UGO: Hail to the Chimp Preview

UGO writes: "Everyone knows that the Animal Kingdom is ruled over by 'king of the jungle' lions (even though the ferocious felines are actually savannah-dwellers). But what happens when the thrown is vacated and no one's left to lead? If you're an animal in Wideload Games' world of Hail to the Chimpthe answer is simple: shove off the reins of monarchy and form a democratic republic!

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail of Hail to the Chimp

Obviously, a game in which you steer a variety of animals to polling booths would be irredeemably boring. Same goes for one in which you instead control candidates as they give speeches and kiss babies. But what if every stop on the campaign trail degenerated into an anarchic brawl? These are wild animals after all, whether or not they've been blessed with the power of free speech and free will."

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