140° - Naruto: Ultimate Storm Exclusive Action Trailer "For the first time, the line between the Naruto TV animation and gaming will truly disappear."

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sonarus3867d ago

WTF. I thought this couldn't be done on playstation 3

hen0sz3r03867d ago

Yeah I remember that UBISOFT developer saying something like that. It seems he had no idea what he was talking about.

bootsielon3867d ago

And now they backed the wrong platform... sh1t happens, Ubishaft.

Bonsai12143867d ago

i saw screenshots of this yesterday on an anime forum i go to, and everyone was like, wtf, i thought that was the actual show. so yeah, its very impressive.

kingOVsticks3867d ago

Ubisoft is full of it they also said that about the new splinter cell saying the PS3 couldn't handle the lighting effects or something.

Hatchetforce3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

You mean the way Jade Raymond said the AI in Assassin's Creed could not be done on the PS3 - all because they couldn't manage synchronicity on the SPUs. As soon as Sony helped them solve that, things changed.

Once again it isn't the PS3 but rather a dev's lack of ability to utilize it's strengths. As soon as they get past that, look out.

Varsarus3867d ago

ROFL @ the lightning effects, complete nonsense. I'm sure they complained about the AI and again complete nonsense, it's just obvious, they don't know how to code for the PS3, other developers have even said development for the PS3 was easy (Infinity Ward, Epic).

Ubisoft whining make's me laugh.

Pain3866d ago

i dont know about u all but im looking forward to Shippuden (when they Older)
cuz Saukra Has that in Naruto's words "That Inhumman super strength" and Naruto's Sexy jutsu lol

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Sangria3867d ago

That's just amazing, even though i don't like Naruto universe, CyberConnect2 seems making a great job. Sadly, it also seems there are only battle, but whatever, it's still impressive and attractive.

yesah3867d ago

nope there is a confirmed adventure/rpg mode with over 100 missions.

Marceles3866d ago

I'm definitely picking the game up if the game has missions and a few RPG elements

Darkiewonder3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )


which will most likely go live after the countdown is over. Less than 18 hours to go as i type this.

Kain813867d ago

DBZ Burst limit graphicaly?

Cause i will buy one of them and i am a fan of both, but have not the money for both.

Darkiewonder3867d ago

But as far as Burst Limit goes they are keeping the cutscenes using the same models you see when you play which means a more seamless experience.

pwnsause3867d ago

well the difference is that the Naruto PS3 game was built for the ps3 obviously.

Qbanboi3867d ago

pwnsuace is right. You are comparing a game multi vs a game complete built from the start for the Ps3. Maybe at the end the Ps3 version of DBZ:BL sucks, man i really hope that it doesn't happens. But...

KillaManiac3867d ago

All i know is that DBZ Burst Limit only has 22 characters (not counting the transformations). So it is quite a downgrade to the last one.

I think its been announced that Naruto will have 25 characters (not counting transformations) up to Sasuke's retrieval (I know this part 100%).

Kain813866d ago

that DBZ Burst limits are multi but PS3 is the leadplattform and the showed only the ps3 version.

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spacetoilet3867d ago

I wonder if this will play tight and not 'floaty' crap like DBZ games.