PALGN: Red Faction: Guerilla Preview - Destruction has never been this awesome

PALGN writes: "Back in the ancient days of 2001, the original Red Faction was released, and at the time, it was quite the revolutionary experience. Initially released on the PlayStation 2, the game used a then unheard-of technology which allowed players to literally shoot massive holes in the walls, creating their own pathways in underground tunnels and just generally giving them the opportunity to destroy the environment. At the time, it was a pretty big deal, and the game was a success because of it. A less-good-but-still-fun sequel was of course released, and then we didn't hear anything about the franchise for a long time. Five years later, and Volition are back with what must be one of the longest-anticipated sequels in a very long time. Red Faction: Guerilla looks to bring its trademark destruction-of-everything style of gameplay to the new generation of consoles, and needless to say, blowing the crap out of everything in sight and watching it all crumble down around you is an incredibly cool feeling."

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