RESOGUN Dev: PS4 Is All 'Raw Power', GDDR5 RAM And GPU Will Result In Better Multiplatform Games

Harry Krueger, Lead Programmer of RESOGUN at Housemarque talks about PS4 development.

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xHeavYx1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

A lot of devs are saying the same, it sucks though that, because of Microsoft policies on not wanting inferior games for their inferior console, many devs may not use the PS4's full potential

nick3091587d ago

Why didnt cell result in superior multiplatform games and only in exclusives? Saying a ps3 owner and a launch ps4 owner cuz i pre ordered.

Tooly1587d ago

Becuz The Devs Didn Fully Understand The Cell

xHeavYx1587d ago

Some devs (Activision) were too lazy to invest the time needed to develop quality games on the PS3, it took time but some devs (Ubisoft) made games that look better on the PS3. Rockstar may be the next dev to do that with GTA5 it seems

UltimateMaster1587d ago

If there are multiple levels of graphics settings with the PC and the PS4 is like a PC in many ways, then they're likely going to use that extra power because it's easier to program for.

SCW19821587d ago

Certain games were superior but it was an issue in the first couple years of the PS3 life

Clarence1587d ago

Easy. Developers were to lazy to really put the time and effort into figuring out the cell.

grassyknoll1587d ago

The Xbox One & PlayStation 4 are the same architecture this time, but the PS4 as higher bandwidth, twice the ROPS (this will make a massive difference to effects / textures in later games), 50% more shaders & can utilise compute 800% more effectively (another difference that will impact games massively in a few years).

This is not the PS3 vs 360 anymore.

Kayant1587d ago

Cell was like nothing devs have used before a.k.a Alien tech :p. X360 was Powerpc which is known to devs. XB1 & PS4 are X86-x64 bit known by all. So it could make a difference this time. Time/Hands-on will tell.

Septic1587d ago

I'm dreading the Lens of Truth articles....oh gosh...can you imagine what the comments section will be like?

Those articles tend to bring out the worst of the fanboys.

"Oh look...there's more jaggies in this game. Just look at lower left quadrant of the corner of the shirt of the NPC in the background...yup..yup...see that? [Insert console] is the best!"

The irony here is, fanboys make such a big deal about such miniscule graphical differences whilst simultaneously berating PC owners when they mention the obvious graphical/technical superiority of the games performing on their platform.

Enemy1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Resogun alpha build

Housemarque are known for bringing native 1080p + locked 60fps to PlayStation. These are the same guys that pulled miracle work on PS3 with Super Stardust HD. It still is one of the most eye-popping games of this generation.

With Resogun, they're set to destroy even their own previous work. Housemarque work so closely with Sony, and so often, that it's surprising Sony hasn't acquired them yet. Maybe they wish to stay independent. All I know is, Resogun is going to melt our eyes clean out of our sockets.

Some very impressive talk about Resogun's tech here

Pintheshadows1587d ago

From what CD Projekt said a while back development on the new consoles is, at its most basic level, on PC we will take the shackles off, and then on PS4 and Xbox One we will just set the engine to what it can run at stable FPS. Medium to high I imagine.

If that is how easy it is we should see devs taking advantage of every last drop of power fairly early on before optimising and discovering new tricks to keep them up to date.

I think GDDR5 will be a big deal in the long term. Certainly in terms of keeping the PS4 up to date. I think it will have a longer shelf life than the Xbox One. That is really Sony's game though. Long haul.

johndoe112111587d ago

I don't mean to be the odd guy out here but you guys really need to stop saying "because devs were lazy". I know it sucked that we had to settle for bad ports but it has alot more to do than laziness.

It actually cost a studios more to develop for the ps3 because of the additional resources and the length of time it would take to create a game. Mark Cerney himself acknowledged this when he said the time to triangle for the ps3 was 6-12 months unlike the ps4 which is 1-2 months.

Now imagine as a developer you need to get a game out on both systems on the same day and one system is taking 1 year to develop for it and the other is taking a year and a half, you would need to throw additional resources to that system in order to break it down to one year, that or do shortcuts which would cut down on the quality of the game. Which is what happened for most ps3 ports.

Sony learned from their mistake which is why the ps4 is so darn easy to develop for and at the same time is a very powerful machine. We need to be reasonable when it comes to this topic, we can't just blame developers. In his lecture Mark Cerney was professional enough to blame themselves, not developers, for the struggle of the ps3 and if the maker of the system is willing to admit fault then we should all respect their view.

This is the reason I love sony, they want our money yes, but they have also shown a humility that I have rarely seen in the corporate world. I have never been excited like this for a new system, ever. I believe sony is changing the face of gaming. They have allowed us to keep most of our rights as consumers while providing an unbelievable console experience. good times ahead.

Animal Mutha 761587d ago

The truth is that they coupled a massively powerful CPU (under the right circumstances only), designed for optimized parallel workloads to a fairly poor GPU, a choked memory bus and a badly considered split ram arrangement.

In essence the system would only be exceptional where a developer could put significant resources into tailoring the code base to meet the very specific attributes of the architecture. As you would guess this means first party studios in the main.

Multi platform titles worked well on xbox due to its superior GPU and easy developer tools.

Sony promised much with the PS3 as a multi teraflop monster which could do things even the next gen might struggle with. In reality they were caught on the hop and added the Nvidia GPU late into the development with a Cell chip that wasn't suited to gaming.

mewhy321587d ago

It's different this time around. The cell was a CPU before it's time. The extra work needed by devs to get the peak performance from the cell was either too expensive, or devs really lacked the expertise needed. Granted late in the game 3rd party games look great. The PS4 and the bone have almost identical CPUs and GPUs time time. The main difference being that the PS4 GPU is much more powerful and the system has 8gig of GDDR5 RAM. Think of it as 2 sports cars of the exact same make and model except the xbone has a inline 4 cycl with street tires and the PS4 has a turbo charged V8 and drag slicks. PS4 wins.

NewMonday1587d ago

EA showed BF4 plying on the PS4 but not XB1, why is that when they have an exclusive marketing deal?

Magicite1587d ago

CELL was out of time, it was not for regular people, only companies who devoted themselves to it/and invested tons of resources into it, could understand and use its true potential. Sony went nex-next-gen this time :)

quenomamen1587d ago

Cuz MS was sending out checks like it was the 1st of the month. Look at COD Wack Ops 1 and how it was gimped on purpose for PS3. Funny part is they came out months before release abd said it woukd play better on 360.

bigfish1587d ago

Whats all this "because devs where lazy" talk all about? It was nothing about that, devs are one of the most hard working people.... it was about management not wanting to spend extra money and resources to improve visuals on the ps3 because of the complex nature of the machine .....

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theWB271587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

But why does it matter? Isn't the best thing about Playstation the amazing and abundant exclusives?

But it's the exclusives that if you had that Ferrari on your own could push it to the limit which is what you guys.

xHeavYx1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

It matters like it would matter if you had a Ferrari on a racing track but you were forced to drive it at 15 MPH.

@theWB response.
You are talking like Multiplats don't matter. There are some great multiplats coming, AC Black Flag, Watch_Dogs, ETC, so I don't get where you are going

Kayant1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Agreed/Well said. Being a current X360 owner and not having anything to play apart from shooters and racing sims. I love Gears to die but don't care too much for halo and I don't like racing sims all that much either. There is just not that much diversity in genres for exclusives on Xbox compared to PS. PS exclusives appeal to me more now after my experience with Xbox.

ZHZ901587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I can't wait to play my most anticipated multiplat games even before PS4 gets announced like FFXV, KH3 and MGS5 on PS4.

I guess now all I need is PS4, I love Sony's exclusives(like ND, SSM, MM etc) and I love 3rd Party games(like SE, Konami, Rockstar etc).

Not to mention we all know 1st party will use full adventege of the PS4 power and now we know that multiplat will look better on PS4.

Just PS4 is more than enough for me.

Magicite1587d ago

Sony should buy Square Enix and make them reasonable.

Sono4211587d ago

Can you give me a link to the "no inferior games policy" I know it does exists ive seen articles before but my friends doesn't believe me and i'm trying to find the article to show him.. it's hard to find!

So if anybody could link me an article about it thatd be awesome :D

3-4-51587d ago

They will eventually.

JuniorCE1583d ago

Well... Ubisoft and Bungie... Their games are going to be better for sure on PS4 :-) and that's why my first game is Killzone Shadow Fall which is a first party game LoL

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user74029311587d ago

ps4 will have better


cheapest price

better controller

better multiplatform games.

judgement day goddammit.

Magicite1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Could argue about controller, but...AMEN!

5h4h4b1587d ago

Expect a group of people to come and start shouting

" developer of ps4 game. What else could he be saying"

wishingW3L1587d ago

it's a valid argument, so what's the problem?

5h4h4b1587d ago

Oh yeah, if that's a valid argument than I could say the same that MS is trying to defend their weaker hardware.
MS were caught napping. Ps4 has better hardware than x1. ( specs and some developers have spoken)
But nay, now you people won't admit it. Am I right?

ABizzel11587d ago


It's also a valid argument that if a former Xbox 360 exclusive developer, says the PS4 is 50% faster it means the console is more powerful.

GrandpaSnake1587d ago

"put that in your pipe and smoke it"

pyramidshead1587d ago

lol more shots fired. brb getting my helmet.

HeyImBen111587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Why a helmet? No one is firing back ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

ravinash1587d ago

More like a crazy old man sitting in his deck chair taking pot shots with his shotgun.

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