UGO: World of Goo Preview

UGO writes: "Recently there have been some complaints that Xbox Live Arcade has pandered to big publishers, releasing unoriginal, shlocky ports of lame arcade games and Bejewled clones (with a few, awesome, original titles thrown in every couple months for good measure). Nintendo seems to be making a genuine effort to go another way with their downloadable service, WiiWare. World of Goo is a prime example of this, as it's not only incredibly original, but also a helluva lot of fun.

World of Goo was developed by 2D Boy, which is a development team made up of 3 people. The game was displayed at this year's Independent Games Festival, going home with a few awards and garnering a strong fan base. Of course, that was when it was just on the PC. Now the developers are working to bring it to the Wii, as well, with the intention of launching their first console game this year."

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