Apple Lose Out To Samsung, Xbox to PS4 in Video Ad Battle [Report]

The report clearly identifies who is winning the hearts and the minds of consumers in the run up to the big holiday season. The sharing of a video across social networking platforms is a major indication that the content is relevant, informative or entertaining and that people are willing to buy into the brand if they trust the recommendations from their peers.

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Maddens Raiders1497d ago

Ahh so cl1983 removed his objection and my comment was marked as off topic? Not cool.

On Topic:

"Unruly also analysed other players in the technology arena such as tablets, web browsers, game consoles and video games and found that Sony's PS4 console video ads far outweighed shares for Microsoft's Xbox, with Sony's videos generating 90% of the shares and 91% of the views between the two rivals."

That is on topic amirite?

darthv721497d ago

sorry madden, not really a reply to you but.....

YAY Samsung! Apple can suck it!

okay that was in poor taste but still

YAY Samsung!

LostDjinn1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

At Darth above me: So you replied to him in order to stick your comment somewhere near the top? Classy. As it's Apple though I'm strangely okay with it.

At negative below me: Damn! You're tearing up like someone replaced your Preparation H with hot sauce. It would explain a lot of your posts though.

OT: Going by these statistics it's a smack down. It may not translate to real life in the same manner though.

Edit: For edits.

darthv721497d ago

@lost, i did it. and i'd do it again.

YAY Samsung!

okay that time wasnt really needed.

You stay classy San Diego.

AceBlazer131497d ago

@Lost Djinn don't most of the users on this site do that?

Maddens Raiders1497d ago

It's ok darth lol I love my Samsung products too man. Good stuff.

Godlovesgamers1497d ago

You a samsung shareholder then, Darthv72?

darthv721497d ago

@godlovesgamers...well, as consumers, arent we all shareholders?

I do have my fair share of samsung products from tv's to phone's to dvd/bluray players. Havent had any trouble with them in the years i have been a samsung consumer.

if i had the $$ to buy a Renault (subsidiary of samsung) i would but i drive a hyundai. Gets really good gas mileage too.

supes_241497d ago

I agree Darth. I have Apple iPhone and iPad but recently bought a Samsung galaxy. I am sick and tired of apple products. It's the popular thing, not the best product. Camera and video is inferior, screen and video quality is also worse on apple products. Never buying an apple product again for me or the family.

nukeitall1496d ago

Why are people so against Apple?

A lot of the arrogance they had is now gone with Steve Jobs. I find them more palatable now.

Ritsujun1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

GTHU, dv

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dredgewalker1497d ago

Well at least people are waking up about Apple selling overpriced products. It's funny to think that Samsung provided a lot of parts for Apple phones.

NatureOfLogic1497d ago

cl1983 gets really report happy most of time. I disagree with most of his reports. I just approve the article if I disagree.

OT: Sony has made all the right moves to dominate this gen. I can't wait for my PS4 on Nov. 15.

ZBlacktt1497d ago

This is what happens when you have MS players and Sony players who approve or not stories.

VforVideogames1496d ago

Wow so this report of Microsoft loosing to sony is based on videos watched on you tube?

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theBAWSE1497d ago


ps4 has garnered 91% mindshare if the ad views are accurate

that is a proper spanking

user74029311497d ago

more than a spanking, its pulling the hair , spanking, demeaning all while doing it in public. BUTT NAKED

theBAWSE1497d ago

sony bukkake'd all over Microsoft

after microsoft's arrogance and greed going into the new generation I'm happy they have been brought down a peg or two

dlocsta1497d ago

To bad it means nothing. The problem here is those shares are coming from people from sites like this. As much as we would like to think we are major, we are but a SMALL piece of the puzzle. If we were so major the Wii would not have been the great success that it was. Talk about all of those shares in 12 months.

5h4h4b1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Ps4 is ahead in everything it seems :)

TheTwelve1497d ago

Disagreers out in force, trying their very best to haaaaang on!!!


PS4 deserves just about every ounce of positive press its been getting lately. so glad to see sony making all the right moves, including aggressive add campaigns.

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