The Console War is Over!

GamesRadar hates war. All this bickering about exclusives and online support and which console has a more phallic controller, well, it makes them sick. There's already more than enough war in the world, and definitely not enough love, sweet love.

In the spirit of peacemaking, they've envisioned a game industry filled with love, and they're sharing it with you in the only they know how - with tasteless illustrations by resident art geek Tyler Wilde.

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Snoozer2823895d ago

Interesting article, but the 'console war' is good the for the industry. It drives cheaper prices, new games, new technology.

fenderputty3895d ago

might be good in that it spurs competition but, the fanboyism that goes on is just ridiculous. It doesn't matter if it's an xbox fanboy blasting the PS3 for it's recent Konami gamertags or, if it's a PS3 fanboy blasting the xbox for it's loud fan. Some of the bickering is just out of control.

This site seems to be a magnet for fanboys too. Which sucks because, it's the most comprehensive news site for gaming that I know of.

kewlkat0073895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

if you ask most fanboys they would rather have the opposite...
One console without competition.

-Where the manufacture dictate price-drops as opposed to the competition/market.

-The unwillingness to improve with leaps and bounds over past gens.

-You would see less talented developers because of the outrages prices for SDKs.

-Many EA type corps would be running amuck because they have the cashflow. Probably see 1-2 big franchises for each genre. Since fanboys play like 1 game from each genre because everything else is rubbish or can't compare,.

Like I said, I've been part of the SEGA vs Nintendo days and we have never had 3 major consoles carve out niches/market-share for themselves for a while. The thing is all 3 present something, somewhat different. All three have money to this war is not going anywhere.

Fallen_Angel3895d ago

I agree competition is good and that one reason I think its great to see the ps3 doin so poorly(compared to the ps1 & 2). Not only giving the 360 room to grow and improve but its really going to knock sony off that high horse they were on. Leading into this gen. There are a lot of things I think sony did wrong leading into this gen and with the ps3. Hopefully cause of competition they will fix them and make a even better product (ps4) next gen. MS and the 360 did about everything right this gen other then testing the 360 but again I think their competition with sony will make them improve their system even more next gen. This is all great for true gamers that enjoy playing great games no matter what system they are on.

CrazzyMan3895d ago

wars for 1st and 2nd place will be here atleast for next 2-3 years. =)

Atleast for PS3, which Big hitters like MGS4, KZ2, FFXIII, GT5 are only to come during 1 year time. =)
It will be really interesting to see how things will go on. =)

p.s. blin, i just`ve noticed, that articles about MGS4 coming to x360 has stopped coming, lol. =))

Panthers3895d ago

If you avoid sites like this (or at least the comment section) completely, you will find that the fanboyism will completely go away.

Let them continue bickering on a few obscure websites and just live life. You will completely forget about them eventually.

Snoozer2823895d ago

Yea, fanboyism is a problem, but only if you read website comments or forums. For the average gamer who the 'war' effects they get the result of it; more games, more franchises, more choice and more fun.

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360Jamaican40GigFL3895d ago

wow thats a really gay article pic

solar3895d ago

is that the Mart with the xbox t-shirt on? :P

Danja3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

it's Power of 4got there the same pplz.

Edit: that would be you bladestar... seems he hit a nerve wit yah.

Bladestar3895d ago

@solar - is that you hugging him (in submission state)?

solar3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

@ bladestar

hehe. i dont kiss and tell :P

edit: there is nothing submissive about that picture. the other dood is hugging the dood in the xbox tshirt.

dantesparda3895d ago

After hearing what youse had to say. What i think its saying, is that liking any system that much is gay. (Either that are that loving your Xbox that much is gay, lol, and it looks like the Xbox is in charge and you're just its little b!tch, lol) :p

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cmrbe3895d ago

i love the console war. BTW. It far,far from over. It only just begun really.

FLOPbox 3603895d ago

The console war is SOOO FARRRR from over. The 3fixme will have ir's face shoved in the mud. Over and Over. hahahahahhaha

As King Kaz himself would do:


FLOPbox is getting destroyed.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43895d ago

...That PS3 guy is saying to that xBox 360 guy...
'Wanna another Sh*g???' And the xBox 360 guy says...
'Sorry, i can't i've got RRoD!!!' ;-D

DFresh3895d ago

The console war is far from over it's just beginning.