GameSpy: Guitar Hero: On Tour Preview

GameSpy writes: "Less than three years after its inaugural release on PlayStation 2, the Guitar Hero franchise has taken on epic proportions. Thanks to both it and the rise of Rock Band, music games have become significantly more mainstream. Many have joked that a handheld version of Guitar Hero would look fairly ridiculous -- how would you play it on your DS? -- but it appears that handheld stalwarts Vicarious Visions have found a way to make the franchise translate to DS. We got to see how Guitar Hero: On Tour will look, and based on the presentation we saw during Nintendo's Spring media event, we're looking forward to plucking some strings on Nintendo's touch screen."

-Could adapt Guitar Hero to handheld quite nicely
-Guitar grip looks awesome

-Other details hazy
-Will the difficulty spike too quickly like GH3's did?

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