GamesRadar: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - hands-on - First look at Wii's motion-controlled versus mode

GamesRadar writes: "When you say "Star Wars fighting game," the first thing that pops into most gamers' minds is the dreadful Masters of Teras Kasi, a fighter from the original PlayStation days. Force Unleashed, however, hopes to make one-on-one force brawling appealing again by dropping 27 characters from across the franchise into nine different destructible environments and, best of all, let you go totally nuts with force-abusing recklessness. Finally, someone understands.

We went a few rounds in the Wii version of Unleashed, and while we can't comment on the other console's controls, Wii's are heavy on the wiggling and waggling. Swinging the remote does the same with the lightsaber, be it a slash or a stab (both gestures are recognized by the hardware), but no, it's not the 1-1 control that fans so desperately want. Seeing as this is just an extra mode tacked on to the adventure, it's not that big of deal - just don't forget we're all still waiting for it."

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