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Submitted by Maddens Raiders 884d ago | news

Apple Lose Out To Samsung, Xbox to PS4 in Video Ad Battle [Report]

The report clearly identifies who is winning the hearts and the minds of consumers in the run up to the big holiday season. The sharing of a video across social networking platforms is a major indication that the content is relevant, informative or entertaining and that people are willing to buy into the brand if they trust the recommendations from their peers. (Android, iPhone, PS4, Xbox One)

Maddens Raiders   884d ago | Off topic | show
Maddens Raiders  +   884d ago | Well said
Ahh so cl1983 removed his objection and my comment was marked as off topic? Not cool.

On Topic:

"Unruly also analysed other players in the technology arena such as tablets, web browsers, game consoles and video games and found that Sony's PS4 console video ads far outweighed shares for Microsoft's Xbox, with Sony's videos generating 90% of the shares and 91% of the views between the two rivals."

That is on topic amirite?
darthv72  +   884d ago
sorry madden, not really a reply to you but.....

YAY Samsung! Apple can suck it!

okay that was in poor taste but still

YAY Samsung!
LostDjinn  +   884d ago
At Darth above me: So you replied to him in order to stick your comment somewhere near the top? Classy. As it's Apple though I'm strangely okay with it.

At negative below me: Damn! You're tearing up like someone replaced your Preparation H with hot sauce. It would explain a lot of your posts though.

OT: Going by these statistics it's a smack down. It may not translate to real life in the same manner though.

Edit: For edits.
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darthv72  +   884d ago
@lost, i did it. and i'd do it again.

YAY Samsung!

okay that time wasnt really needed.

You stay classy San Diego.
AceBlazer13  +   884d ago
@Lost Djinn don't most of the users on this site do that?
Maddens Raiders  +   884d ago
It's ok darth lol I love my Samsung products too man. Good stuff.
Godlovesgamers  +   884d ago
You a samsung shareholder then, Darthv72?
darthv72  +   884d ago
@godlovesgamers...well, as consumers, arent we all shareholders?

I do have my fair share of samsung products from tv's to phone's to dvd/bluray players. Havent had any trouble with them in the years i have been a samsung consumer.

if i had the $$ to buy a Renault (subsidiary of samsung) i would but i drive a hyundai. Gets really good gas mileage too.
supes_24  +   884d ago
I agree Darth. I have Apple iPhone and iPad but recently bought a Samsung galaxy. I am sick and tired of apple products. It's the popular thing, not the best product. Camera and video is inferior, screen and video quality is also worse on apple products. Never buying an apple product again for me or the family.
nukeitall  +   883d ago
Why are people so against Apple?

A lot of the arrogance they had is now gone with Steve Jobs. I find them more palatable now.
Ritsujun  +   882d ago
GTHU, dv
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negative   884d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
dredgewalker  +   884d ago
Well at least people are waking up about Apple selling overpriced products. It's funny to think that Samsung provided a lot of parts for Apple phones.
NatureOfLogic  +   884d ago
cl1983 gets really report happy most of time. I disagree with most of his reports. I just approve the article if I disagree.

OT: Sony has made all the right moves to dominate this gen. I can't wait for my PS4 on Nov. 15.
ZBlacktt  +   884d ago
This is what happens when you have MS players and Sony players who approve or not stories.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   884d ago
Stop spamming.
VforVideogames  +   883d ago
Wow so this report of Microsoft loosing to sony is based on videos watched on you tube?
theBAWSE  +   884d ago

ps4 has garnered 91% mindshare if the ad views are accurate

that is a proper spanking
user7402931  +   884d ago
more than a spanking, its pulling the hair , spanking, demeaning all while doing it in public. BUTT NAKED
theBAWSE  +   884d ago
sony bukkake'd all over Microsoft

after microsoft's arrogance and greed going into the new generation I'm happy they have been brought down a peg or two
dlocsta  +   884d ago
To bad it means nothing. The problem here is those shares are coming from people from sites like this. As much as we would like to think we are major, we are but a SMALL piece of the puzzle. If we were so major the Wii would not have been the great success that it was. Talk about all of those shares in 12 months.
5h4h4b  +   884d ago
Ps4 is ahead in everything it seems :)
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TheTwelve  +   884d ago
Disagreers out in force, trying their very best to haaaaang on!!!
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   884d ago
PS4 deserves just about every ounce of positive press its been getting lately. so glad to see sony making all the right moves, including aggressive add campaigns.
kingdip90  +   884d ago
I'm surprised microsofts tablet did so well again samsungs honestly
dredgewalker  +   884d ago
I actually want a surface pro if it wasn't so out of my budget. It actually looks more functional than the average tablet since it uses windows 8.
Wikkid666  +   884d ago
Just get one of the many other full Windows 8 tablets out there. Lots of them in the $600 range that are still really good.
dredgewalker  +   884d ago
If they have almost the same specs as the surface pro I'd bite.
hazardman  +   884d ago
I think they also released the surface rt for $349. I like the surface line just out of my range for a tablet!
dredgewalker  +   884d ago
the surface rt is cheaper but it's arm based so I don't think it would suit my needs. I need something that can also run windows games.
Bolts  +   883d ago
RT is garbage. There is virtually zero benefits to owning a RT.
KonsoruMasuta  +   884d ago
Uh oh. Funactic1 is going to be mad when he reads this.
#7 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
medman  +   884d ago
Every step Sony is taking right now is in the right direction. Microsoft, conversely, keeps stepping on their own toes. Bring on PS4 and Vita Tv for me please. I'm ready.
abusador  +   884d ago
There wont be alot of happy campers in this topic, as usual! lol

Let the damage control begin. Im surprised Major Nelson hasnt made an account here, like he did on Neogaf for damage control purposes and talking stupidity, as if ppl didnt know better lol hahahahaha
Tito08  +   884d ago
Oh word, you serious? Would like to see what he said, he's becoming too much like Penello and Greenburg, I haven't heard from Greenburg in a while, he's hiding somewhere, would like to hear his excuse this time lol.
sigfredod  +   884d ago
No news just common sense, the best is between the two consoles is the PS4
Rimfro  +   884d ago
"The PS4 is the bestest! Xbox has hidden powerz! My blind dedication has led me to believe that buying a product means that my favorite company loves me for more than my wallet! Hardy, frickin' har."

This site is a joke. All fanboys are ignorant saps below the poverty line who can only afford a minimal amount of technology and pull bs "facts" out of their rear ends, as well as unleashing impressive levels of imagination, to try and "feel better" about their inferior status in society.

The PS4 is NOT a super computer and any average gaming pc would take a dump on it's chest. The Xbox One isn't going to magically revolutionize graphics technology with the cloud, and the Kinect will still be a laggy piece of junk that couldn't recognize a broom. If you really wanted the best from gaming, you'd get a pc, but you console fantards will convince yourselves that "teh exclusives" make a vastly inferior hunk of plastic something more than it is, and then talk about how a gaming pc isn't worth the price. No, it's not, especially when you are poor and have to justify your pitiful penny pinching existence by blowing any corporate figure-head who spouts typical bs overstating the power of their cheap, mobile-based technology. Watered down entertainment for the masses, who are far too ignorant to realize they are just getting more of the same.

To the Apple fanboys, nobody is impressed with your samey rehashed, ice cream sandwich looking itouch, that was designed for women and guys with petite, feminine hands. Oh, but you have itunes. Yeah, synching your phone with everything you wanted works like a charm the first time, every time. Give me a break.

The majority of commenters on this site have the intelligence and social skills of a tomato, and everytime I scale these comments, I nearly suffer an aneurysm and spend the rest of my day doing advaced calculus, whilst listening to Vivaldi to try and cleanse the suffocating ignorance that attempts to infest my synapses like a sexually transmitted disease.

Now, I'll let you all get back to arguing over who has the least inferior gaming machine. It's like like watching a competition to decide the worlds tallest dwarf. In the end, you are still below average. At least you guys have the ability to fool yourselves into thinking you are superior. That takes a staggering amount of mental gymnastics, so good job on that achievement. It might be the only impressive thing your adolescent, under-utilized, atrophied lumps of grey matter mush, have ever accomplished.
#11 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
XabiDaChosenOne  +   884d ago
The amount of tears in this comment......Could supply a small village in Africa for weeks.
Rimfro  +   884d ago
You are adorable, with a quick wit to boot.
dantesparda  +   884d ago
honestly, i agree with alot of what he said.
#11.1.2 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   884d ago
"If you really wanted the best from gaming, you'd get a pc, but you console fantards will convince yourselves that "teh exclusives" make a vastly inferior hunk of plastic something more than it is, and then talk about how a gaming pc isn't worth the price."

You could have just said this, or better yet gone to the PC section to read about your chosen platform, or better yet played one of those amazing PC games that console users can't play.
ufo8mycat  +   884d ago
Sounds like sour grapes on Rimfro's part

PC gaming is becoming less and less appealing then it once was.

All the same multiplatform games on PC can already be played on consoles.

Majority of the great once PC exclusives are now on console (THe Witcher 2 , Diablo 3)

Indie games now making their way to console, though I doubt all the great Indie games will make their way across though.

Doesn't really leave much game appeal on the PC platform.

Sour grapes. It's time to suck it up and deal with it. Rimfro's belovered platform ain't as great as it once was.

Same goes for those Apple fanboys - not as great as it once was - can by other products that are better.

Thats whats great about not being tied to brand loyality and sticking with it even when its sucking.

Just freely move to and buy the better product.
Rimfro  +   883d ago
Sour grapes from what, exactly? I have both of the consoles pre-ordered. I own a WiiU, 360, PS3, Vita, 2 3DS', PSP, and still have my PS2. I only recently bought my GTX 780 based gaming PC. I haven't missed a AAA game on any console in 15 years. I enjoy gaming enough to drop some serious cash on it.

It's true, though. You guys bicker on here touting, "Xbox can do this, PS4 will be on par with a high-end PC!". Or "PS4 is 50% more powerful than Xbox One, so the games will look way better!" And you all are just flat out wrong.

Since I'm new to PC gaming, consoles are extremely fresh on my mind. The gap between what you see on current gen is alarming, and after playing Crysis 3 and Metro: Last Light maxed out, at a crazy high frame-rate, you realize that nothing on the next gen consoles will ever look that good. Those games were not built around the next-gen pc gpus that were just released, so we haven't even begun to see the impact in terms of visuals. PC gaming is on a completely different level. It's not even close, and consoles can't give you more than a fraction of the experience.

You guys are arguing over how impressive one machine is over the other and using that as a platform to boast how you are more enlightened than the next guy, feeling all smug, when the reality is that your mighty PS4 with it's 50% more power is...wait for it...underpowered. They aren't that impressive and they aren't that powerful. It's funny to see you guys fight over this mythical awesome power that doesn't really exist.

Also, the idea that PC gaming is dead is laughable and shows you have no access to a real gaming pc. Did you know that pc was the only gaming platform that saw an INCREASE in sales over the last year? Everybody I know that games has or is currently building fairly high end pcs. Almost every single week sees the release of a AAA title or AAA quality indie title. There are just way more high quality games. It's not even close. Plus, the majority of multi-plats are just way better. Some are so superior that they almost feel like entirely different games. Developers are taking bigger risks on pc, and a lot of these AAA titles are coming in under $30.

The only one with sour grapes is you. The guy who will only own ONE, underpowered console, stuck with only it's games, telling everybody else that they are stupid and don't have it as good as you, when you haven't even come close to experiencing the pinnacle of gaming. Be thankful you'll even have a handful of games to play. But quit pretending the gap between these consoles is anywhere near the gap between consoles and PC. The truth hurts. If you were a real gamer, you would play across all platforms. If you don't because you can't afford it, and then tell others that your machine is "way more powerful", then my previous was written with you in mind.

Deal with it.
#11.2.2 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
sweendog  +   884d ago
Someone needs a hug!
#11.3 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rimfro  +   883d ago
Thanks for the offer, but my wife hugs me pretty hard on the regular. ;)
abusador  +   884d ago
Take it out, it must t hurt by now lol
#11.4 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
KonsoruMasuta  +   884d ago
How am I supposed to play masterpieces such as Red Dead Redemption and Last of Us on a PC?

Why would I would to wait 6 months to play a poorly optimized PC port of GTA?

I have a PC that I occasionally game on myself and yes, it has better graphics but consoles have better games.
USA007  +   884d ago
PC elitism at its finest...

I have a gaming PC, but I mainly game on consoles for many reasons other than price
Rimfro  +   883d ago
You mainly game on consoles because your pc won't allow you to otherwise. There really is no logical reason to have a gaming pc, which costs good money, but almost always choose console, because it's somehow "magically better". That would seem a huge waste of money. There are only a handful of console exclusives worth playing. Everything else is on pc, and usually in vastly superior form. There are only a tiny handful of games that are so poorly optimized on pc, that you might play the console version instead.


That's why I own consoles, for those exclusives. You talk about poorly optimized ports, which are a mere handful on the PC, but ignore the fact that the consoles library is padded with tons of terrible pc ports. Didn't they just get a watered down Diablo III several months later? Maybe I'm wrong.

To the guy who "pc elitism at it's finest": I say console peasantry at it's worst. I can't believe how many are okay with what is generally a watered down version of their favorite hobby, if they have a choice. And why they would elevate this console power talk to crazy, zealous, fanboy jihad, when it really isn't THAT amazing, is even more perplexing. Carry on with your console Kumbaya now.
#11.6.1 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
USA007  +   883d ago
@Rimfro My PC is perfectly capable of playing anything out there at max to almost max setting. The difference between console and PC is the ease and comfortability. With my console I can come home sit on my comfy couch in my living room, and play some games in a casual setting with friends either sitting next to me or over the Internet. I want to emphasize the ease in which I can do this.

PC is in my office, definitely not as comfortable. There is also so many extra steps either getting connected with friends or starting a voice chat. Many games don't support this and you have to use outside programs.

I can just pop a disk in my console and it will work, no questions asked. On PC I have to go through installing it, optimizing it so it looks best, and if there are any errors I have to go into further detail.

The only thing I enjoy (and pretty much only play on PC) are the mods
PFFT  +   884d ago
Belking  +   884d ago
Samsung is spanking sony and
nosferatuzodd  +   884d ago
and Microsoft
pyramidshead  +   884d ago
Not surprising, c'mon.
nosferatuzodd  +   884d ago
i dont like samsung apple is a better company nokia sucks
urwifeminder  +   884d ago
Samsung fan fav electronics company for sure hope they decimate all.
ion53  +   883d ago
We all know now with Apple, you pay for the name. Ever simce Steve Jobs died, they've been selling us the same shit with no new innovation.
noctis_lumia  +   883d ago
glad apple is getting owned by samsung
and ofc ps4--->xbox1
SynestheticRoar  +   883d ago
I saw this coming, because i'm straight balling with my new Nexus 7. PS4 is a beast. I miss Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.
DivineAssault  +   883d ago
big difference.. Im surprised that the US is embracing sony this time around.. Europe & Japan are Sony strongholds & if they get the US nx gen, M$ may be done for & never make another console
Tontus  +   883d ago
People who troll Apple products are simply bitter that they can't afford them.

I've used all the latest Samsung phones, all the same shit. I don't understand all the Samsung fans and Apple hate, I guess popular things always have haters.

The iPhones are perfectly designed, the camera is amazing with top quality stills & video with a super fast shutter speed, the screen is a perfect 4'' and is beautifully crisp with great & realistic nicely saturated colours, the phones never lag or freeze, they have the best software support, Apple customer service is amazing and the phones just feel like amazing quality thanks to the materials used. I am very much looking forward to the iPhone 5S, the fingerprint scanner is genius, no doubt another awesome innovation by Apple that Samsung will steal.

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