"Video game music in recent years feels very similar," says Nobuo Uematsu

"Famous video game composer Nobuo Uematsu had some comments to share on the process that went into his e-book Blik-0 1946 and how music is currently being explored in the industry."

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Angeljuice1919d ago

It is a lot more varied than it was in the "bip bleep bop" days of 8bit and 16bit games. There was very little progress for 10-15 years.

3-4-51918d ago

It's a lot of generic ambient boring music.

The 16 bit era may have been "blips & bloops", but the notes being played, the arrangements were far superior in terms of skill, quality, how catchy they were, their appeal, their nostalgic factor, being memorable, have a lasting appeal, being unforgettable ect....

There hasn't been too much video game music in the past 10 years that has really wowed me.

Go listen to Wind Waker OST. Has there really been many OST's since that game that were that much better ?

andrewer1919d ago

In the past 10 years years the OST I most liked were from ACII, Psychonauts, Sly Cooper and Shadow of the Colossus. Indeed weak. And of course + Zelda Soundtrack.

contradictory1919d ago

i could use a new Jet Set Radio game at this point...
still remember playing that game for the first time
the soundtrack blew my brains
here, check it out

it's grapes