What Type of GTA Player Are You?

Anticipating the approach of the latest Grand Theft Auto isn't the same as yearning for a new Halo or Resident Evil. Most games make you anticipate the experience that the designers dole out to you in a prescribed way, whereas with GTA, you anticipate all the ways in which you will create experiences of your own design. Even if the main draw for some players is the story - and the marketing for GTAIV aims to show this will be the best story yet - there's still the sense that the story won't be shoved down your throat. You can still dip in and out of it at your own pace, and with your own style.

When launch day hits, players won't be sitting down for an hour-long slog through the "first level," sharing slightly differing variations on scripted sequences. If in-game player pathways could be mapped onto a chart, it would look like the Big Bang, with branches blooming out in all directions as players express their personalities and fantasies. So what type of player will you be? Games Radar have got a lineup of the most common suspects, followed by variations in the form of known accomplices.

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Bathyj3808d ago

I'll play a few levels the first couple of days, but I'll also explore alot. If I find a good gun, a quick bike, kevlar, bribe points, I'll write it on the map so I know next time.

I like to build my weapons up so sometimes early in the game if I find an AK or M16 I'll grab it, go save come back, grab it, repeat, repeat, repeat til I'm tanked up and set for the game. Its as much fun learning the city as it is playing.

I also like shooting a random car and then trying to stay with it as they speed off. Sometimes they get around a corner and just vanish so it can be hard. Man, so much to do.

mintaro3808d ago

i like to do as many things as i can before starting the actual "story" game

ErcsYou3808d ago

I was always good at causing havoc... Digitally living the rampage of a mad man... murder and mayhem with my tank and tons of rockets... I also like the "rampage" missions....Cant wait to get my hands on a RC car bomb .....

Marceles3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I usually play by the book and once I'm done, I'll save and cause a ruckus I'm a mix of 2 and 3