their online program would be fantastic if they would offer the damned online videogame rentals at the time they release instead of like 4 months dumb...if they did that they would reign supreme over Netflix and Gamefly IMO

XboxFun1435d ago

I don't think there's one Blockbuster in the bay area.

No wonder these guys are giving away GTA V with two trade ins, they can do that since no one will be able to find a Blockbuster to take advantage of it.

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